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Using weapons without authority is a huge crime in Jefferson Parish. It is also a huge problem in places like Metairie and Kenner. At times using weapons illegally comes with a felony charge which you would need to settle in court. For you to understand unauthorized use of illegal weapons properly, the following would be discussed;

What is an Unauthorized Use of Weapons as defined by Louisiana Law?

The Penalties you would face if Convicted for Unauthorized use of weapons at Jefferson Parish?

Weapons which could be used without Authority. Actions that Could Constitute to Possession of Illegal Weapon?

What is an Unauthorized Use of Weapons as defined by Louisiana Law?

To a lot of people, the term unauthorized Use of weapons implies a negligent or intentional use of weapons by people who are not supposed to use it. But these terms mean a lot more than what they look like. From Louisiana law unauthorized Use of illegal weapons involves throwing, placing or using a weapon in a way harm its injury would happen to someone.

At times this charge would be dropped on your desk when it was discovered that someone used this weapon in a place where a lot of people could get harmed. You could simply be at shooting practice and mistakenly misfire and then you could receive a charge for unauthorized use of weapons. You could mistakenly shoot on the air where a lot of people are around and someone could get struck by the bullet.

These could include the loss of lives, bodily harm and destruction of properties in some cases. This crime could be aggravated of other charges are fetched.

Illegal use of weapon charge could come if the weapon you have is not licensed or registered. Even while discharging a weapon, you could get a charge if someone gets shot at mistakenly.

The penalties you would face if convicted for unauthorized use of weapons at Jefferson Parish?

Louisiana law states that the unauthorized use of weapons in Jefferson Parish includes paying a fine of a thousand dollars. You could spend about two years in jail. In some cases, you might need to pay a fine and spend time in prison. If you use a gun that you possess and you want to use it to cause harm to someone else, either in a public street or on the road, you could face up to five years in prison and it could reach 10 years and you have no benefit of suspension, parole or probation. If this case is taken to court and all facts are proven during the investigation course, the offender would have no choice than to face a sentence of two years. You could even be sentenced to being in jail for life if the number of weapons you were caught holding was so much and also the amount of harm that was caused.

If the illegal weapon was used while the crime was committed then your penalty increases because the case has become more severe. You could be convicted for 5 to seven years and you would not get suspension or parole.

If any of these happens you need a legal team like the Barkemeyer Law Firm which have handled lots of cases related to the unauthorized use of weapons in Jefferson Parish and other parts of Louisiana.

Weapons which could be used without Authority

Using weapons illegally involves either criminally or intentionally bringing out any weapon recklessly. It also involves using things like acids against innocent people or other weapons like knives, blades and so on. Where it is obvious individual notices this would cause pain and hurt to someone else, this process proves this case is not an easy task. You need a serious active attorney to help you win this one. Getting a group of attorneys like those from the Barkemeyer Law Firm could help clear you of the charges or get you a shorter sentence.

Actions that Could Constitute to Possession of Illegal Weapon?

You would be caught possessing these illegal weapons if you intentionally do one of the following;

Possess weapons physically.

Having someone else hold the weapon for you.

Have the weapons in vehicles, aircraft and someone where you know.

Places in Louisiana like Kenner, Gretna and Jefferson Parish have very strict laws when it comes to the unauthorized use of weapons on the streets of these areas in Louisiana. And they don’t joke with these laws. No state jokes with laws relating to firearms and weapons that can destroy the corner. If you don’t get help from a responsible legal team, you can already start counting your days in prison. You need a great legal team that would help you stand against the prosecuting team, protect your rights and analyse means in which your defence would be certain.

 Even after you get out of jail at the end of your sentence, your criminal record would never change, the mark of going to jail as a result of unauthorized use of weapons would stay there and haunt you forever. Every place you go like if you are looking for a job, or trying to gain admission to a university or trying to get an apartment, your manager, vice-chancellor and real estate agent would find out everything relating to your criminal charge. So, you should get a legal team that would help clean your name and prevent you from having a dirty criminal record.

You could simply lose your illegal weapons and simply pay fines if you get the right set of lawyers to vouch for you. As long as the allegations were not strong enough to hold you permanently down, the Barkemeyer Law Firm would aid in the clearing and dismissal of the charge against you.

If you or a loved one have been charged with unauthorized use of weapons in Jefferson Parish, contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm and converse everything you know and can remember about your case. We would handle the rest from that point on. You can have faith in us.


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