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Louisiana Laws on Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief which deals with the unlawful act having another’s property or belonging tampered with, without considering taking due permission or consent from them. In Louisiana, this act is seen as illegal that cannot be condoned by the federal bodies of the state. Therefore, certain conditions are placed to help protect the residents of Gretna against the crime of Criminal mischief. Let’s take a look at the conditions.

1.  Stop yourself from getting entangled with activities that involve taking someone else’s belongings without considering taking proper consent from them.

2. Dissolve every intention to cover up for someone who harbors another person’s property or risks getting the same charge as them when the chips are finally down.

3. Resist every form of thinking which suggests that you go ahead to threaten one on the account that they release their property and valuables so you can take them. Also, do not fail to report anyone caught in this act so that proper measures can be carried on them.

What Situations Can Make One Get Arrested for a Criminal Mischief Crime in Jefferson Parish?

1.  Trying to lay hands on another’s property or property without seeking their permission, with an objective to stop them from fully exercising the rights that come with owning property.

2. Raising the false alarm about fire or something that will incite panic and a feeling of Emergency in the mind of people.

3. When you try to drive tack, spike, nail, or even metal over a one and a half-inch length inside any kind of tree that is situated on the land that tends to belong to someone else without seeking the owner’s consent or refusal to remove it from the tree when you are done.

4. Don’t try to fall, top or prune trees or even shrubs located in the way of a state’s highway, while lot having an approval that is directly written and gotten from the head of Engineering in the department of transportation and development of someone appointed to represent him, so long as there is an approval that covers every risk that might occur during this activity.

 5. Avoidance of falsely reporting or complaining about theft, crime, or every other false news to the sheriff, or his deputies, and to other kinds of officers.

6. Attempting to Throw stone, objects, or any other form of the missile in streets, road, open space, enclosure, avenue, alley, public square, railway car, or train.

What Are the Possible Penalties For Indulging In the Criminal Mischief Crime in Gretna?

Criminal Mischief is a big crime since it indirectly relates to theft and wickedness, certain penalties await anyone who decides to go ahead and go against the rules. Every penalty the defaulter gets depends on the degree of criminal mischief committed. Criminal Mischief penalties can be avoided if and only if consistent offenders decide to desist permanently.

These are some of the punishments that offenders in Gretna, Metairie, and Jefferson parish get to attract to themself if they choose to ignore the law.

1.  If the offended decided to take you to charge you, you are likely to get a 10 years imprisonment if the property spoilt amounts to $5000 in value

 2. If the value amounts to less than $5000, and the offended still decides to proceed with the charge, you can get a 2 years imprisonment.

 3. If the amount incurred is very small, you may get a jail sentence of 6 months.

As seen above, criminal damage of property laws in Louisiana has a standard law and penalties that are waiting to go out on its offenders.

What Do I Do If Charged With Criminal Mischief Crime in Jefferson Parish?

1. Keep calm and avail your mind to think of the next step.

2. Avoid getting angry and shouting at the attesting officers

3. Think of the best lawyer that you can reach out to as soon as possible

4. Ensure that your lawyer knows and understands his onions, one who has a long list of clients that can positively testify to his skills. Also, make sure that it’s a criminal defense lawyer since that’s what the charge is all about

Get Legal Help

Getting legal help is often tricky and sort of hard to get in Jefferson parish, as it’s nearly impossible to get a trusted lawyer in and around your vicinity. But the truth remains that you need to get one that is skillful and has acquired years of experience and knowledge in defending the crime of criminal mischief.

Check out the list of options you have at hand, especially the penalties you are likely to get if you should make mistakes. In the end, you have no choice but to ensure that you come up with smart ideas and decisions.

Barkemeyer Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm that is here to help you take proper steps and approaches towards getting you a penalty reduction. Talking about lawyers that are highly informed and conversant with criminal mischief, our Metairie criminal defense attorneys can help.


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