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Fentanyl Possession Charges and Penalties Louisiana 

Wondering about Fentanyl possession charges and penalties in Louisiana? Fentanyl is known as a Schedule II Controlled Substance. These drugs are very addictive, both physically and psychologically. Some drugs on this list have been accepted for medical use. Fentanyl is in the same drug category as Cocaine, methamphetamines, oxycodone, and more. These drugs have limited medical use. 

How Controlled Substances are Categorized 

Louisiana is known as a very strict state when it comes to drugs. There are five different schedules. The controlled dangerous substances or CDS are in five different schedules. The first schedule is the most dangerous. These are the drugs that are highly addictive. They also have a high potential for abuse. These drugs are not recognized greatly for medical use. 

As the schedules increase, the danger and abuse decrease. However, they are still illegal drugs to possess if you have been prescribed them. The higher the class, the lower abuse, and more medical use. Schedule IV drugs will have more medical use than Schedule I drugs. 

The schedules also make it easier for penalties. If you are arrested due to possessing a CDS, the schedule of the drug will help determine the penalty you will face. 

Possessing Fentanyl And Controlled Dangerous Substances Illegally

You cannot possess a controlled dangerous substance without a prescription from the doctor. You must be taking the medication as prescribed. You might face penalties if you are selling your prescription or taking it other than advised. Let us talk about the penalties for possessing Fentanyl in Louisiana. 

Charges and Penalties for Possessing Fentanyl in Louisiana 

Louisiana is a tough state for drug possession charges. Fentanyl is one of the worst. It is known as a Schedule II drug. If you possess Fentanyl in Louisiana, you can expect no less than one year in prison and up to five thousand dollars in fines. You can have both fines and a prison sentence. 

Repeat Offenders

Those caught more than one time with a controlled dangerous substance will face twice the fines and jail time. This means that if someone is caught with Fentanyl twice, they will face up to twenty years in prison but no less than two years. 

Remember that this is for all repeat offenders. It does not mean that you must have Fentanyl twice. You could have Diazepam, which is a Schedule IV drug, and Fentanyl this time. It does not matter which drugs you have if they are under the CDS. 

Charged in a Drug-Free Area

Possessing a controlled dangerous substance is illegal no matter what. However, your fines will increase if you are caught with them in drug-free zones. Plus, the prison sentence will increase. This means that you are no longer looking at any less than one year. You are looking at no less than a year and a half. You are also not looking at fines up to five thousand dollars. You will be looking at fines that are up to 7,500 dollars. 

Areas that are considered drug-free zones include playgrounds, parks, daycares, schools, and more. Being caught with a controlled dangerous substance in this area means that Louisiana will punish you more than they initially would. 

Getting a Lawyer If Charged With Fentanyl Possession

When you are charged with a possession charge, you should contact a lawyer. You want the best defense lawyers around for drug possession charges. Your lawyer should be educated. They should know the best route to take after looking at your file. Remember, if you cannot afford an attorney, the state will appoint one to you. However, it may be best to hire your own lawyer specializing in drug possession. This will allow you to have the best possible outcome. 

Wrapping Up: Fentanyl Possession Charges And Penalties Louisiana

Educating yourself about laws in Louisiana is important. It is also important to avoid having Fentanyl in your possession. However, if you get caught and are facing charges, contact a criminal lawyer who specializes in drug charges. You want the best to ensure that you are getting the lightest punishment possible. 

Your criminal defense lawyer will take over, looking at the evidence. They will oversee helping you. If they know that you are guilty, they will take the proper steps to avoid a long prison sentence. Be sure that you contact criminal attorneys with the experience to not have doubt.

You should now have a greater understanding of fentanyl possession charges and penalties Louisiana and we wish you the best of luck.


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