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Synthetic Cannabinoids Lawyer in Jefferson Parish

Revised Statutes La RS 40:966 is the law that covers synthetic Cannabinoids in Jefferson Parish.

This law comprehensively handles issues relating to cannabinoids in their various forms. Offenses relating to synthetic Cannabinoids are very serious and handled seriously by the officers of the law in Jefferson Parish. Most of the power of law enforcement officers is derived from this law.

In the light of changing laws as regards the use of Cannabinoids, it is absolutely important that you get in touch with a criminal defense attorney the moment you are arrested or charged with any offense that relates to cannabinoids, synthetic or otherwise.

Offenses relating to synthetic Cannabinoids are synonymous with offenses relating to other forms of cannabinoids and they are covered by this chapter of the Revised Statutes in Louisiana. Louisiana and its officers of the law do not take any offense that has to do with cannabinoids lightly, the penalties are usually very steep with most of the prison term accompanied with hard labor.

Offenses that relate to synthetic cannabinoids involves the use of cannabinoids, the possession of it, the possession coupled with a presumed intention to sell or distribute it, the manufacture or creation of synthetic cannabinoid, the actual sale of synthetic cannabinoid.

Elements of Offenses that Involves Synthetic Cannabinoid

Elements of a crime can be referred to as ingredients of a crime and they are those things that come together to make an act or series of actions amount to a crime or criminal offense.

Given the wide range of offenses that involves cannabinoids the elements of offenses relating to synthetic cannabinoids are multifarious, we are going to examine some of them below, they are:

If you are charged with the use of synthetic cannabinoid then the elements are going to include the fact that you were caught in the process of using it, or there is proof that you used synthetic cannabinoid for which you were arrested.  You had no legal reason to use it, such a legal reason could be medical. You used it knowingly and willingly without duress or lack of mental capacity to decide whether to use it or not.

If you are charged with the manufacturing or creation of synthetic cannabinoid then the elements are that you were caught in the act of making synthetic cannabinoid, you had the ingredients needed to make it and had already formed the intention to make it, in furtherance of your criminal intention to make synthetic cannabinoid you procured the needed tools for it. You did all these knowingly and willingly without duress or threat to your person, property, or the person of your loved one.

If you are charged with intending to distribute while in possession of synthetic cannabinoid then the elements that ought to be proven are that you had in your possession whether on your person or not synthetic cannabinoid, it was enough for you to give someone else. You had the intention to give it to someone, this intention can be presumed from the actions or steps you had already taken in furtherance of your Criminal intentions before you were arrested. You did all of these while fully aware and in control of your faculties.

If you are charged with simple possession of synthetic cannabinoid then the ingredients that must be proved are you had on your person or somewhere you have control over amounts of synthetic cannabinoid, you knew it was there on your person or your property, you willfully and knowingly let it be on your person or in your possession.

Some Examples of Offenses Relating to Synthetic Cannabinoid

You were walking with your friend, he gives you some quantity of synthetic cannabinoid to hold for him, you agree, take possession of it and take it to your house, later the law enforcement officers come to your place and finds it, you can be found guilty of possessing synthetic cannabinoid.

Your friend or colleague comes off with an idea that you both should start making methamphetamine, you create a list of the things you need to achieve this, you buy them and start mixing them, you can be found guilty of manufacturing synthetic cannabinoid.

You walk around with a kilo of synthetic cannabinoid, you are caught by the police, you can be prosecuted for intending to distribute while in possession of synthetic cannabinoid.

You go to a party and you see your friends injecting synthetic cannabinoid into their body, you join them. All of you can be tried for using synthetic cannabinoids.

Possible Legal Penalties for Crimes Relating to Synthetic cannabinoid

You will face certain penalties if you are convicted of crimes relating to synthetic cannabinoid, the penalties may vary widely depending on so many factors and the exact nature of your crime. The quantity of cannabinoid you are found with, if you are a recalcitrant offender, if it is your first time committing such offense will all come into play in the court’s decision of your punishment. Some of these penalties are:

You can be imprisoned, the imprisonment is usually with hard labor, the term of imprisonment can extend to as high as 30 (thirty) years.

You can be ordered to pay a fine which can be as high as $50,000(fifty thousand dollars).

You can be fined and imprisoned.

You can be mandated to do community service in addition to other stringent penalties.

You might be mandated to take compulsory treatment and counseling against drug addiction for a long time.

Your record will be soiled, usually, this is permanent.

You can suffer any number of these penalties, separately or together.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Lawyer in Jefferson Parish

If you are charged with any crime that has to do with synthetic cannabinoid in Gretna, Kenner or Metairie, it would be wise of you to get in touch with a defense attorney. Do not communicate with the police without your defense lawyer around as this could be to your detriment. Reach us at Barkemeyer Law firm if you have any question.


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