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Burglary is seen as a felonious act of breaking into someone else’s space with the intention of stealing from them. In Louisiana, burglary is defined as the illegal act of forcefully getting into another’s structure having it In mind to commit theft.

Laws of Burglary in Jefferson Parish

As with every other crime that exists, there are certain rules that guide and protect it. and, those rules when broken attracts due penalties to the offender. Some of the rules include:

1.  Do not go into someone else’s property or space with a mental intention to steal from them. Failure to adhere to this rule will attract penalties that are suitable for felonious crimes.

2. There should be no form of the forceful act to break into another’s dwelling place as this will lead to severe punishment.

3. Do not try to go into anyone’s house without their permission even when you have a pure intention. This is because the owner of the space might not want to give you the benefit of doubt and when charged, you might get punished.

What is considered burglary in Jefferson Parish?

1. If someone is caught entering or breaking into a structure either by actual (a type of braking in that was done using physical force) or constructive (a type of braking in th7at didn’t involve a typical force) form, it can be considered a burglary crime. Breaking in and entering can be kicking on doors, trying to alter a lock, pushing, and even slight use of force.

2. When a person deceives a person and gets into their property, he or she can be charged for Fraud and burglary when they are caught because their intentions aren’t pure and impure intentions can lead to theft. In other words, a person must be proven to have gotten in with an intention to commit a crime before they can be charged for burglary.

3.  If a person goes to a locked shop when they are already closed and tries to pick on the door lock, then he succeeds and eventually gets in, if caught will be charged for burglary because he came when the shop is closed. However, if a person is caught stealing from the store shelves during the day when buying and selling services are actively going on, they can’t be convicted for burglary but shoplifting. They mean different things.

4. Bear in mind that you don’t need to get it through the back door before you can be charged for burglary. You could go in through the front door too but as long as your entrance does not sit well with the owner of the building or structure, you can face severe punishment afterward.

 5. When you invade someone’s home and destroy their properties, it is also considered a burglary crime.

What are the types of burglary and what penalties of someone that was charged with burglary?

Penalties for burglary differs it just depends on – how severe the crime was, the amount of value the stolen property equals to, past crimes or convictions, and the amount of violence that took place during the act. Whatever it may be, every form of burglary comes with its own penalty. Here are the types of burglary and their penalties.

1. Simple Burglary

This is a form of burglary in which a person invades another’s space and takes what belongs to them without violence of some sort. The penalty for this crime is:

Not more than 12 years of imprisonment and not less than 1 year. With or with no hard labor or both.

They shall pay a fine of $2000

2. Aggravated Burglary

This is a form of burglary crime in which the burglar breaks into space, takes another person’s valuables and inflicts injuries, and wounds in the process. This act is serious and doesn’t attract pity as the defaulters are made to spend about 30 years in prison.

3. Home Invasion

Home invasion is seen as the action of getting into someone’s place of abode forcefully and vandalizing or destroying their properties in a quest for valuables. Penalties for this crime include:

A person who commits this crime shall be made to pay a fine of $5,000.

An offender may be made to serve a jail the of about 30 years but not less than 1 year, with hard labor

In all you do, you can’t afford to get the tag of a burglar as this can permanently impair your reputation or person, causing you to lose opportunities that might occur in the future

What Do I Do If Charged With Burglary Crime in Gretna?

If you are charged with a serious crime such as burglary, you need to understand that this is the best time to keep calm and avoid all forms of speaking that might cause you to spew unwarranted words even if you are forced to. Failure to adhere to this might earn you free angry bucks from the officers and cause you to get charged with more crimes. This is obviously the time to think of how to get good legal representation, so you have to look for ways of getting a great Gretna criminal defense attorney that will get you a good defense.

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