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Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna, Louisiana

Jefferson Parish Correctional Center

There is a great chance that when someone has been arrested for a crime in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, he or she may end up being remanded in Jefferson Correctional Center. This correctional facility is one of Louisiana’s correctional centers.

If your loved one falls under those that may be awaiting trial or currently serving one sentence or the other, he or she may be here.

How do I locate a Jefferson Parish Correctional Center inmate?

If you are looking to see if someone is currently being remanded at Jefferson Correctional Center, you should consider contacting the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

Westbank Expressway1233

Harvey, LA 70058

Administration Mon-Fri 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Ph: 504-363-5500

You can also visit their website to utilize their Inmate Search Page. It is advisable that you call them during their work hours. You can also find out about the bail amount of the said inmate, what the charge leveled against them is, the visiting hours, court dates and so much more.

When you are searching for inmate information on their website, you will be expected to input the First name, Middle name, Surname, Race, and sex of the inmate.

This makes the search a lot easier. One thing that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office prides itself on is ensuring that the details that it offers you are genuine and complete. If there is an error in the information, it may be because of the way information is altered rapidly.

This means that, in some cases, the details that you may see on their site may not show the changes that have occurred or the information that you may seek. To confirm more, it won’t be a bad idea to call them directly. The information that is given to you is protected by the Freedom that of Information Act, and the Public Records Act.

Can I Call An Inmate?

Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, like other correctional facilities all over the country, allows inmates to receive calls. This is part of their rights. You can decide to phone in too.

Usually, the calls are made using Securus, a third-party service provider. This service provider allows inmates to receive and make calls.

Inmates are allowed to possess a list of twenty approved phone numbers that they can update. They are only made to alter the list after three months.

Normally, the number of minutes allowed for a call is fifteen minutes. To protect that outside from receiving harassing calls from inmates, there is channel is to level complaints about such. If you have noticed harassing phone calls from an inmate in the Jefferson Correctional Facility, you should consider laying a complaint with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office or contacting (225)-342-9711 to reach the office of adult services.

If you are using cell phones, you may not be able to get calls from an inmate in the correctional facility. You should consider setting up an account via Securus to allow you easily get in contact with an inmate.

Setting up an account with Securus is quite easy. You can do this by heading up to their website or contacting them via 1-800-844-6591.

It is important to note that you will be charged an amount for every call you make plus an extra rate for every minute that the call lasts for. If you want to clamp down on your phone bills, you should consider creating an account with a phone number that is local to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility.

Another option is to set up an account with Pigeonly. It is no news that making a call to an inmate residing in Jefferson Correctional Center will leave your bank account bleeding. You may end up spending a lot on the phone bills. There are a number of carriers that one could try out to reduce the bills. With these carriers, you can contact any inmate you want at affordable pricing. You don’t have to think about cutting down on how long you want to talk to them because of how expensive the bill may be. You should consider checking out the Pigeonly Inmate Services Specialist to help you set up your account. In no time, you will be making calls to an inmate at Jefferson Parish Jail in Gretna, Louisiana.

Before you can receive a call or make a call go someone in this correctional facility, you must be among their approved and vetted calling list. It is important to note that every call to and from the prison are monitored thoroughly for security purposes. This means that you don’t have to expect privacy during the calls.

It is also important to know that there are time periods that inmates are allowed to make or receive calls. To set up an account with Pigeonly, contact them via their website

Before an inmate can communicate with those outside the prison-like family members and friends, the inmate would have to create a prepaid calling account. This account must be created with the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. If not, making calls will be impossible for them. Immediately the prepaid calling account has been created, friends and family members of the inmate have to put an amount there. The amount deposited can be used by the inmate to contact anyone on their approved calling list or purchase things at the commissary.

If you want to find out information about an innate there or their carrier details, you should consider contacting Jefferson Correctional Center, Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Immediately the account has been created and funded, communication between the inmate and loved ones is made possible.

You can put money for an inmate to make calls in Jefferson Correctional Center, Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

This can be done by using Pigeonly’s Inmate Services Specialist or done online. You first have to possess the inmate number before you can put money into the account. To do this, contact the Jefferson Correctional Center. It won’t be a bad idea to get yourself added to the approved list.

