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Carl Barkemeyer Experience in Handling Drug Cases in Louisiana

He has been handling drug cases for 19 years. At one point in his career, he represented only clients charged with drug crimes for two years in a Drug Court section. Drug charges are unique crimes, since they have an entire body of law dedicated to them in Louisiana. There is a lot of interplay between drug charges, so it is basically a subsector of criminal law.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

How to Deal with Prosecutor in Drug Cases in Louisiana

Usually, there is no victim involved; the City, State, or U.S. Government is essentially the victim. This means the prosecutors can make all the decisions regarding how they want to prosecute a particular defendant.  The prosecutor does not have to clear any deals with the victim. However, the prosecutor may have to run everything by the arresting agencies or the officers that made the arrest. The police officers may have a lot invested in the arrest of a defendant.  The arresting agency may have spent a lot of time and money in pursuing the arrest. Therefore, they will want to be considered regarding any deals to the defendant.

Knowing how to negotiate with prosecutors is key in defending clients with drug charges in Louisiana.  The drug case must be presented to the prosecutor in a way that he understands the weaknesses.  When he understands the weaknesses, whether from an illegal stop and search to bad facts on joint drug possession, he will likely make a deal helping the client.  Since Mr. Barkemeyer is extremely knowledgeable in criminal defense and drug charges, he knows how to present his case and help his clients. If you want a cheap criminal lawyer who can’t even find the courthouse, go elsewhere.  Mr. Barkemeyer is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who is prepared to defend clients that value true drug defense representation.

What if We Have a Bad Drug Case?

That’s ok. As a highly experienced criminal attorney, Mr. Barkemeyer has represented many clients with drug possession and drug distribution charges in Louisiana that were terrible cases on the facts.  Nevertheless, many times he is able to help get the best result for his client.  Just because you think you have a bad drug case, doesn’t mean Mr. Barkemeyer thinks that.

There are a lot of constitutional issues involved with drug charges, including traffic stops, searches, and seizures relating to a drug arrest. You do not see as many issues as often in a lot of criminal charges, such as sex charges, burglary, or theft.  Our drug possession lawyers know how to sniff out good points in a bad drug case. If the prosecutor can prove drug possession or drug distribution according to Louisiana laws, then he will have had to work at it.  We don’t bow down to the prosecution and let them run over clients to get convictions.

Our Experience Handling Drug Cases in Louisiana

Drug cases are some of the most common criminal cases we get to tackle frequently in Baton Rouge. Every drug case is a different and unique case on its own because there are different individuals involved and the circumstances may also not be the same. Handling a drug case in Louisiana requires a whole lot of effort from an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge.

Our subjection to drug case begins with knowing the kind of drug case you are charged with, either possession of drugs for personal use or possession with the intent to distribute. Any defense strategy we want to build for you centers around this. The point of this is to know how to devise a defense strategy for you.

In Louisiana, you do not only get charged for a drug case when caught in possession of drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin but you can also be taken in for having compounds used to manufacture these drugs. So, whether you get charged for the possession of any kind of drug or charged with a severe drug trafficking offense, Carl Barkemeyer criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge has experience in diverse cases of drug possession and promises to be a great help and offer all the legal assistance you need at such point.

Our experience in handling drug cases covers drug possession, drug possession with an intent to distribute, drug distribution, drug cultivation, and manufacturing, possession of drug paraphernalia, etc. We have handled many unique cases in different circumstances relating to these offenses. It may interest you to know that you have the right to protect your rights whenever you get charged for any criminal offense.

These are some of the ways in which we have handled drug cases:

Lack of possession proof

Finding a drug in your proximity doesn’t mean it belongs to you. Lack of possession is one of the most common ways in which we use to defend the case of drug possession. We simply say that the drugs don’t belong to you. We can claim that the defendant had no idea the drug was in his apartment. In a case whereby a drug is found in a car or an apartment with multiple tenants, we simply say that the substance could have been for anyone in the house aside you. Now, the prosecutor has to come up with actual proof that the drug belongs to you in particular. If you have no idea the drug was there, then you can’t be charged for it. This places a burden of proof on the State to prove that the drug belonged to our Client.

Fourth Amendment law violation

Any evidence gotten by violating the fourth amendment law doesn’t count before the law. You can be vindicated by claiming that the officers violated the fourth amendment law to put you up to the charge. Every individual has the right to privacy, protection, and freedom from unreasonable intrusions by the government. We defend you against unreasonable searches and seizures done by any government agency.

 The police are not permitted to search or seize your property without having proof that you committed a crime. Any evidence obtained in such a search may not be used at trial. We ensure that the evidence is suppressed so that the case is ultimately dismissed.

Unwitting possession

Anyone could have a parcel containing drugs without actually knowing the content of the parcel. In such a case, the defendant cannot be held guilty because they did not know they were carrying an illegal substance. For instance, a parcel sent through a messenger service. As the deliverer, you can be held guilty because you were only doing your job.

Also, if the police find drugs in a defendant’s apartment, we can defend the case as “unwitting possession”. We could say the defendant wasn’t aware. Anyone could have dropped the drug in the apartment.

Entrapment or Abuse of police power

This is not uncommon in the region of Baton Rouge, which is why you earnestly need the help of a criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge. Entrapment or abuse of police power comes in when an individual is pressured into committing a drug offense. Entrapment usually happens when the State itself provides the drug.

For instance, if a person working for the police as an informant pressures a person into passing drugs to another person, then we take up the entrapment defense. Such a person doesn’t have an intent to sell, but was pressurized or probably threatened just so they could lay hands on them. We defend our client on the ground of entrapment to get such a case dismissed.

Another common instance of entrapment is a case where you are injured and prescribed some narcotics as pain relief drugs. If a police agent pressures you into selling to them to entrap you into an arrest, we also take this up and defend you based on entrapment.

Loss of evidence

It sometimes happens that prosecutors lose the actual drug they caught you with. In such a case, the drug charge may get dismissed. If the prosecutors can’t provide the actual drug, there might be a need for lab testing. You should never be certain that the evidence found against you is still available during the trial. If they can’t produce the actual drugs for which you are charged, the charge will likely be dismissed.

This is one reason you need a criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge that knows his onion. The attorney can look at every fact in the case, trying to see if there is any part that can be used to your advantage. Do you know that the reason a lot of people were convicted for crimes they committed or didn’t commit is because the attorney didn’t look at every fact of the case? Using a good drug charge lawyer reduces your chance of being guilty by a lot, and even when it seems everything may be against you, the attorney can work with the DA to get you a lesser sentencing.

If your attorney isn’t good, how would he know if the drugs that were brought against you were really the ones that were gotten from you?  How would he know if that home search or vehicle search was done in a legal manner within the terrains of the law?

Talk to Carl Barkemeyer

Drug cases are not the easiest to fight but you can sure pull through it with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge. Carl Barkemeyer is a criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge with lengthy experience in handling drug cases. He has been defending criminal cases for over 19 years, so you can be sure that he can build a strong defense against your drug case in Louisiana. Carl Barkemeyer criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge is highly responsive and you can contact him anytime.

Lawyer for Drug Possession in Louisiana

If you have a drug possession arrest or drug charge in Louisiana and need a drug criminal defense attorney in Louisiana, contact us.  We are lawyers for drug charges anywhere in Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Port Allen, Livingston, Denham Springs, Ascension, Gonzales, Tangipahoa, Amite, Hammond, Covington, Slidell, St. Tammany, and more.


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