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Is it accurate to say that you are aware of the potential ramifications of a prostitution court case in Jefferson Parish? All things considered, Prostitution infringement and charges are a major ordeal in Gretna city and it is seen as a real offense in the region of Louisiana and over its Cities and towns. If at any time you are gotten anywhere within the state of Louisiana with a prostitution charge, you would have to deal with the court case. At the end of the day, you would need to safeguard your rights and demonstrate your honesty in court. In light of this reality, you need a gifted and well-experienced lawyer backing you in court.

  • Potential punishments for prostitution offenders in Jefferson Parish

The state of Louisiana has strict laws against prostitution and it has its own way of punishing convicted offenders of the said crime. On the other hand, the state of Louisiana doesn’t want wrongly accused persons to incur the same punishments as the culpable parties. That’s why it gives accused parties the chance to demonstrate their blamelessness in court. As a result, you would be able to explore all the legal options that are available to you and, if need be, negotiate for a more favorable outcome. Along these lines, who you have in your corner for your defense will go a long way in helping you achieve the most favorable outcome. Evidently, you’ll need a gifted attorney for this kind of situation. Because when it comes to achieving the most favorable outcome in a court case, your attorney’s experience and skill cannot be overlooked. You need a talented criminal defense attorney with the most up-to-date information as regards your court case. That’s why Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense attorney has an office in Gretna, Jefferson Parish.

While the penalties of a prostitution crime in Jefferson Parish depends on the severity of the crime and the past records of the offender, the potential penalties are considerably harsh. Here are some of the potential punishments you may incur in the event of a prostitution conviction.

For the first time prostitution offender, there is a likelihood that you would incur cash penalties of about $500. Also, a six months’ prison sentence might be imposed on you. While this may seem like a fair outcome for the prostitution charge, it may spoil your record for life.

For the second time prostitution offenders, the state of Louisiana may impose up to two years’ prison sentence on you and a cash fine, ranging from $250 to $2000. There is also the probability that you would be asked to do hard labor with your sentence.

For the three-plus prostitution offenders, the potential punishment is considerably harsher. When you are convicted as a 3+ prostitution offender in Jefferson Parish, you’ll have to deal with 4 years of prison time. Plus, you’ll have to pay heavy cash fines ranging from $500 to $4000.

On the off chance that your supposed prostitution crime involves a minor (less than 18 years), the potential penalties will be direr. In fact, you may end up with a 25 years’ prison sentence with $75,000 cash fine.

In case, you have to deal with a prostitution arrest or a prostitution charge in Jefferson parish and its encompassing towns. Call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer to help you protect your constitutional right.

Keep in mind that there is a high likelihood that you would suffer overwhelming fines and possibly a prison term; If you get indicted for the prostitution offense. While a prison term may appear the harshest outcome imaginable with regards to a prostitution charge, it is only a portion of the potential results of the prostitution charge.

Be that as it may, an aggressive lawyer might be helpful in this kind of situation. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer can help you explore all the legal options that are available to you. He has the required skill set and he is well-versed when it comes to the prosecution and defense of prostitution charges. As a result, you’ll have better chances of achieving favorable outcomes in your prostitution case.

If you are a charged with any of the following prostitution crimes in Kenner, Metairie, call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer.

  • Convictable Prostitution charges in Gretna, Jefferson Parish

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, has a list of convictable prostitution violations and each of them can possibly send you to prison. In addition to the fact that you stand the chance of being imprisoned for the prostitution charge, there is likewise the possibility of you ending up with a filthy record. Believe it or not, none of these penalties looks good on your record as an individual especially if you want to land a good job later on.

In Gretna, Jefferson parish, anyone caught in the act of prostitution will condemn him/herself to the mercy of the court. For instance, roaming the street with intent to exchange your sexual services for cash compensations.  

Carl Barkemeyer, Attorney at Criminal Defense, can assist you with any of Gretna, Jefferson Parish's prostitution crimes. Indeed, MR. Carl Barkemeyer has gained a lot of experience in prosecuting and defending prostitution charges, even in Louisiana towns. You can contact Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, whether you're at Kenner, Metairie or anywhere else in Gretna city.


Carl Barkemeyer, an aggressive criminal defense lawyer is here to support you.

If you are charged with a prostitution case in Jefferson Parish Louisiana, you can hire Mr. Carl Barkemeyer to protect your legal rights in court. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a longtime involvement in the counseling and prosecution of prostitution-related cases. So, you can count on him to defend your constitutional right in court even as you explore all the legal options that are available to you.

Mr. Carl Barkemeyer has acquired a wealth of experience defending this charge and he has developed an uncanny talent for recognizing opportunities in a court case. If you have even the slightest chance of walking out of the court free, Mr. Carl Barkemeyer will fight aggressively to ensure that you have the most favorable outcome possible.

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