Another service provider that offers great deals for inmates that may not have family members or friends to regularly deposit money for them is Inmate Solutions. When you use this, you can utilize their special family plan. This plan ensures that you don’t have to reduce what you intend to say because of an expensive bill. It is easy to register with them. All you need to do is have the details of the inmate.

Global Tel Link is another service provider that allows you to make calls or receive calls from an inmate at Jefferson Correctional Center, Gretna, Jefferson Parish County, Louisiana. You can also send money via this means.

Inmate phone card. It is not easy to communicate with inmates, sometimes, this is why you should consider getting them phone cards. This allows inmates to contact their family members and friends from Jefferson Parish correctional facility. You can buy these cards in the facility and give it to the inmate. This allows you to put a lid on how much the inmate can spend on calls. It is like planning the perfect monthly phone bill budget. If you want to find out more, contact Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

What are the visiting hours?

Families and friends of inmates in the Jefferson Correctional Facility are allowed to visit inmates online. This is something that the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office fancies. It changed the way people are allowed to visit inmates. Now, onsite inmate visitation has been proscribed. This means that if you want to visit an inmate, it has been done through the Online Inmate Visitation platform.

The Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility made these changes on October 10, 2017. If you have a family member currently in JPCC, you can only visit them online. There is an online/video visitation system that caters for this. You can also try out the offsite video visitation center.

If you have visiting privileges, you can see an inmate through the video visitation system made for friends and family members. This can be done in two methods.

You can visit then using your own device like an Apple device, an Android one or even a computer. 

You can head to their off-site visitation center at 1425 Walkertown Way, Marrero, LA 70072 to do it.

If you want to get involved in its online visitation register, it is expected that you make use of the Securus Video App or the Securus online system to schedule that visit. Signing up is quite easy. All you need to do is follow these guidelines:

Go to, then sign up.

Upload your picture, as well as a government-issued ID card. They will be approved.

Immediately they have been approved, you can then schedule the visit. You can do it anywhere.

All you need to do is have a device that can invest in the internet. It can be a tablet, a smartphone or a computer. You should consider downloading the Securus Video Visit app to have access to better quality. If you want to clamp down on echo, it won’t be a bad idea to utilize a headset that has a microphone.

It is important to note that you will pay for data rates. If you want to find out more, contact Securus via 1-877-578-3658

Offsite Video Visitation Center

If you are using the offsite video visitation center, the Visitation Center Hours are Monday to Sunday:

Open    9:00am – 1:30pm

Closed 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Open 3:30pm – 9:00pm

1425 Walkertown Way

Marrero, LA 70072

Now, the visitation hours have been increased, thereby allowing friends and family members to see inmates. Now, it starts by 9:00 am, then ends by 9:00 pm daily.

If you are doing remote visits, you are expected to pay $12.99 per 20-minute visit.

Before you can have access to the visiting privilege, it is expected that you are registered with the Securus Visitation System at: It doesn’t matter if you have decided to go remote visitation or to head to the Visitation Center.

Every visit has to be scheduled. You won’t be allowed if you do not have an appointment. It is expected that you must have scheduled a visiting appointment at least forty-eight hours in the past.

If you want to cancel an appointment, you must do it at least twenty-four hours before the scheduled visitation. If you do not do this, it is believed that you have visited.

If you want to find out more about this, you need to find out more from Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Website.

When you head to the Visitation center, there is a free off-street parking facility present.

How Do I Send A Mail?

Inmates at Jefferson Correctional Center are allowed to get letters, as well as greeting cards from their families, as well as friends. The cards sent should not be musical in nature or electronical.

You can send them 4″x6″ pictures if they are not Polaroid in nature. This is because of security reasons. Nude or obscene pictures are not allowed inside this facility. Any picture that shows illegal activities is not allowed into the facilities. Any picture that shows tattoos or hand gestures is not permitted into the facility. Anything that can be seen as a gang symbol is proscribed.

It is important to note that you are not allowed to send in stamps, cash or other things via the mail. They will either be confiscated and destroyed or sent back to you.

