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DWI Third & Fourth Offense in Louisiana

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Lawyer for Felony DWI in Louisiana

Felony offense DWI in Louisiana is a very serious matter that requires that assistance of counsel that practices in this area regularly and is experienced in how to defend felony DWI cases in Louisiana. Our Louisiana DWI lawyers at he Barkemeyer Law Firm have handled these types of cases for many years. 

Misdemeanor DWI is a DWI First Offense or DWI Second Offense. A DWI is a felony charge when the State can prove the defendant has been convicted at least two previous times. Such a charge would require the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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3rd – Third Offense DWI

The felony charge of DWI Third Offense is a very serious charge. The law has changed recently, allowing for stiffer penalties. The sentencing range is now one to five years in prison. That means that if the defendant is convicted, he/she must do at least one year in jail. Many times, judges will then place the defendant on probation after release for five years. The judge may then proscribe various conditions of probation which are expensive and time-consuming. 

4th – Fourth (and Subsequent) Offense DWI

The charge of DWI Fourth Offense is even more strict. The sentencing range is ten to thirty years in prison, and two years of that sentence are without benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence.  If you’re wondering at this point, “do I need a lawyer?“, the answer is yes.

Louisiana Felony DWI Defense Attorney

Our Louisiana DWI attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm have had many clients who have faced lengthy sentences for DWI Third Offense and DWI Fourth Offense. He has used his skills and experience to get the best possible result for his clients. He understands the laws and defenses surrounding felony DWI and how to successfully defend these charges. 

In Louisiana, being convicted of a crime can be quite devastating. The consequences are quite painful though. You could be jailed or made to pay a harsh fine. The social consequences would also sting too. You could lose the chance of going to a great academic institution, lose your job or lose the respect of people in your community.

One of the crimes or offenses which is likely to lead to this would be the offense of DWI. DWI which means driving while intoxication is the act of being driving while influenced by substances that are generally illegal or by alcohol that is past the mark. When this happens, you are usually required to do a blood test which would determine if you have gone beyond the mark.

In most cases when this offense is committed, it is serious enough to need a lawyer in St. Tammany to handle the issues for you. Getting a criminal defense lawyer would do well to lessen the burden which a charge for the offense would most likely bring to you. So make sure the first thing that you do in this situation is to get a lawyer.

Most times, you might be required to take a blood test by a police officer to show the exact level of alcohol which would be present in your blood flow. If the amount is higher than .08, then, you would most likely have to face extra charges. It is important to note that refusal to take the test could even lead to grave consequences such as the suspension of your license for at least 12 months.

Barkemeyer law firm which is located in Covington and also has locations in New Orleans and Shreveport. Barkemeyer Law Firm would be one of those firms who can help you with this issue. With broad practice and a group of great lawyers, our Covington felony DWI lawyers can pull the strings needed and get you the presentation which you would need during litigation.

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Classification of DWI

DWI is classified under misdemeanor and felony. The first two offenses which are committed would surely fall under the misdemeanor category rather than felony. What this means is that the penalties that would be received would not exceed 6 months. Also, any fines which they are asked to pay would not exceed the $1000 mark. However, things get more complex when the crime is committed the third time. This time, it would be considered to be a felony.

In other words, there are certain implications which would come with this offense. First of all, the minimum time which you would spend in jail would be a year. However, the punishments attached can even go up to five years. Certain things would influence the number of years which are handed down to the violator. This would include the amount of alcohol which was found in the blood. Once you are done with the jail time, then you would probably have to go through probation all over again to satisfy the judge that the crime would not be committed again. Most of the conditions which would have to be met during this period can be frustrating and cost a lot of money. However, if the offense is committed again for the 4th time, then the actions taken would largely be different.

When you commit a DWI offense the fourth time and above, then you could be in very serious trouble. The punishments for this could be extremely strict for several reasons. One of them is that you are seen as a serial offender who is reckless and a danger on the road. You are surely going to get jail time and it would not be five years. The penalty for being convicted for a DWI charge for the 4th time would be 10 to 30 years in jail. If sentenced, the violator cannot approach the court for probation nor can he be released on parole. You can also not appeal for your suspension to be lifted. In other words, you must serve two years of jail time.

Hence, the need to avoid being convicted so many times for that offense. Even if it is the first time you face such charges, the need to quickly act is imperative. It is surely not good to leave the charge hanging over your head without having anyone advise you on how to proceed.

If you live in St. Tammany, then you would surely have a lot of success if you try to look around your area. Barkemeyer law firm is one of the great options which you have. Try as much as you can to make contact with us as soon as possible. This would ensure that we have the full facts of the case right from the beginning.

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When the 4th charge of DWI comes in, you might probably feel a lot of things at that moment. Despair, breakdown and a whole lot of frustration. You might also feel that your fate is sealed. We here at Barkemeyer law firm understand how this might feel to you. Our Louisiana felony DWI lawyers also understand all that is at stake with a charge of DWI. We understand that with a conviction of this offense, you could have your world thrown into despair.

Due to all this, we make it our aim to always give it our best when it comes to defending you. We also have a vast knowledge of resources at our expense. Therefore, we make sure we get all the details right before heading into litigation. We understand the importance this might have on you and we treat it as important too. We make sure that we treat every case the same way-diligent and free from any negligence.

With this, we are quite sure that you would enjoy the way we handle the matter and would view us as competent. We are always here to relate with you and answer questions if you have any. Giving you the best of our services is always our biggest priority.


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