How To Improve Your Situation Before DWI Court

Here are 7 ways to improve your situation before DWI court!

7 ways to improve your situation before DWI court
ways to improve your situation before DWI court

7 Ways To Improve Your Situation Before DWI Court

Getting arrested and charged with a DWI in Louisiana can have a life-changing impact. States and communities take driving while intoxicated seriously and have punishments to deter its drivers of motorized vehicles from committing the offense. Many people have spent over ten thousand dollars in fines and court fees upon conviction. Serving jail time is also a common occurrence after your case is deliberated. 

Anything you can do to improve your situation before DWI court is essential. Inaction on your part before your court date will be detrimental to your case and life.  Below are 7 ways to improve your situation before DWI court!

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Steps to Take Before Your Court Date

1. Hire a Lawyer

Showing up to court without an attorney and making a plea on your own is one of the most dangerous decisions you can make in your life. You are putting your future on the line with a judge’s final decision when he or she may be having a bad day. In short, never do it!

criminal defense lawyer is there to protect your rights throughout the criminal proceedings and work to get you the best deal they possibly can. There are many DWI lawyers to choose from. If you’re located in Shreveport or New Orleans, there are tons of law firms near you that you ought to consider.

If you find yourself charged with a DWI, make your first call to a lawyer to defend your case. We know you’ll be glad you did!

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2. Attend a DWI Class

DWI classes are generally mandatory for anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated. These classes are to educate you and others on the dangers of driving while intoxicated. A court usually assigns DWI classes for you to attend as part of your pre-trial or conviction. 

Take this opportunity to show the court you are serious about your charge. Even if you are planning to plead not guilty and fight the DWI charge, attending these classes will improve your situation before the DWI court. 

3. Complete a Drug/Alcohol Assessment

As with the DWI class, signing up for a drug or alcohol assessment will help your case. By doing so you are showing the court that you are taking responsibility for your life and the choices. 

If the assessment shows that you need counseling, sign up. If you go into court and demonstrate to the judge that you are getting the help you need, most courts will work with you. If you are forced to have an assessment by the court or choose not to accept counseling, you will find your case treated more severely. 

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4. Ask Your Employer for Help

One of the worst things that can happen is if you lose your employment while fighting your DWI charge. Most court cases are not as simple as seen on TV. There a person is charged with a crime, and two days later, there is a trial. This is not the way court systems work. After receiving a date and time to show, you will probably find the date reset more than once. This reset usually occurs after you have shown for your court date. 

With postponed court dates, you will find more days off from work than you want. Let your employer know what is going and ask for their patience. Coordinating vacation days with them as soon as you get your next court date will help keep your job. 

5. Save Money

Outside of your lawyer’s fees, DWI convictions can be costly. Don’t be surprised by the high court fees, probation fees, and any fines imposed when your case is settled. Cases can take several months to finalize. Use this time to save as much money as possible. Getting behind on fees and fines is one of the most noted reasons for probation violations. You could find yourself back in jail if you do not have the money to take care of these required payments. 

6. Volunteer for Community Service

Part of any agreement for a DWI case will be to serve a set number of community service hours. To improve your chances in court, find somewhere to perform community service before you go to court. Not only will a judge look positively at this decision, but there is also a chance the hours you serve can be used after your agreement with the court. Getting as much of the required community service hours out of the way before it is mandated can help you in the end. 

7. Stay Out of Trouble

Besides hiring an attorney, this is the most essential aspect of improving your situation before DWI court. Even if you take all of the other steps listed here, getting another DWI or arrested for any crime will affect your current case in front of a court. You are showing the judge that you are not trustworthy and do not deserve any compassion by being arrested again. Until the settlement of your case, make it a habit to skip nights out with your friends and alcohol and drug consumption in general. 

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We hope these actionable things make the difference in your DWI case. In addition, we hope you reach out to a DWI attorney such as Barkemeyer Law Firm to help with your case.

We truly hope you have learned 7 effective ways to improve your situation before DWI court and wish you luck with your case.


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