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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) happens to be a grievous offense in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. Depending on certain factors, you may end up having your driver’s license taken away or you may end having to pay outrageous fines. Surprisingly, it does not end there, you could end up being asked to carry out community service, or have to cope with intense home monitoring, and depending on a number of severe factors, you could end up being jailed. Jail time is not something that anyone in Jefferson Davis Parish or any other parish should wish to experience. Aside from the fact that you would have to suffer bodily harms, it will forever stain your clean record that you have managed to keep for as long as you could remember. Jail time would definitely affect your chances of getting that dream job you’ve always wanted. Having to spend time in jail would also take a toll on your loved ones. This is one of the main reasons why you have to act as quickly as possible if you or your loved ones have been charged with DWI.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, the first step to take would be to getting an experienced and well-trained DWI attorney. It is important that you act first because if you do not, you might end up not having the opportunity to file for a court hearing. Passing on the opportunity to have a court hearing filed might lead to having your license stripped.

Jennings DWI Attorneys Are Here to Help You

Dealing with the legal obligations, consequences, and the financial obligations of a DWI arrest is something that you would find challenging. This is simply because these things look more complicated than they appear. Things could go from bad to worse if you do not have an experienced and well-trained DWI attorney to help you out. You will find it interesting to find out that you do not have to go through this stress, our Jennings DWI lawyers have been established in Jennings and the whole of the Jefferson Davis Parish. They are here to assist you whenever you or your loved one is involved in a DWI case.

Interestingly, our Jefferson Davis DWI lawyer happens to be one of the few Louisiana DWI lawyers when it comes to all forms of driving while intoxicated cases in all of Louisiana. When it comes to DWI cases, your livelihood could be at stake. Also, your reputation that you have struggled to maintain for years could be at stake if you do not put in effort to have this situation overturned. Your family members and your loved ones deserve protection and that is why Barkemeyer Law Firm has been established. You can get the right driving while intoxicated attorney for all your cases in the Jefferson Davis Parish. With considerable years of experience when it comes defending those that have been charged with DWI cases.

Irrespective of how short the time is, spending time in jail because of DWI is something that you and your loved ones should avoid. One of these main reasons is that everyone would have to see your record which means that your reputation would be ruined and your chances of getting employed or promoted would become slimmer. You could end up being unemployed for a couple of years for this. To ensure that your name is protected, you would have to take decisive steps. Hiring the service of a well-renowned attorney with incredible years of experience is one of the first things to do to ensure that you are protected. You need the services of aggressive Jennings DWI attorneys that are capable of tipping the odds in your favor. Since our inception, we have gained a reputation for winning cases for all our clients that have had to deal with DWI cases. Our team of Jennings DWI attorneys are experienced and well-trained to handle all your DWI cases in Jefferson Davis Parish.

DWI Penalties in Jefferson Davis Parish

The state of Louisiana does not take for granted any DWI cases, that is why all DWI cases come with strict consequences. One of the first things you would have to go through would be to have your license suspended, thus, depriving you of the opportunity to drive to your workplace. Once a DWI charge has been placed against you, your license would be suspended. Your license could also be suspended due to the fact that you drove your car under the influence.

Some of the other penalties for Jennings DWI cases include; having to pay outrageous fines, you could end up being monitored in your own home, you could be made to do community service, you would have to pay a certain fee to have your license reinstated, and in worse occasions, you could end up serving jail time. One other punishment that could leave you frustrated would be to have all records of you stained. With these penalties all set out to make things worse for you, the only thing to do would be to hire the services of an experienced and well-trained DWI attorney that would make use of a higher level of science and technique to ensure that your crime is mitigated while they would try to prove your innocence. You do not have to look any further, Barkemeyer Law Firm is exactly what you need. If you are charged with any DWI offense in the whole of Jefferson Davis Parish, then you need to contact Mr. Barkemeyer.

Irrespective of whether this is your first DWI offense or you have had a couple of them, ensuring that you have an experienced and skilled defense attorney with courtroom techniques will ensure that you stay out of jail. You simply have to contact us and we would immediately take up your case, ensuring that the suspension placed on your license is lifted and that you do not have to serve jail time. Our team of skilled Jennings DWI defense attorneys would do everything within their power to get you acquitted.


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