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How can I send mail to an inmate in Livingston Parish Jail?

If someone has been arrested for an offense in Livingston, LA, he or she will be held at the Livingston Parish Jail. It is the primary prison facility in Livingston, Louisiana. It houses the people that have been arrested and are waiting for trial and those who are serving for misdemeanor. The Livingston Parish Jail also accepts and houses inmates from neighboring towns who lack a jail facility. It is located at Livingston Detention Facility at 28445 Charlie Watts Road, Livingston, LA. The Livingston Parish Jail houses only the adult inmates. This means that minors arrested for juvenile crimes are not housed at Livingston Jail. If your arrested loved one is a minor, you should consider looking into some pother jails.

Now, you might be confused about how the Livingston Parish Jail works. It could be because your friend or loved one has been detained there. So you need to know the rules and guidelines to help you with the facility.  If yes then do not worry as in this article you will find information about rules of the Livingston Jail. I will tell you how can you contact an inmate in Livingston Jail and what are the legal conditions that  will revolve around it.

How can I send mail to an inmate housed in Livingston Parish Jail?

Mails are the efficient way to communicate with  loved one who is an inmate at Livingston Detention Center. It is easier and is mostly used because inmates do not have access to smartphones and tablets etc

A lot of people may try to sneak in illegal items in the mail. However remember every mail is thoroughly checked and examined before it is given to an inmate. The jail staff examine every mail to be sure that the mail does not contain anything that will act as a health hazard to an inmate, others and the jail staff. Also,  remember try not to discuss a case over the mail as this can lead to incrimination. If your mail has anything which is not illegal, it will be sent back to you and not given to the inmate.

You should not send to an inmate weapons,  pornographic  material, bombs, escape tools, racist materials,  items that put the security of others at risk, and stationary etc. You can also visit the website of the Livingston Parish Jail website for more details or you call the facility number. The mailing address of the Livingston Parish Jail is “Livingston Parish Detention Center P.O. Box 1000 LA 70754, Livingston”.

Sending Greeting Cards, Postcards, and Books:

You may want to send a greeting card to an inmate. You can call the facility to know the rules regarding sending book and greetings card. Books and magazines need to be sent directly for the publisher with the name of the inmate on the address label.

However remember that any books or magazines that you are sending must not contain pornography or violent content. Moreover, books with hardcovers are not accepted because they can be used by inmate as a weapon.

For more information regarding the guidelines at the Livingston Parish Detention Center, click here

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