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If you get caught in a DUI case in any part of Louisiana, do not hesitate to contact Barkemeyer Law Firm as we are DWI lawyers rendering assistance to our clients in Iberville parish to ensure that their rights are upheld.

Commitment, dedication, and an in-depth understanding of the legal environment in relation to drunk driving is needed for a defense attorney to be highly effective. Mr. Barkemeyer is one of the leading and reputable DWI attorneys that has been engaged in the business of providing professional help to clients in Plaquemine and entire Louisiana by fighting for their rights in a DWI case

Take a moment to think about getting your license suspended for a very long time. Think about how difficult it will be for you to navigate to work and back home. This is only just the tip of the iceberg with respect to the consequences that you could get to face if you get charged in Iberville parish with a DWI offense. Driving while intoxicated is regarded as a crime that is enhanceable in Louisiana. Therefore, a first-time offender who is charged with a DUI offense will face a less severe punishment than a second-time offender. As the number of times that you get caught and charged with DWI continues to increase, you could even risk spending time in jail.

Even responsible drinkers are prone to making mistakes and this means that they may get caught in a DWI case too. It does not necessarily mean that they are pronounced guilty once arrested by the police officers. It may just be bad luck that they found themselves in the midst of alcohol. Barkemeyer Law Firm attorneys know hard situations like this can be for people in Plaquemine and entire Louisiana. Having a strong passion for seeing that justice is served, Barkemeyer Law Firm has highly renowned and reputable DWI defense attorneys who possess the dedication and technical strategies that are needed to argue your case in the courtroom and get you the best possible outcome.

In Iberville Parish, the authorities view DWI in the light of a very serious offense and the consequences attached to breaking the law by driving while intoxicated come with a lot of serious punishments. Bearing these punishments alone can the really tough, especially, if it happens that you really are not guilty. Even if you are guilty, the punishments are something that you shouldn’t be allowed to face alone. The first thing that happens is that your driver’s license gets suspended. This means that you will not be able to drive yourself around or even to work which is already a hard decision to bear. Then again, you stand the risk of being slapped with heavy fines which could amount into thousands of dollars and you could, also, get to be imposed with compulsory community service. Carrying out community service is really not easy and brings a lot of shame.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your DWI charge, you could be sent to jail in Plaquemine and this is one punishment that you really should avoid by all means. Getting sent to jail means that you will have a criminal record in your name and this is a huge stain on your reputation. A criminal record could have a negative impact on your already existing job. Your employer could be forced to let you go due to your bad record. Then again, finding a new job will be very difficult since potential employers have access to public criminal records.

You Deserve the Best DWI Attorney in Plaquemine

All hope is not lost even if a DWI charge is on your neck. Of course, there are options for you and you stand a chance of having your records expunged. The only way to get that done is to argue your case perfectly in court. You cannot do this alone and this is why you need the best DWI attorney representation in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm have a proven record of delivering victories and are very aggressive. With the perfect combination of knowledge in science and law, Barkemeyer Law Firm attorneys are perfectly equipped to scrutinize your case before the courtroom and get you the best result possible.

Over the years, our Plaquemine DWI lawyer has taken up the cases of DWI defendants in courts all over Louisiana and is highly regarded as an experienced defense attorney. For more than fourteen years, Mr. Barkemeyer has delivered hundreds of clients from getting grievous punishments and is ready to do the same for you too.

Of course, we understand that every individual’s case is distinct in itself. Everyone makes mistakes and some persons are battling with personal problems in their lives. Barkemeyer Law Firm is not here to be sentimental and judgmental. Our compassionate attorneys will listen to your side of the story and work with you in a warm manner to help you understand how best they can help you to get out of this mess. With our Plaquemine DWI attorneys, rest assured that every loophole in your case will be exposed in order to get you a victory. Stay confident and walk right into the courtroom with the firm belief that you have the best hands working for you

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If you happen to get a DWI charge in Iberville Parish, you have nothing to fear. Our Iberville DWI lawyers are the Louisiana defense attorneys to call immediately. Wherever you are, we will set up a meeting in order to listen to your case and help you with the best legal defense he can give.

Barkemeyer Law Firm attorneys have an outstanding record in getting victories out of courtrooms not only in Plaquemine and the entire Iberville Parish but in every parish in Louisiana. We are waiting to hear from you. Feel free to contact us for consultation services at any time and we will set up a meeting with you.


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