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DWI in Louisiana: 10 Things You Must Know

louisiana dwi dui laws and penalties
DWI Laws and Penalties in Louisiana

Barkemeyer Law Firm defends clients in all parishes and cities in Louisiana who have been arrested for misdemeanor DWI and felony-grade DUI. The firm includes experienced and skilled Louisiana DWI lawyers who keep up with the ever-changing laws regarding Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated in Louisiana. See the list below for some of the key issues surrounding an arrest for DWI in Louisiana. 

Important Issues Regarding a DWI Arrest in Louisiana

1. The arrestee essentially has 2 cases: criminal court and Administrative Hearing for driver’s license.

2.  The charge of DWI in Louisiana is basically the operation of a motor vehicle, boat, or plane when the operator is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both. It doesn’t matter if the offender had a valid prescription for the medication.

3. Underage Driving While Intoxicated blood alcohol content is .02; but, if a minor registers over .08 BAC, the minor may be prosecuted for an adult DUI, which has stiffer sentences.

4. The charges of DWI first offense and DWI second offense are misdemeanors. The judge may order the defendant to incarceration, supervised or unsupervised probation, public service, completion of a defensive driving class, MADD impact panel, and substance abuse program(s), if recommended.

5. DWI 3rd offense and subsequent is a felony charge. The charge of Third Offense DWI carries a sentencing range of 1 to 5 years in prison. Fourth offense DWI carries a sentencing range of 10-30 years in prison.

6. The arrestee’s driver’s license may be suspended if convicted of DWI.  Nevertheless, the arrestee may obtain a restricted license if eligible and complete necessary conditions.

7. Upon refusal of the Intoxilyzer (breathalyzer), your driver’s license may be suspended for 1 year. If you blow over the legal limit, your license may be suspended for 90 days.  Minors who submit and blow over the limit may lose their license for 6 months. A conviction for DWI may lead to a license suspension for up to a year. 

8. The law allows for only 30 days from the date of arrest to ask for an administrative hearing to fight for your driver’s license. If you don’t request it within this time frame, you lose the right. An attorney should be hired to perform the hearing.

9. An arrest and/or conviction for  DUI may negatively impact your car insurance premiums, job, education, and reputation.

10. You should have an experienced and informed Louisiana DWI attorney.

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