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If you reside in Beauregard parish, you will testify to the fact that people who get charged with driving under the influence usually face very serious consequences. The law of Louisiana treats such cases with a high level of strictness and you will find that the arrests are very aggressive. The Beauregard DWI lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm is your best bet in De Ridder and entire Louisiana that can get your situation fixed.

The consequences that you will face for driving while intoxicated include but are not limited to:

    Losing your driver’s license

    Being slapped with heavy fines

    Compulsory community service which is shameful

    The risk of being sentenced to prison.

If you happen to get arrested, there is a chance that you are not necessarily guilty. You must do all that you can to avoid being slapped with these consequences by Louisiana state, especially, getting to spend time in jail. You need not take any chances and you need to ensure that you have the best representation in court to aggressively uphold your rights and overturn the case in your favor. This is where Barkemeyer Law Firm comes in as we have the best DWI attorneys in all of Louisiana to stand in for you in Beauregard parish.

Attorneys for DWI Arrests in De Ridder, Louisiana

Now that you have come to understand how important it is for you to hire the best DUI law firm in all of Louisiana, there is no need to waste any time. Being deprived of your driver’s license means that getting around and going to work will be more difficult for you. Also, a worst-case scenario is getting to spend time behind bars in Beauregard parish as this will leave a heavy dent on your reputation. Your criminal record will be made public and every potential employer will get to see it. This could stand in your way if you hope to get a job or get promoted at your place of work. The worst part is that your employer could let you go since your bad reputation could affect the image of your firm.

The only place to get all of these corrected is in the courtroom and your failure to argue your case in the best possible way means that you will have no choice than to face the grievous consequences that come with being charged with a DWI offense. Getting a highly reputable DWI law firm to stand for you in the courtroom is very important at this point in time. Barkemeyer Law Firm boasts the best DWI attorneys who have gained years of expertise and training in delivering victories to numerous DWI offenders. Whether it is your first time or you are a multiple time offender, all hope is not lost. Simply reach out to Mr. Barkemeyer and we will discuss your case to understand your side of the story.

You can totally count on Mr. Barkemeyer to do everything possible to salvage the situation as he has more than 14 years of highly valuable expertise in helping hundreds of offenders in Beauregard parish to clear their issues and have their reputation still intact. This is exactly what you need, so, why hesitate? Mr. Barkemeyer possesses the best credentials and no matter where you are in the state of Louisiana, Mr. Barkemeyer is your best bet to overturn the situation in your favor.

The De Ridder DWI attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm are driven by a passion for seeing that justice is always served in the courtroom. The attorneys are highly trained and have an in-depth knowledge of all the processes involved in scientifically testing you to prove your DWI innocence. If you are in De Ridder or anywhere else in Beauregard parish, rest assured that Barkemeyer Law Firm attorneys will combine their scientific knowledge with their unmatched legal experience to find out loopholes which will help you to get a positive result no matter what. Consult Barkemeyer Law Firm today and let us help you with your DWI case.

Get legal help for DWI in De Ridder, Louisiana

Doing everything possible to ensure that you stay out of jail should be your number one priority. Then again, getting the suspension lifted on your license is very important. Remember how important time is and any slight hesitation in getting the professionals to stand for you in the courtroom could lead to a very bad outcome. Of course, you require very serious assistance while fighting a DWI case. Our De Ridder DWI lawyer is a highly renowned DWI attorney in the state of Louisiana. You can trust that his valuable experience which he has gained over the years will be put into your case to ensure that all the odds are in your favor. We will work relentlessly to minimize the punishments to the barest minimum or even get you walking free again.

Driving while intoxicated is a very serious offense in De Ridder, Louisiana. In fact, it is seen as an enhanceable offense and this indicates that offenders with repeated DWI crimes will experience increased levels of punishment with each subsequent DWI offense. Then again, there are financial, as well as, legal obligations that will be binding on you.

Barkemeyer Law Firm takes pride in helping clients in Beauregard parish with the focused DWI lawyers to defend their case. During the testing process, mistakes are usually made which can result in you being wrongly punished. Beauregard DWI attorneys are highly trained to detect all of these discrepancies and use them in your favor. Our motivation stems from seeing that you get the justice that you deserve. You need the best hands and your case in order to uphold your rights before the law. The state of Louisiana treats DWI cases very seriously and can come down hard on you if you fail to present your case adequately in Beauregard parish.

Do not hesitate to contact Barkemeyer Law Firm. Come in and speak to our Beauregard DWI lawyers today and we will provide you with the best options to help you get a positive outcome in court.


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