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How long does a DWI affect you getting a job?

How long does a DWI affect you getting a job?

The truth is that when you are charged with DWI, the chances of you getting a job become a lot less bright. One big reason for this is because of the reluctance of most employers to employ someone who has a criminal taint on them. Thus, you would most likely expect most companies to always go through background checks to make sure that all their potential employees are cleaned from all types of crime. You would not be wrong then to ask just how a DWI can affect your chances of getting a job in Louisiana.

Understanding the difference between an arrest and a conviction

To just how long a DWI will affect your chances of getting a job in Louisiana, you would first have to understand the difference of getting arrested for DWI and getting convicted for that crime. An arrest is simply that. It does not have a follow-up conviction and trials where you had to appear before a court. A conviction is so much more. This means that you had to stand before a trial court and you were found guilty of the offense. This is much more serious and this is what most employers want.

Some employers would require so much more information in certain conditions than just convictions. This is especially important when the job you apply for is related to medication and drugs. Your employer would most likely have to run background checks on the various times if any you have been arrested for drugs.

What you can do when applying

Getting a job when you have a DWI on your head can be quite difficult to cope with. Thus, you should not make things even harder for yourself. When you are going to an interview, remember that you do not have to reveal that you have had a DWI conviction in the past. The only time that is advisable to talk about it would be when you are asked about it pointedly or if it is asked when you are filling an application. 

What can you do to a DWI conviction?

If you are worried about your chances of getting a job, then you can get your lawyer to help you solve that issue. The only option which you would have would be expunging the record. In other words, when this is done, you would no longer have to give the conviction any recognition when you are going for a job interview or applying for a job to be given to you.

It is important to note though that there are some particular jobs which would no doubt attract more attention in terms of DWI convictions. Here are some situations you should keep in mind;

Sensitive employment

There are certain jobs which would need the assurance that the employee has not been involved in any DWI convictions in the past. For example, persons who wish to be close to teachers as a nanny or as a teacher would have to have a clean slate when it comes to DWI convictions. Not having a clean slate would most likely see you being overlooked for the job.

Another category which would see DWI as a serious issue would be professional driving. If you plan to get work as a driver for a company or private persons, you would most likely fail in your bid in Louisiana. This would include all types of drivers such as truck drivers and salespeople as well.

Other jobs which would prove to be a difficult nut to crack would be government jobs. The government would be less likely to give you a job with a DWI conviction on your books. You would also find it difficult to get into the military with a DWI conviction. Also, companies which have the task of handling documents which are very private and classified would not be confident with having someone with a DWI conviction on your books.

Apart from these jobs, you would have less of a problem getting a job in Louisiana as most jobs would not have so much of a problem with the DWI conviction although, it would certainly not be their first choice.

Challenges which you might face

When it comes to searching for a new job, there are other elements which may also not contribute positively to your quest to get a job. In Louisiana, if you are convicted for a DWI charge, then you would probably face the prospect of losing your license to drive.

This singular factor can hinder you in ways that you could not have imagined before. For example, you may not be able to move from one place to another in the manner which you like. To transport yourself to places such as your job interview, you would have to put your trust in your friends and family which may lead to very awkward situations. You might also not have a good way to identify yourself as a driver’s license would not be available to you.

We realize just how terrible it can be when you are convicted of a DWI charge. These charges have a way of haunting you for a long time to come. However, with the proper criminal lawyer by your side, you can be sure of sorting out a way to get your life back.

The troubles that come with a DWI conviction can be best fought when you avoid getting the charge in the first place. This you can do by making sure you get a lawyer once you are charged with DWI. With this, you would never have to navigate the sad waters of getting a job after your DWI trial is decided against you. So make sure you get a DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge.


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