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In Louisiana, how much time can I get for DWI with child endangerment?

Child Endangerment and DWI

In a place like Louisiana, a DWI offense could be very disastrous especially when there is a case of child endangerment. Also, in Louisiana, crimes that involve children are seen as one of the greatest crimes and these crimes are taken very seriously because they always seek to protect the rights of their children at all costs. Once you are involved in a DWI offense with child endangerment, it is very important that you request the services of a DWI Lawyer in Louisiana.

When it comes to child endangerment, it is an act that directly or indirectly put a child at risk which could be very fatal. Driving while intoxicated with a child is very wrong, and these risks can tamper with the overall physical and mental health of the child. In the State of Louisiana, there are several crimes that the government finds as a form of child endangerment. Every little act especially acts like carrying a child and driving while intoxicated which poses danger and health risks to the child can lead to incarceration.

The State of Louisiana isn’t very lenient when it comes to DWI cases involving child endangerment. That’s why getting less jail term for DWI offenses could be difficult especially when it is not handled by a very good DWI attorney. DWI related offenses especially child endangerment cases could lead you to serve a lot of time in prison when caught.

One of the worse consequences of DWI related cases with child endangerment is that you may spend a lot of time in prison and lose total rights and physical custody of your child and the child could be placed under the care of child services if you are a single parent leaving you with nothing due to this single act of carelessness. Most times, it may be a case of misdemeanor where you may not harbor the intention of hurting the child. In cases like this, you may be giving a light punishment and probation.

As a matter of fact, DUI and DWI related cases are usually handled with less leniency in court, and when the issue of child involvement is raised, this could make matters a whole lot worse. That’s why a plea for lesser jail times may be very difficult to accept. Often times, offenders have been told to pay fines within the range of $5000 to $10000.

How much time does DWI with child endangerment cases serve?

The State of Louisiana has its own laws concerning peculiar cases like this and part of these laws states that you will be convicted for crimes involving child endangerment if you are with a child not more than the age of 12 years and younger when you were caught driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. For the first and second offense, you may be giving a light sentence of at most a 10-day jail term with probation. It is also very important to note that if you are a person that regularly gets involved in DWI related offenses, especially if this is your third or fourth offense, you may be charged with a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years’ jail term. Crimes involving child endangerment is not really something that you can easily escape from, especially in a place like Louisiana due to the fact that a place like Louisiana takes their child protection laws very seriously.

Serving time due to DWI with child endangerment is not a very favorable experience. This is because you get to lose out on a lot of rights or you and your child. Serving time due to DWI related offenses could lead you to lose your driver’s license and rights or claims to your child. If you are in your fourth offense, you may be sent in for a maximum of 10 years. Within this period, if your case is handled by an unfavorable judge, you may not even get visiting rights from your child or any member of your family. You may be faced with labor as part of the consequences of involving in a DWI or DUI related offense with a child involved.

Life after serving time due to a DWI related offense is not a very easy one, especially if you have spent a lot of years in jail. You may eventually get out without having full access to your child because he or she may have been given out to foster parents.

To avoid certain situations like this, it is very important that you go for a DWI Baton Rouge Attorney that is very skilled and will help you get through these court cases with ease. And, if you are on your first or second offense, the consequences are not really very difficult because it may be just regarded as a wrongdoing. At your second offense, you have minimal punishment and enough time to make amend with yourself, your family and the society. After you second offense, the punishment may be very difficult for you to deal with and after the whole ordeal, you may not be able to make amends with yourself, the society and your family most especially.

Lawyer for DWI Child Endangerment in Louisiana

As it was said earlier, DWI and DUI cases involving child endangerment may not be easily pardoned. You may have to face a jail term of 10 days to a maximum of 10 years if you continue violating these laws. As an individual, it is very important that you do not involve yourself in certain cases like these to avoid these jail terms. When you are involved due to a misdemeanor, it is very important that you get a proper DWI Attorney in Louisiana to defend you very well in the court. Getting these lawyers may not be very easy, but once you have found them, they will help you to bid for lesser jail time, lesser consequences and full rights to your child afterward. Contact us to discuss your DWI or DUI.

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