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How Long Until I Can Have a DWI Expunged?

How Long Until I Can Have a DWI Expunged?

In Louisiana, it is very possible to get your DWI expunged. One thing about the involvement in DWI related cases is the mark that it could leave on your records over a period of time. When you want to apply for any future employment, or military, having this in your records could cause a lot of problems. However, these people convicted need to know that these cases may necessarily not have to stay in their records for the rest of their life. In the long-run, these convicted people may be able to request for the expungement of the record.

Expungement is defined as the process ordered by the court in which the criminal records of an individual is hidden from public view.

When your record is expunged, it simply means that a lot of corporate and private bodies won’t get access to your criminal records. However, there are certain organizations like the Louisiana Law enforcement agency, the criminal justice agency, and other financial institutions which may be able to have access to your records whenever the need arises. Apart from these organizations, other corporate entities may not have access to your criminal records. Acts of expungement doesn’t really mean that your records are completely wiped off. It simply means that your details are hidden from public views. If after expungement you are caught in any other act, then these records will have to spring up again with may be very bad for you. When your cases are expunged, getting a job, especially in a place like Louisiana becomes very easy for you.

Getting an expungement is not as easy as it seems. When you have a good DWI Lawyer in Baton Rouge, he/she will guide you the whole process and help you file a proper application, so it will go through properly. It is important to note that you are eligible to apply for expungement and be accepted if

  • It’s been over 5 years since your misdemeanor sentence ended.

When you have served your sentence for cases involving an act of a misdemeanor, and it’s been over 5 years since the sentence ended, you are qualified to apply for an expungement with the aid of a good DWI Attorney Baton Rouge.

  • It’s been over 10 years since your sentence for certain felony cases ended.

When you have served your sentence for a felony, and it’s been over 10 years since the sentence ended, you can go ahead and apply for an expungement with the aid of a good DWI Attorney Rouge.

  • You pleaded guilty while being accused and have gone through a probationary period successfully.

If you pleaded guilty and you have served the time and gone through a probationary period, you can apply for an expungement, and it may be granted to you.

  • Your case was fully dismissed.

If you are lucky enough to get your case dismissed in the court, then you are eligible to apply for an expungement in order to clear your name.

  • The prosecutor decides not to go through with the case anymore.

There are certain cases that may occur where the prosecutor may just decide not to go through with the case anymore. In these type of cases, you can apply for expungement.


These items listed above are the criteria required to have your cases expunged. It is also important to note that not all felony cases can be expunged. After your first and second DWI offense, or a case of assault or violence, the chances of you getting an expungement may be less. If you have done time with the Department of Corrections, then the chances of getting an expungement may also be less.

Charges that can easily be expunged are cases involving theft, DWI, DUI, drug possession, etc. As a convicted individual, it is very important that you file for expungement as soon as possible especially when you find yourself eligible. Getting your criminal records expunged gives you that sense of freedom and helps you to move on in life with your past behind you. If you are lucky enough to get employed in any organization. You need to be very silent about your past life and your criminal record. When your criminal record is not available, you get rid of a lot of stigmas.

In order to be properly guided, our lawyers can help you to fully understand this process that you are about to embark on and all the possible options you may have. These lawyers help you to answer the questions you may need to answer and help you know whether you are eligible or not.  

A lot of people have applied for expungement over the last couple of years, and most of them have been granted. These people have gone ahead to live fulfilling lives and become useful to themselves and to members of their family and society. An Expungement gives you the feeling of hope after you have served time for a misdemeanor.

A good attorney like Carl Barkemeyer will help you go through this process without hassle. Carl Barkemeyer has a lot of clients all over Louisiana. We are ready to always answer your questions and give you a complete breakdown of all the things you need to know about getting an expungement.

It Is Worth It

Getting an expungement is not a very easy process to go through. But, in the long run, getting your name cleared out could give you a great form of relief. However, as it was written earlier, if you have succeeded in getting your cases expunged and you get involved in another crime, those expunged cases may spring up suddenly which may be very bad for you.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book on DWI: Practical Information for the Accused and Attorneys in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for DWI.

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