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According to the criminal law of Louisiana, getting into any building, structure or a kind of property that belongs to another person by any means without getting due permission from them is considered a crime, and can cause one to go through penalties or punishments when it’s violated.

Laws Guiding Criminal Trespass in Jefferson Parish

Considering the sort of crime which it is, certain laws are created to help and guide victims against criminal trespass in Jefferson Parish.

Let’s have dive in and have a look at some of the laws that guide access device fraud in Jefferson Parish:

1.  No one is allowed to pry into any building or property that doesn’t belong to him or her. If anyone must do this, then they have to do well and acquire permission from the right owner or sources of the property.

2. Any form of property you intend to occupy is owned by a person and you shouldn’t in any way try to move in without getting legal authorization to do so.

3. On no account should you continue to occupy a property, building, or a structure, even when you are asked to leave by the owner? please, do well to leave. Failure to this might include feelings of intimidation in the mind of the owner and this may cause them to call the cops on you.

4. When you are accused and prosecuted for occupying a property illegally, you might be asked to provide pieces of evidence and documents that show that you were legalized to stay there initially.

What Can Be Considered as a Basis For Getting Penalized For Criminal Trespass?

A lot of people do not seem to believe that criminal Trespass doesn’t sound as serious as they made it to be because it still revolves around invasion without permission. In the cities such as Kenner, Metairie, and Gretna, people who are caught trespassing other people’s space are caught and given due permission. Here are some of the punishments.

1. A person’s intention or reason for occupying a building, house, or property, even when thou are fully aware that they aren’t supposed to be there can easily get them charged. On the other hand, a person might not be aware that they aren’t allowed to occupy a place without due permission, but they can plead and gain appropriate permission.

2. Going into someone’s space could mean car, phone, room, bed, etc doesn’t necessarily have to mean a building. Each of them requires that you earn a permit from the owner before you can use it or enter.

3. Proving stubborn when someone asks you to leave their space for them. It’s necessary that you follow and adhere to their instructions and leave when asked to.

What Are the Possible Penalties For Getting Charged for Criminal Trespass In Jefferson Parish?

Penalties for getting charged for Criminal Trespass differs, it all depends on your crime and how severe it is. Some penalties are higher than the others while others are much lesser than the others. Here we are going to talk about the different penalties that come with indulging in criminal Trespass.

1.  If it’s your first time getting involved in criminal Trespass, you won’t be asked to pay a fine of not less than $ 100. Whatever it may be, the few you will be asked to pay won’t be more than $500. Or, You will also be sent to 30 days imprisonment, or do both penalties at a time.

2. If it’s the second time you are violating the law of criminal Trespass, you will be asked to pay a fine of not less than $300 and also a fine not above $750. You can also be sent to a 90 days imprisonment or asked to do both of them.

3. If it’s the third time or more, a person’s fine shouldn’t be less than $ 500 and not above $1000. There’s also room for serving a jail term of 60 days and 6 months, depending on the attorney convicting you. You also get to lose every form of interest you once have on any legal property.

4. A person’s penalty for criminal Trespass can range from anything to anything despite them not getting involved in any prior occupancy of a structure, immovable property, watercraft, moveable property, that has to do with criminal Trespass offenses.

What Do I Do If Charged With Criminal Trespass in Jefferson Parish?

Getting accused and charged with criminal Trespass doesn’t often mean that you will get a conviction that will land you a permanent spot in prison. Whatever you do, understand that the person who charged you with the crime, he has to prove that you are guilty by making sure that they produce strings of evidence and facts to back up their claims which says that you forcefully tried break-in and settle in their property without legal permission.

But to ensure that you secure your freedom, you need to bear it in mind to hire a lawyer at this point.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Sometimes getting a great criminal attorney that will perform well with your charge is one of the hardest and most confusing things to do because there are so many of them who claim to know the same thing.

 The next thing is to get serious about your choice in hiring a criminal lawyer, a smart lawyer. One that will help you to effectively prove your case in court and get lesser penalties or fair hearing.

Barkemeyer law firm is the ideal answer to end the search for a skillful and experienced legal representation. In Jefferson Parish and Louisiana, the criminal defense attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm keeps proving that it’s the best place and that’s pretty outstanding.


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