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Our Louisiana drug charge lawyers defend clients regarding the following drug charges and more:

We defend clients for the above as they relate to the following:

Criminal Defense Attorneys in East Baton Rouge Parish perform the crucial function of ensuring that the rights of a defendant are upheld in Louisiana’s justice system, as well as, the federal justice system. They are mandated to make sure that you have access to a trial that is fair in line with the constitution of the United States. This is what the criminal lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney are mandated to do. With this knowledge in mind, we provide valuable guidance to people in East Baton Rouge Parish that have been charged with a criminal offense so that they will be able to arrive at informed decisions while playing an active role in the defense process. This is the valuable role that our lawyers play on behalf of clients who find themselves under the hold of the justice system.

Been charged with a criminal offense is one of the most trying times in the life of anybody. Usually, a lot of persons lose hope when faced with a criminal charge in Baton Rouge and the end up with the feeling that there is no way out. However, we assure you that there is no reason to lose hope and we can provide you with the help that you desperately need as a defendant in Louisiana. Our highly experienced defense lawyers are willing to help protect your rights and stand up for you in court to defend you and help you get the best positive outcome. We know every single rule and procedure that is involved for criminal cases in East Baton Rouge Parish. Therefore, we provide valuable guidance to the accused so as to lead them professionally throughout the direction of their criminal case. This helps to significantly reduce the level of risk that you face as a defendant. The benefit is that the outcome of your criminal case stands a higher chance of being positive and you could get dismissed or acquitted early enough.


Your top criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is a provider of legal representation that is full of experience and aggression when it comes to criminal defense law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in all federal and state laws regarding criminal offenses and we are experienced in the area of criminal defense at all levels. Also, when it comes to post-conviction relief and criminal appeals at both the federal level and the state level, you can count on us to help you make the best applications. If you reside in Baton Rouge or anywhere in Louisiana, you can reach out to us if you get charged by the authorities or are under questioning in relation to a crime that was committed.

The criminal cases that we accept are numerous and there is no situation that we cannot handle. From gun charges, trafficking, homicides, battery, robbery, kidnapping, environmental crimes, and kidnapping to money laundering, bank fraud, Medicare fraud, narcotics, transportation crimes, drug use, white collar crimes, public corruption crimes, drug cultivation crimes, malfeasance in office, theft, DWI, wire fraud and more, you can count on our criminal lawyers to provide you with the most aggressive and reliable defense you will ever get in East Baton Rouge.

As a criminal defense agency that is very highly respected, we have represented clients for so many years in cases related to DUI, first-time offenses, charges related to the use of drugs, and more. Our services are impeccable and no matter what your criminal charges are or what mistake you may have made that led to your being arrested, do not waste any time in contacting us. We have top skills and are highly experienced and we will use this to your advantage to ensure that you get a favorable resolution

When it comes to litigation, Carl Barkemeyer is a veteran in the legal industry in Baton Rouge and his commitment stems from a drive to get results. He has always seen the good side of his clients despite their bad situation. This has helped him to always treat the people who come to him for help legally with compassion. Carl Barkemeyer is very respected and his history in the criminal defense sector has earned him lots of high reviews as he practices top ethical standards and maintains a very high professional ability. When you enlist the services of criminal attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney you stand to enjoy some key benefits which are –


An experienced criminal defense lawyer

For many years, the lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney have continued to fight on behalf of clients who are faced with criminal charges in East Baton Rouge Parish. Our aggression speaks for itself and we have a proven history that is result oriented. When you come to us, we will combine our valuable experience with knowledge from previous cases to come up with strategies that can help you win in court. No matter the mistakes that you may have made while living in Baton Rouge or while on a vacation in any other area in Louisiana, we will take up your case and provide a strong defense for you.

Superb litigation techniques

In our practice, litigation plays a very important role in determining the outcome of a criminal charge. When it comes to performing on behalf of our clients in the courtroom, you have nothing to fear when you hire Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney. We have built a record that shows that we are very successful when it comes to litigation and we hope to use our experience in your best interests to enable you to have a solution that is reasonable and favorable.

We defend our clients and stand up for them whenever they are accused of committing any crimes in East Baton Rouge Parish. We provide legal guidance and counsel to ensure that they are kept updated with everything that happens in the process all through the duration of their case. Contact us today if you are involved in a criminal offense case and we will set up a consultation session for you to discuss and analyze your case. Click here to learn about your friend or family member being held in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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