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In the State of Louisiana, there are several laws that strictly against Vehicular Negligent Injuring.

Vehicular Negligent injuring is a felony in Louisiana. It is also referred to as a very serious DUI charge with a lot of serious penalties.

Vehicular negligent Injuring is inflicting injury to a person or group of people by someone in physical control of a vehicle. These vehicles may be a motor vehicle or aircraft.

Most people often think that people refer to vehicular accidents, they mean only cars. This is wrong. Even driving a boat or a ship while intoxicated could cause a lot of damage if it’s not properly taken care of.

Under the Louisiana State Stature 14:32.1, it is a felony to injure or kill a person while in the operation of a vehicle due to intoxication. Most vehicular negligent injuries are often caused by a lack of concentration due to drug or alcohol influence.

In the State of Louisiana, a lot of people have died because of this issue and most of the offenders have gotten a lot of unfair statements.

Laws guiding vehicular negligent injuring in Jefferson

The driver should not be found under the influence of a high percentage of alcoholic beverages.

The driver should not have a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.08 percent while driving.

The driver should not be found with Schedule 1 to 5 substances in their possession.

The driver should not have alcohol or any drug that is obtained in any store without proper prescriptions. In most cases, these drugs are taken without proper prescription

What situations can make me get punished for Vehicular Negligent Injuring?

In a place like Louisiana, there are several things you may do that could warrant an arrest from the authorities. They include

When you are caught after causing injury to a person due to negligence. This is a serious offense in Louisiana and the punishments are usually on the high side.

When your Blood Alcohol Concentration Level is above 0.15% after a vehicular injury or homicide has been committed.

When you have both legal and illegal drugs without proper permission or prescription.

When you are caught in possession of or overdosed with certain hallucinogenic substances like Schedule 1 to 5 substances after the vehicular negligence injury has been committed.

What are the possible penalties for indulging in Vehicular Negligent injury?

When you are caught in vehicular negligent injury after driving under the influence of drugs, it is enough evidence to prosecute you whether the drugs are gotten legally or not.

If the drugs are illegal, it will be detected in your bloodstream after a series of tests and its presence could build up a significant evidence and reason for you to be found guilty.

When you choose to go with over the counter drugs, you are advised not to exceed the required dosage, because if it is found on you, it could build up strong evidence against you.

Whenever you choose to take any form of medication, you need to always follow the required prescription at all times.

There are several penalties involved in Vehicular Negligence injury cases. They are.

Severe imprisonment with or without hard labor for 5 years. This comes with a minimum of 3 years without parole or suspension.

If the blood-alcohol concentration level of the driver is above 0.15, then the driver will face 5 years imprisonment without parole.

Fine of $15,000 to be paid by the driver.

The sentence and prison time will be some severe if the offenders have a previous Vehicular negligent injury conviction case.

These days, the courts in Louisiana, most especially Jefferson do not take matters concerning vehicular negligence injury quite lightly due to the influx of cases in this area. Most judges in Jefferson have raised their bar when it comes to giving sentences regarding this.

What do I do if charged with a Vehicular Negligent Injury case?

When you are charged with a case like this, the best thing you need to is to remain calm and try not to resist arrest. Resisting arrest could turn out very bad for you especially in a place like Jefferson Parish.

Vehicular Negligent Injury is seen as very serious offenses and several prosecutors have put in a lot of effort to ensure that offenders get the worse sentences that could lead them in jail for a long time.

In cases like this, all you need at that time is to get the best criminal defense lawyer you find. A good lawyer will help get you out of that situation as fast as possible.

Getting the best legal help

Louisiana is filled with a lot of good lawyers that have an outstanding reputation over the years. However, most of them do not go deep enough into specific cases like this to get you out of trouble within the shortest time.

All you need now is the best legal help from the right people. Having a great lawyer by your side will give you the strongest edge against your prosecutors.

Most people may be wondering where they can get this great law firm from. Well, Barkemeyer Law Firm is there to answer all your needs.

We have handled a lot of cases that involve vehicular negligent injury in Jefferson.

If you are looking for a firm that knows how to handle their work and give their clients the best results to perfection, then Barkemeyer Law Firm can help. We will get you the best results possible.


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