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Access Device Fraud in Gretna, Louisiana

Being charged with Access Device Fraud in Jefferson criminal court isn’t so much of a good thing to witness or feel.  The Louisiana state laws of La R.S. 14:70.4 clearly states that access devices can take the form of a person’s personal information which ranges from – date of birth to account numbers to, driver’s license numbers, personal identification numbers, and whatnot; all which can be used to access and steal someone else’s identity especially when it has to do with stealing value alongside.

Laws Guiding Access Device Fraud in Gretna

Let’s take a look at the laws that guide access device fraud in Gretna:

1. No one should go-ahead to transfer an access device of another without appropriate authorization.

2. Do not possess or lay hold of another’s access device without authorization.

3. No one should make a copy of a fake copy of someone else’s access device.

What Situations Can Make Me Get Punished for Access Device Fraud?

1. When someone is get caught laying claims to another person’s debit card, birth date, personal identification number, credit card, social security number, saving account number, electronic identification number, driver’s license numbers and some other information that can serve as a lead to someone else’s personal account or details can get a person arrested and charged for access device fraud.

2. Also, when someone tries to alter or forge another’s personal information so as to gain maximum access to their accounts and device, it can be considered access device fraud.

3. When someone is seen or caught possessing equipment that is Been used to make duplicates of an access device, he or she can be considered a fraud and shall be charged to court.

4. Also, the intentions behind carrying out an access device fraud can easily give out a person and incur them an access device fraud charge in the process. For instance, if found with debit cards, PINS, driver licenses, etc with the pure intent of impersonation, an arrest and a charge is often the next thing that comes to mind.

5. Illegal use of another person’s credit or debit card to make payments without proper permission can attract an access fraud charge. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean a total stranger, it could be a friend or a close relation, just make sure that you get their permission first before you head-on with their card.

6. Selling or distribution of someone else’s access device also renders one guilty of an access device crime. In this case, penalties are usually high.

What Are the Possible Penalties if Convicted of Access Device Fraud in Gretna?

Because of its degree of crime, access device fraud cases usually come with huge and sometimes unavoidable penalties. Being charged and issued these penalties can go a long way to mar the future or reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

Below, are some of the penalties to be mapped out to the defendants of the access device fraud law according to the state laws:

1.  If found guilty of the access device fraud crime, a defendant can be made to pay a fine of $25,000, shall get a 20 years imprisonment with hard labor, or fined with a huge sum of $50,000.

2. If access device crime of the value of $5,000 or more, but lower than the $ 25,000 in value, a defendant will be sent to prison with hard labor or no hard labor for ten years or less., Or defendant gets fined a few of not more but not less than $10,000 or both penalties.

3. Access device fraud that equals $1000 or more in value but less than $5,000 in value attracts imprisonment which lasts for not more than five years with or without hard labor. Sometimes, the defendant might get to be fined a sum of $3,000 or both penalties even.

4. Access device fraud that amounts to less than $1000 in value, shall get imprisonment that lasts for six months, or better still, get a fine penalty of $500 or both

5. If the defendant has been convicted with any crime regarding stealing or theft, they will get imprisoned with hard labor or not for 2 years or less or they might even be fined $2,000 or less.

6. A defendant can be imprisoned for 10 years or asked to pay a fine of $10,000 or do bother if they are found guilty of petty or serious crimes prior to the time they got charged for access device fraud.

 Getting access device fraud labelled on your file or document tray can cause a permanent dent on image and personality, and this can go a long way to deprive you of landing a better job or opportunity in the future.

What Do I Do If Charged With Access Device Fraud in Gretna?

Upon getting charged with an access device fraud crime, the first thing you should do is to lay low and not utter vile words to the officers (even though you might be tempted to) as this may instigate the officers to press more charges. Instead, think and seek ways to contact a good criminal defense lawyer that will speak in your favor and help you get through with your case. Do everything you can to ensure that you get the legal assistance that you need.

Get Legal Help

To ensure that you can get your defense tailored to work and perfectly suit your case or charge while providing facts, truths, and pieces of evidence to back up your claims, contact a good attorney that knows his onions.

With several years of experience and skillfulness in defending people charged with access device fraud, Barkemeyer law firm can help to walk you through your legal journey and earn you freedom against access device fraud in Gretna, Louisiana, and its environs.


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