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Consumption of cocaine is other high risked drugs that have proven time and time again not to be a good fit for the human body system. Because of the so many dangers posed by cocaine, the federal government of Louisiana has categorized it as a schedule ii narcotic. Right now, cocaine is being considered a harsh and risk-filled drug in Louisiana and its cities and as such, has been banned in Jefferson Parish, Gretna, Metairie, etc. so anyone found involving themselves in cocaine will be made to face harsh severe penalties.

What Are The Laws Guiding Cocaine Crime in Gretna?

As with every other city that has contraband items and goods, sets of rules and regulations are being put in place in the city of Gretna to Ensure that people who go against these rules are caught and penalized accordingly. Let us take a look at some of the laws Guiding Cocaine crime in Gretna.

1.  Ensure that you are not in possession of any form of cocaine drugs at any point. When caught in this act, punishments can be more severe.

2. Cocaine drugs shouldn’t be sold in Gretna or its environs.

3. Cocaine shouldn’t be manufactured or produced. Failure to adhere to this gets you into prison before you say jack.

What Situations Can Make Me Get Punished for a Cocaine Crime in Gretna?

1.When someone gets caught in their possession of cocaine, it’s considered high risk and can get you arrested, charged, and sentenced.

2. Also, when someone tries to give out cocaine in exchange for some money, this can be labelled a cocaine crime and it goes further to attract the appropriate prosecution authorities.

3. When someone is seen or caught producing or manufacturing cocaine, court charges are being pressed and this means adequate punishment will be spelled out.

4. Planting or cultivation of cocaine-based crops is strictly prohibited by the federal government of Louisiana so Desist from all actions that might lead to that.

What Are the Possible Penalties For Possession on Schedule 2 Cocaine in Gretna?

Because of the degree of this crime, cocaine, and drug crime cases tend to attract huge and mostly penalties that can’t be easily avoided. A lot of the times, getting charged and prosecuted accordingly can go a long way to ensure that a person’s reputation gets dented in the process especially after taking years to build and gain value.

Here, you will find out some of the punishments the offenders of cocaine drug laws get to face when they are finally tried according to the laws of the state.

1.  People caught in possession of Schedule 2 drugs that aren’t up to 28 g, get to serve a jail term of  5 yrs. with or with no hard labor including paying a fine of $ 5,000, people caught with drugs around 28 to 200 grams are sentenced from 10 to 60 years of imprison6 with hard labor and a fine of $50,000 to $150,000, people with 200 to 400 grams of cocaine are given a jail term of 20 to 69 years with hard labor and are made to pay a fine ranging from $100,000 to $350,000. Then Lastly, individuals caught with over 400 grams of cocaine are sentenced to 30 to 60 years imprisonment with hard labor and they pay a fine ranging from $250,000 to $600, 000

2. When you sell illegal cocaine and you are caught, you are going to give a sentence not less than 5 years and not more than 30 years. Also, you are going to be serving with hard labor and you will pay a fine of $50,000. In case you are caught in the act of selling cocaine to a minor, if you are over 25 years, you’d be given life imprisonment. If you are 3 years younger than 25 years, you’d attract a double penalty to yourself.

3. If caught Trafficking cocaine, let’s say; you are involved in producing or manufacturing this drug, you’d be given a prison sentence ranging from 40 to 99 years coupled with hard labor. You won’t get a suspension and you shall be forced to pay a fine of $500, 000.

As seen above, cocaine drug laws in Louisiana seem to be the most ruthless and it isn’t what anyone would wish to get into.

In some cases, that involves a lower degree of cocaine crime, the attorney in charge of the court session might make an offer of a plea bargain to the offender.

What Do I Do If Charged With Cocaine Possession in Gretna?

If you are charged with cocaine crime in Gretna, it’s normal for you to get worked up and feel bad about the whole situation but that’s fine, really fine. In everything you do, make sure you do not get aggressive and get all riled up at the arresting officers.

First, be sure you try and get in contact with a good lawyer that will help you get a fair hearing in court. Not too many lawyers understand what criminal defense is all about, so seek for one who understands it as well as Cocaine drug crime and laws.  So, ensure that you are getting the best and the experienced.

Get Legal Help

In case you or your loved one is faced with cocaine crime charges, in Louisiana, Gretna and its cities. Getting a drug possession lawyer that has a good knowledge of the drug laws and its defenses should be your utmost priority

Having gone through decades of experience and acquiring skills aimed to help and defend people charged with cocaine crime, our drug charge lawyers ready to help you win and get your freedom back.

Support after the arrest, an adequate gathering of truths, evidence, and facts, preparation of a defense and the ability to place fair and clear negotiation abounds in the Barkemeyer Law Firm.


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