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Domestic violence cases are mostly frowned by prosecutors in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Over time, we’ve seen or heard the several court charges that have been pressed on certain individuals on the account of criminal offenses. Amongst these criminal laws is the law that protects residents of Louisiana against Domestic violence abuse. Domestic Violence Abuse according to Louisiana refers to the illegal act of using force on someone who’s of a household, with a clear intent of inflicting them with pain and possible injuries. However, our Metairie criminal lawyers know how to protect our clients charged with domestic abuse battery. There are defenses and ways to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Domestic abuse battery defense lawyers in Metairie, Louisiana.

Laws Guiding Domestic Violence Abuse in Jefferson Parish

As with every several other laws that have been existing, there are laws that are laid out to help protect victims of domestic Violence Abuse.

See some of the laws that guide domestic abuse battery in Gretna:

1. No one should inflict or cause pain on another as this will be considered domestic violence abuse.

2. Abusing one sexually is also against the law of domestic violence abuse so it’s often considered as a charge for domestic violence or worse – a sex crime.

3. So not make any attempt to use abusive words on your child, partner, helps, etc.

What Situations Can Make Me Get Punished for Domestic Violence Abuse?

1.  When you are caught trying to inflict pain on another person’s body who happens to stay in your house, if you get caught and charged with the domestic Violence abuse crime, you will be found guilty and you will get to serve punishments.

2. Avoid letting your anger to get the best of you. Getting into a very bad mood of uncontrolled anger lets you talk and do things without control, or risk getting involved with charges that concerns domestic Violence abuse.

3. When someone is seen or caught possessing equipment that is Been used to make duplicates of an access device, he or she can be considered a fraud and shall be charged to court.

4. Cyberstalking by your partner is a form of violation of this rule and it’s advised that everyone who is very involved with this to desist and avoid getting in trouble.

What Are the Possible Penalties For Domestic Violence Abuse in Jefferson Parish?

Several punishments are being listed and actively waiting for falters of the law of domestic abuse violence to emerge and fall into them. punishment such as – jail term, fine, and other ones that are likely to occur depending on how severe the violence turned out to be. The bad side of this is the fact that a person is risking their future if they decide to further indulge in this crime as this can come hunting them back in the future especially if its value has been added much to the person’s reputation or personality.

Below, are some of the punishments that await anyone who goes against the law of domestic violence abuse as proposed by the government of Louisiana.

1.  If it’s the first time of conviction, the defaulter is asked to pay a fine that isn’t less than $300 or pay a fine more than $1000. Also, a jail term ranging from 30 days to 6 months will be given to the offender.

2.  If it’s the second time of convicting an offense, despite every other provision the law has made, the offender shall have to pay a fine of $750 or $1,000 depending on how he or she was convicted. Also, they will be sent to prison ranging from 60 days to one year, with or with no hard labor or simply asked to do both.

3. when it comes to convicting one on the third time of their offense, an offender will be sentenced to imprisonment with or with no hard labor from one to five years or be made to pay a huge fine of $2,000. When you get imprisoned, you shall serve the 1st year without mercy, suspension, or relief.

4.  As an offender, when you are asked to join each time a court conducts an intervention program for those that have been abused through domestic violence, you will have to pay for all expenses that came up as a result of you joining the program. If you fail to pay, and you were initially placed on probation, the court might be forced to revoke it and sentence you immediately.

5. According to R.S. 14:2(B), every crime that involves violence spelled out on a member of a household from another member of a household shall be called domestic violence abuse.

6. When the abused is pregnant, and it’s confirmed that the offender clearly knows this, he shall be asked to serve at least 45 days imprisonment without getting a suspension from the sentence.

What Do I Do If Charged With Domestic Violence Abuse in Jefferson Parish?

If you get charged with Domestic Abuse Battery in Jefferson Parish, do well to remain calm and seek justice that you need, especially if you are absolutely sure that you are innocent of this crime. By seeking justice I’m talking about getting a lawyer that will help defend you effectively against Domestic Violence Abuse in court.

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