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What Situations lead to Criminal Damage of Property in Jefferson Parish?

1.  Impairing the value or degree of usefulness of someone else’s Property provides you with an opportunity of serving a jail sentence as well as paying a fine for a long period of time.

2. Also, when someone tries to give out cocaine in exchange for some money, this can be labelled a cocaine crime and it goes further to attract the appropriate prosecution authorities.

3. Getting reckless with the intent of getting another’s property damaged is a crime on its own and should be totally avoided if you have no intention of getting faced with the law.

4. If you are caught issuing out threats and warnings on someone about their property hoping to scare them with your words, then you are likely to get criminal damage or property charge.

What Are the Possible Penalties For Criminal Damage Of Property in Jefferson Parish?

In cities like Metairie, Gretna and Kenner, Louisiana, This crime of high degree and they sort of attract high penalties which can be averted earlier. The severity of each penalty depends on the value of crime committed during the process of damaging another’s property without consent. Some of the penalties include fine, long periods of jail term, and being given a criminal record.

Here is a list, containing the several punishments or penalties criminal damage of property law offender goes through when charged, tried, and found guilty by the court of law. 

1.  An offender might spend 6 months in confinement and may be made to pay a fine of $1,000 dollars if they incur damage that is worth $500 dollars or less.

2. Also, an offender may serve a jail term of 2 years in prison if the damage amounts from $500 to $50,000.

3. A falter of the criminal damage to property law may spend a minimum of 1year and a maximum of 10 years if the value of the damage they incurred is more than $50,000

4. An offender of this law may spend a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 15 years in confinement. Also, they are made to pay a fine of $10,000 if ever they did what they did out of clear intentions to damage property or structure in a person’s home.

5. In case a person gets to damage property without having anyone die through it, they are given normal penalties. But, when a person gets a life involved, intentionally or unintentionally, the person gets charged with aggravated criminal damage

As seen above, criminal damage of property laws in Louisiana has a standard law and penalties that are waiting to go out on its offenders.

What Do I Do If Charged With Criminal Damage to Property in Gretna?

Keeping calm and giving yourself time to think should be the first on your scale of preference at the moment. Getting charged with criminal damage of property isn’t such a happy place to be in, but instead of saddening up, look out and check out the brighter side of it.

Owing to the fact that the charges you are currently faced with might have an effect on your future reputation, your ultimate goal should be to contact a lawyer that will help you get a good hearing and make the legal process easy through his knowledge and skill in criminal defense cases. Ensure that it’s one who has past positive reviews on similar cases such yours and reaches out as soon as you can

Get Legal Help

When you or someone close to you is faced with criminal damage of property charges, in Louisiana, Jefferson Parish and its cities, ensure that you employ the services of a lawyer that is adequately knowledgeable in criminal laws and defenses. This should be of utmost priority to you

It is necessary that you understand the options you are faced with and know why it’s absolutely important that you decide quickly and a smart and highly informed one at that because we are talking about criminal damage of property.

Take a step and consult Barkemeyer Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm that can aid you in taking a very well-planned approach when it comes ironing out the offenses you were charged with so as to enable you to get minimal punishments that can be linked with criminal damage of property.


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