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Criminal Defense Attorney in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Criminal defense attorneys in Jefferson Parish.

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When you go to trial, the results that you get will be the determinant of your fate. Court proceedings happen to be a very important moment if you are faced with a criminal charge and only a capable criminal lawyer who has the ability to argue aggressively and present your case logically in court can help you out. You require an attorney who is experienced and is knowledgeable about how to work the system in order to help you get a resolution that is favorable. If you are in Jefferson Parish or elsewhere in Louisiana and facing a criminal charge, this is not the time to relax and allow the process to lead you on. You will only end up with punishments that are unfavorable. You could, also, get to spend time in jail and this will negatively impact your life and life of your loved ones. Additionally, a criminal record will haunt you for a long time as you will find getting any form of employment difficult. Of course, you do not want this to happen to you, so, take steps immediately to contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm if you get to be investigated by the authorities over a criminal offense.

The Barkemeyer Law Firm is a highly reputable law agency that has gained so many years of experience in defending residents in Gretna and the whole Jefferson Parish. We are made up of a team of defense attorneys who have the experience and compassion needed to deal with our clients and help them out. Our dedication to ensuring that our clients walk free despite the crimes that they have committed is the reason that we put in our best efforts whenever a case is presented to us. Our high level of success is the reason that clients in Jefferson Parish keep recommending us whenever their loved ones or their friends experience a similar situation to theirs. No matter how bad the crime you have committed is, get in touch with us today and our attorneys will step into the situation and do everything possible to get you out of your criminal case with punishments that are highly minimized so that you do not suffer so much.

What crime charges do we handle in Jefferson Parish?

You are probably wondering if we handle the kind of criminal charge that you have. Well, you have nothing to worry about as we are experienced in virtually every form of federal and state level crime according to the law. Over the years, we have built our practice as a comprehensive institution and we are fully equipped to take care of your situation once you entrust it into our hands. Since we know that you are counting on us to help you out and protect your reputation, we take steps to build a strategy that can guarantee you a win or help you avoid jail time in Jefferson Parish.

We have helped and continue to help clients who are arrested for criminal charges such as driving under the influence, DWI, DUI, battery, domestic violence, illegal possession and use of weapons, property crimes, narcotics, fraud, theft, trafficking, misdemeanors, felonies, drug cultivation, possession, and distribution, etc.

No matter the kind of criminal offense that you have committed or that you are being investigated for, feel free to contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm to step into your case in Jefferson Parish and do what we do best which is to provide sound legal counsel and aggressive defense for our clients in entire Louisiana. It would interest you to know that we have now improved our innovative defense strategies by including technological solutions in our defense process. With this, you can now serve you better no matter where you reside in Jefferson Parish. Also, it will save you the time and energy needed to commute to and from the court and will make our consultation sessions very much easier. This is part of the reason is that residents in Louisiana love to hire us whenever they get into trouble with the law.

Courthouses in Jefferson Parish

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Our criminal lawyers are frequently handling criminal cases in the Jefferson Parish courthouse.

If you’ve been arrested in Jefferson Parish, then you will have court in one of the four courthouses in either Kenner, Gretna, or Metairie. If the arrest was for a felony charge or if your misdemeanor summons, you’ll have court at the 24th Judicial District Court (Jefferson Parish Court), located at 200 Derbigny Street, Gretna 70053. If you received a misdemeanor on the east bank of Jefferson Parish, you’ll have court at the First Parish Court, 924 David Dr., Metairie 70003. If you received a misdemeanor on the west bank, you’ll have court at the Second Parish Court, 100 Huey P. Long Ave., Gretna 70053.

If you received a misdemeanor in the city limits of Kenner, you’ll have court at the Kenner Mayor’s Court located at 415 Williams Boulevard, Kenner, LA 70062. Either way, the process for attending court is similar in many ways. Make sure you wear the proper attire for court which means no shorts, no hats, no cell phones, and no sleeveless tops. Be on time for court, which usually begins at 8:30 am.

Jefferson Parish Criminal Defense Attorneys

By hiring a criminal defense lawyer from the Barkemeyer Law Firm, there are a lot of benefits for you. We have lawyers that are highly trained, and knowledgeable about the legal defense system, and have gained many years of experience providing defense services to persons who have been caught up in criminal offenses. You know how vital an aggressive form of defense can prove to be in the courtroom. Also, our extensive knowledge of the legal process helps us to arrive at settlements even before getting to the court. This helps to provide a more favorable resolution for our clients and help to keep them out of jail. rest assured that our criminal defense lawyers will go the extra mile and will use all the techniques they have to resolve your criminal case.

Then again, when you come to us, we will set up a consultation and totally analyze your case while going through all the evidence that has been presented against you. We will work with our highly trained investigators whom we are affiliated with to pinpoint or detect any loopholes or faults in the evidence and we will use the findings that we get to come up with a defense case for you. Then, we will enlighten you on the options that exist and help you to make a perfect decision that will turn the odds in your favor. Once this is done, we will go all out and aggressively battle for your rights to ensure that the resolution reached and the outcome does not in any way jeopardize your future.

No matter where you are in Gretna, Metairie, Kenner or other areas in Jefferson Parish, do not hesitate to call us immediately you are charged for a criminal offense. We will assign a Gretna criminal lawyer to you to take up your case and uphold their rights.


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