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One of the worst things that could happen to anyone in Jonesboro or any other part of Louisiana is to get their license suspended. Without a driver’s license in Louisiana, how do you make it to your place of work every day? Well, this is only one of the punishments that come with getting to break DWI regulations in Jackson Parish. Arrests for driving while intoxicated are very serious and if you are caught in a DWI situation, you need to treat it seriously too. Barkemeyer Law Firm happens to be your preferred choice to get you out of a DWI situation. Our years of valuable experience, as well as, the scientific knowledge that we possess is all that you need to adequately get a chance of being defended in court.

As an enhanceable crime, driving while intoxicated attracts very tough punishments and offenders will get to experience things like –

    Paying of fines that could be as high as thousands of dollars

    Getting to do compulsory community service

    Strict home monitoring

    Having your driver’s license or your CDL suspended

    Paying of damages to affected victims

    Getting to do time in jail for years

Since DWI is seen to be an enhanceable offense, it means that if you are caught multiple times driving under the influence, the punishments that will be meted out to you will be even more severe than in the previous case. Also, the tough experience of being strictly monitored or having an ignition interlock right inside your car can be hard today. The most difficult is getting sentenced to jail in Jackson Parish. If you get to do time in jail, you will have a criminal record that will rub off on your reputation and leave you with a bad name. Therefore, you must do everything possible to protect your good name and it is important that you act fast. Mr. Barkemeyer is the first person you should contact immediately you find yourself in a DWI situation.

Were you arrested by the officers in Jonesboro, Louisiana for driving under the influence? Well, it has been proven time and again that being charged with a DWI does not necessarily imply in any way that you are guilty as charged. In fact, a lot of responsible drinkers happen to get into a situation like yours. This means that should you get punished by the state, it will be unfair to you. So, you must do your best to present a perfect argument in court to prove your innocence. This is what Barkemeyer Law Firm is dedicated to doing. For many years, our DWI attorneys have been in courtrooms aggressively defending the rights of DWI clients and getting victory.

DWI Law Firm in Jonesboro, Louisiana

Getting to do time in jail will get to haunt you probably for the rest of your future. It will put your livelihood at risk of coming to a halt and your loved ones that depend on you may have to suffer the consequences too. Employers will be able to access your public criminal record and will be forced to deny you employment. Also, a criminal record will work against you in your place of work because it could stifle your promotion. Protecting your future and your reputation is the first line of action and this is what Barkemeyer Law Firm attorneys are trained to do.

If you or any of your loved ones get caught up in a case of driving under the influence, being adequately represented by Louisiana’s best DWI attorneys is the way to help you get a positive outcome from your DWI charge. At Barkemeyer Law Firm, we boast more than 14 years of experience in defending a lot of esteemed clients in Jonesboro and entire Louisiana in different courts. Over the years, we have been able to help our clients significantly minimize the severity of their punishments in the event that they are guilty or help them to get their freedom by coming up with the best courtroom strategies to effectively defend their rights.

Never take chances when you get convicted for DWI. Remember that the consequences are tough and time is of the essence. You must do everything possible to get a lawyer that is qualified, possesses the right experience, and has the passion that is needed to effectively present your case in court and get you a positive result. Mr. Barkemeyer is a very highly rated DWI defense attorney committed to serving Jackson and entire Louisiana.

Our Jonesboro DWI lawyer has spent so many years fighting for the rights of DWI offenders. He possesses very valuable scientific knowledge about the processes involved in testing for DWI. He combines his knowledge with a superb and top-notch understanding of the legal processes to build winning courtroom strategies that have helped to get hundreds of clients in Louisiana out of trouble with the authorities. Barkemeyer Law Firm is committed to assisting you with the right legal support no matter where you are Jackson Parish.

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Barkemeyer Law Firm attorneys are the right people to call if you ever get caught up in a DWI situation. Our experience, as well as, passion to see that justice is served is the reason that we put all our effort into your case to ensure that you do not get to bear the tough consequences that come in the state of Louisiana for DWI offenders.

Our Louisiana DWI attorneys at Barkemeyer Law Firm treat you with compassion and are warm. No matter where you are in Jonesboro or the entire Jackson Parish, simply reach out to us today and let us use our experience in your favor. We will aggressively stand in for you in court and argue your case. Our attorneys are very professional and we work the system to ensure that you get the best possible positive results. Contact Barkemeyer Law Firm immediately and let us get your case evaluated for free.


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