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When we talk about Contractor fraud, we are referring to some of the illicit practices that are being carried out by civil engineers or otherwise known as contractors when called in to renovate, recreate, and repair homes or structures. Contractor fraud or home improvement crimes are considered as felony charges in Louisiana. Some of the fraudulent acts perpetrated by some contractors range from extremely bad jobs to hiking of bills and using overused materials from their old jobs.

What Are The Laws Guiding Contractor Fraud in Gretna?

Contractor fraud is an unforgivable crime as it lets owners of projects get to spend triple times than they initially bargained for in a single project. So, in order to curtail this, certain rules are being laid down so that offenders will get punished when found guilty. This will lead to a drastic reduction of future falters of these laws. Here, are the laws guiding contractor fraud in Gretna:

1.  Contractors should ensure that they start out on an assigned job within the 45 days of payment.

2. There should be no form of impersonation or deceit on the owner of a project by a supposed contractor. A lot of fraudulent people come out and pose as contractors. The contractor fraud laws ensure that such persons are fished out and wiped off.

3. There shouldn’t be any form of outsourcing of jobs to other junior contractors by a person originally contracted to carry out a project.

What Situations Can Make Me Liable to the Penalties for Contractor Fraud in Gretna?

1. When you fail to start a job or a contract within the first 45 days of payment.

2. Also, as a contractor, when you intentionally damage a person’s property in order to get them to contact you to repair the damage, you can be prosecuted if caught in this act as it’s a huge form of contractor fraud.

3. As a contractor, you should have a license that backs up your claim of being a contractor for the improvement of homes and construction of residents. This picks you out and makes you stand out as a unique contractor. Failure to have this might get people to doubt your credibility and get you reported to the appropriate authorities.

4. Outsourcing of jobs isn’t acceptable when being contracted for a job. Outsourcing the job simply means that you are breaching the contract and you are not to be trusted. This specifically makes you a fraud and you are prone to be prosecuted.

What are the Penalties for Contractor Fraud in Gretna?

Contractor fraud is a high degree of crime. Penalties are often severe owing to the fact that this has to do with the money and emotions of the person who did the contracting. Several penalties are out for anyone who chooses to go against the laws and proceed with contractor fraud.

Here, you will get to know some of the punishments an offender of the contractor fraud law gets to go through each time they are caught and charged.

1.  When you misuse funds and it gets to $1,000 or more in value, and less than $ 5,000, the defaulters of the law get to serve a jail term of five years either with hard labor or not or made to pay a huge fine of $3,000 or made to do both.

2. If A contractor misuses or loses a sum of $5,000 or even more but definitely not below $25,000, he will be charged for contractor fraud and be made to serve a jail term of 10 years with or with no hard labor. He may also be made to pay a fine of $ 10,000 or simply asked to do both.

3. When the value of things misused by a contractor gets to a value of $25, they are usually sentenced to prison for not less than 20 years with or with no hard labor and also fined to pay $50,000 or simply asked to do both.

4. If the value lost during the contract gets to not less than $1,000 in value, the contractor is tagged as a fraud. Therefore, he shall be sentenced to prison for 6 months or made to pay a fee of $1,000 or will be asked to do both.

5. If the defendant has been previously charged for theft or other similar crimes for two to three times, he shall get sent to prison with or with no hard labor for 2 years or asked to pay a fine of $2, 000.

What Do I Do If Charged With Contractor Fraud in Gretna?

 In everything you do, be sure that you do not get buttered and exhibit anger in the process of arresting officers, even if you are on the verge of losing it.

Next, seek the services of the best criminal defense attorney and get in contact with one that is going to ensure you get the defense you wish for. Look for one who understands criminal defense laws as well as contract fraud. Stop short at nothing in getting an experienced contractor fraud lawyer in Metairie, Louisiana.

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