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Barkemeyer Law Firm is now here in East Carroll Parish to serve as the DWI attorney for persons who have been caught in a driving while intoxicated charge. The law in entire Louisiana totally frowns at DWI offenders and the police officers are very aggressive when it comes to making arrests. However, it is common knowledge that sometimes these DWI arrests, also, involve responsible drinkers who only found themselves in a situation where alcohol was present. This means that both responsible drinkers can get to be wrongly sentenced.

For many years after your arrest, the repercussions might get to haunt you and subsequent arrests could lead to your getting incarcerated. The fact that you are arrested is no indication that you are guilty in any way. This means that the punishments which you get to suffer may be wrong. This is the reason that you must take steps to immediately contact a qualified DUI attorney if you find yourself in a situation where you are arrested for drunk driving.

The sobriety test, breathalyzer results, and more could be wrong and Barkemeyer Law Firm has the experts who can detect false results and prove your innocence. We are the number one law firm specializing in defending cases of driving under the influence in the Lake Providence area. Our Lake Providence DWI attorneys are highly qualified and boast so many years of valuable experience, as well as, the required advanced training that is needed to ensure that you get the best defenders on your case.

Of all the defense attorneys in entire Louisiana, you would be making a perfectly correct choice by calling Mr. Barkemeyer to step into your case if you get charged for DWI. Our Lake Providence DUI attorney is arguably the best defense attorney who possesses the required credentials, as well as, the legal knowledge and passion that is needed to make sure that you get very positive results.

The Consequences of DUI in Lake Providence

Lake Providence and the entire East Carroll Parish area, repercussions that come with flouting the laws having to do with driving while intoxicated are very tough. There is a risk that you could go to jail for this. First of all, you will have your driver’s license suspended which will make it very difficult for you to navigate to work every day. Then again, you will likely be imposed with fines and may be required to enroll in a program all at your own expense. Community service is, also, an option as you could be required to put in compulsory time doing community service under supervision.

Getting monitored at home strictly is one of the consequences of getting involved in a DWI charge in Lake Providence and beyond. The worst part is that you could get sentenced to prison if you are a multiple time offender. This is one of the consequences that you must do everything possible to avoid if you wish to keep your good name intact. Barkemeyer Law Firm is here to make sure that all of that is accomplished and that you retain your good reputation. This is because going to jail will leave you with a criminal record that will stand against you at your place of work. Apart from the fact that you could lose your job, you will, also, find it very difficult to get a new job since your records will be available to the public at all levels of government. That way, potential employers will be able to see your criminal past and will decline to give you a job. You really do not want to put your future in jeopardy, do you?

You must take active steps to ensure that your future and that of your family is protected without delay. Contact our East Carroll DWI lawyers today to request a free consultation. We will set up a meeting and speak with you in order to ensure that we get the full story. Once you have done this, we will enlighten you about the options that can help you to get a favorable result in court. it is important that you get the best attorneys to argue on your behalf in court. Your inability to present your case accurately and perfectly might result in you getting a criminal record. So, Barkemeyer Law Firm is your best DWI lawyer agency that has helped so many clients in Lake Providence and the entire East Carroll Parish to achieve very positive outcomes by having their records expunged or even getting the punishments to be lowered.

DWI Attorneys in East Carroll Parish

Barkemeyer Law Firm is an experienced in combining scientific methods with legal procedures to gain a huge edge in the courtroom. For many years, we have been applying these strategies and have been able to work the system to the favor of our clients. Mr. Barkemeyer is very experienced in all the testing methods that are used to check for drugs and alcohol. By combining this knowledge with so many years of experience as a legal practitioner, he has been able to, time and again, discover dubious results from the lab in the cases of so many clients. Why not contact Barkemeyer Law Firm today so that we can do the same for you too?

The most important thing is protecting three key things which are –

    Your job

    Your reputation

    The future of your family

All of these things can be achieved if only you contact our DWI attorneys in Louisiana to come in and handle your case. Our attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm have built years of experience and are highly renowned in East Carroll Parish. Our proven history and strategies that have helped clients to get out of trouble over the years is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Regardless of what parish you are, contact us at Barkemeyer Law Firm today and we will set up a consultation for you.


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