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How Much Does a DWI Attorney Cost?

The attorney’s fees for DWI defense representation will usually be between $3500-10,000, depending on the complexity of the case, as well as other factors. It all comes down to how much time our lawyers must spend to defend you as well as the expertise required. We have defended clients charged with DWI in Louisiana for over 18 years. Therefore, we have developed our DWI expertise over thousands of hours of DWI experience. Also, we have developed many relationships with prosecutors, judges, and court staff throughout Louisiana that allow him us to defend our DWI clients more efficiently. When you hire us for your DWI in Louisiana, you are hiring us for our expertise.

Call or email us and we will give you our fee over the phone. You do not need to come into the office, unless you prefer to do so.

DUI Lawyer Costs

Flat Fees

Our attorney fees for DUI defense are always flat fees. That means we will establish a fee for the entire case. Therefore, as the client, you will know exactly what to expect with no surprise invoices down the road like many lawyers do. The reason we offer flat fees is because we are a DWI defense law firm; therefore, we know what a case will require. We have defended thousands of clients.

An example of a flat fee would be $4000 for the representation of your DWI in criminal court as well as the Administrative Hearing regarding your driver’s license. We will defend you all the way until the case is resolved whether it is a deferred adjudication, dismissal, 894 plea, conviction, trial, etc. If you desire trial, we may have an additional specified fee for trial. We will set that fee up front specifically so you will know how to best weigh your options. Our clients have always appreciated the flat fee because they can budget for it easily and they can trust our Louisiana DWI lawyers.

Expert Witnesses and Investigation

Apart from attorney’s fees are possible fees to hire expert witnesses and conduct extensive investigation if you desired a DUI trial. Depending on your case, you may decide you want to hire an expert witness to testify regarding an issue in the DWI. This witness could cost thousands of dollars. The cost of that witness would not come out of the attorney’s fee. Rather, the client would be required to pay that separately.

Form of Payment of DUI Attorney Fees

In some situations, we can offer payment plans which would require half of the fee up front. We could then agree that you would make monthly payments for the balance. We offer every conceivable form of payment you can think of including cash, credit/debit card, PayPal, money orders, cashier’s check, apps, etc. You do not have to come into the office to hire our DUI defense lawyers. We can email the fee agreement to you with the ways to make the payment electronically, if you prefer.  We do all we can to run efficiently and make our client’s lives easier and save them time and money.


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