If an inmate wants stamps, he or she can go to the commissary to make the purchase. If you have decided to send a mall to an offender, you are not allowed to beautify or mark the envelope in any form.

You are not allowed to put lipstick on it, add markers to it, she stickers, glitters and so on it.

If seen, the mail won’t be allowed. 

If you want to send a mail to someone in Jefferson Correctional Facility, you need to address it using the following way:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Facility Name

PO Box or Street address

City, State, Zip Code

You are not allowed to directly send magazines or books to inmates. You should make use of an approved vendor such as

If you use, you are permitted to send magazines to an inmate. Any book you want to send must be from Amazon and should be new. Old books are not allowed. You are not allowed to send books that have maps, obscenity or tutor one on hoe to create weapons. No book with hate ideas is allowed into the jail. To learn more about what you can send or not send, check Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Website.

How Do I Put Money on an Inmate’s Books?

There are a number of ways that an inmate can get money via JPAY. Whatever money you send is deposited into the commissary account of the inmate. The inmate can use the money to purchase different things like hygiene items, stationery, food, stamps electronics, shoes, clothing and so on.

The money can be sent via:





Before you can send money to an inmate, you have to possess the following information:

The Inmates Name

The Inmates Identification Number

The current location of the inmate

Deposit by Walk In

You can deposit funds into the account of an inmate by heading to a MoneyGram office. To do this, you have to utilize the received code 8714.

You may have to pay an amount to deposit via debit card or cash. The inmate can have access to the funds within twenty-four hours. Usually, the account number used is the ID number of the innate, turn the last name of the inmate. There shouldn’t be any space between both.

If you make a deposit above five hundred dollars, an investigation will be carried out.

Deposit by Internet

You can make deposits by heading to the JPAY site. You are allowed to send at mode three hundred dollars. The fees paid are between $3.50-$10.50. It is dependent on how much you are sending. Visa and MasterCard cards can be used in sending the money.  Normally, the amount is credited to the inmate within forty-eight hours.

Deposit Funds Over the Phone

You can also send money to your loved ones in prison via the phone. You should contact JPAY at 1-800-574-5729 to do this.  A MasterCard or Visa card can be used in doing this. You are allowed to send at mode three hundred dollars via this means. This takes about forty-eight hours to be done. You may be expected to pay between $4.50-$11.50. How much you pay is dependent on how much you intend to send. 

Deposit Funds Through the Mail

Using this takes a lot of time to get done, but the fees are usually the lowest. You need to buy a United States Postal Money Order from the Post Office

After that, you write out a money order that will be paid to ‘JPAY’. You are expected to write out the inmate funds deposit slip too. You should mail both to:


P.O. Box 531370

Miami Shores, FL 33153

Is There A Commissary?

Like other correctional centers, this has a commissary with items that can be purchased by inmates.

Inmates are permitted to purchase commissary items while in the correctional facility. Anything bought id removed from their account.

Friends and family members can send money to the account of an inmate. Immediately the money is sent, it is credited to the account of the inmate.   There is a fee for this.

Are There Doctors?

There are doctors that take care of sick inmates in these correctional facilities. They handle minor ailments. If the medical situation worsens, the inmate is referred to where the issue can be handled.

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Have You Been Arrested For A Crime?

There are different types of crimes in existence. Some are misdemeanors and others are felonies. The latter usually are severe types of crimes. They tend to take a longer imprisonment period, compared to the former.

This is one reason some people take the misdemeanors lightly. They feel that all they need to do is appear in court and hope they get a slap on the wrist.

What they tend to forget is that talking to an officer without a lawyer present will go a long way to worsen their situation. A misdemeanor can be worsened into a felony.

If care is not taken, you end up spending a lot of time behind bars. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or not, you need a criminal defense attorney.

Some people feel that once you are innocent, you don’t need an attorney. They feel that an attorney makes them seem guilty.

Attorneys are not meant for solely those that are guilty. To ensure that your words are not misconstrued and your rights are protected, it is advisable that you have the best Jefferson Parish criminal defense attorney like the Barkemeyer Law Firm representing you. We will be with you throughout the steps, ensuring that your rights are not violated.


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