Important Steps For Your First DWI

If you are facing charges, you need to know these important steps for your first DWI. And the bottom line is this. Whether this is your first DUI or your second or third, you will likely want to follow these steps too!

Nobody intends to get a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge. So of course, nobody is quite sure what to do after it happens to them! Keep reading to find out the most important next steps for minimizing the impact of your DWI and getting your life back on track. 

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3 Important Steps You Need If You Get A DWI

Step 1: Hire an Attorney

Chances are that you don’t know the ins and outs of DWI laws in your area… and you surely don’t want to be unprepared when the consequence is criminal charges. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced attorney. The right attorney will have handled many DWI cases in the past, and therefore knows exactly how to best represent you through one. When facing criminal charges like a DWI, an attorney is a very necessary investment, and one that makes the process much less stressful and confusing. 

There is no reason to delay your search for an attorney. It is a common misconception that until you have been to court at least once, a lawyer can’t do much. But the truth is that there is – believe it or not – a ton of work that they can do for your case prior to the first court date! Plus, a head start to this work can drastically and favorably change the outcome.

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Step 2: Pay Your Dues

Your DWI will come with consequences. Whether it is fines, probation, jail time, community services, classes, or a combination of these things – it is best to simply comply with the sentencing. Do not complain or try to pull any tricks… just pay your dues to society. Failure to complete court-ordered requirements after a DWI often result in further charges or restrictions! A few examples of the things that might happen if court orders are not obeyed include further driver’s license restrictions or complete revocation, and the issuance of arrest warrants! That’s right, non-compliance in many cases equals jail time.

Obviously, the last thing you want when facing a DWI is more court dates, further charges, a jail sentence, or more trouble of any kind. So attend those classes, pay any fines as soon as possible, and get those community service hours out of the way! It is also crucial after a DWI to get help if you or those closest to you feel that you may have a substance abuse problem. The right treatment will go a long way in preventing future incidents… and improving your overall well-being!

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Step 3: Get a Grip on Insurance

It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to cancel your policy after a DWI charge. If this is the case for you, you will need to try to work things out with your current insurance company or begin the search for a new one. Finding insurance after a DWI is admittedly difficult, but not impossible. Plus – if you ever wish to regain your license, it has to be done! A Google search for “DWI Insurance” or “Insurance After DWI” can identify which companies offer policies for individuals with DWI charges on their driving records. These specialized policies will allow you to regain coverage and navigate special requirements like SR-22 insurance so that you can legally get back on the road!


Bonus Tip: Stay Positive

A DWI charge can really get you down if you let it. So don’t let it! Use the incident as an eye-opener and take a look at how you can be better moving forward. Rather than being resentful, be grateful. Yourself and others could have been seriously injured or even killed – but you are alive, and that is a very lucky thing. You should frame your DWI as a learning experience and a second shot at life. The moments and days after your first DWI are teachable. If you choose to learn from them, your first DWI may very well be your last.

Take the Steps

Now you know what important steps to take following your first DWI! Use this guidance to reduce the negative impacts of the charges. If you have questions about your DWI or need a highly qualified attorney to assist you with your case, contact Carl Barkemeyera proven and highly regarded criminal defense, drug defense, and DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge.


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