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It is no news that we live in a world, where many people keep on springing up battery cases against innocent people for one reason or the other. We, at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, have handled different battery cases where we noticed that the proof against our clients was falsified. There are a number of reasons people falsify their evidence in a battery case, and we will discuss them later on.

We had to represent some clients that were trying to defend themselves, but at the end of the day, they had a battery case brought against them.


What Is Battery in Lafayette?

As a battery lawyer in Lafayette, we can tell you that one can face battery charges for any kind of violence one metes out on another person. It could be kicking, punching, hitting or even slapping, and much more.


Is There A Difference Between Battery and Assault?

Most times, people confuse battery with assault and are surprised when we tell them that they are differences. Both offenses may have some similarities, but they are different.

When someone assaults another person, he attempts to harm the person physically. When someone is charged for battery, it means that he or she actually carried out the act of violence.

When you touch someone with the aim of causing harm, you stand the chance of facing some criminal penalties.

Domestic violence bears some similarities with assault and battery cases too. In the case of domestic violence, the violent act was done against a family member like a child, spouse, sibling, parent and so on. It also includes carrying out violent acts against a person that you live with.

If you have a kid with someone, and both of you are not living together, if you carry out an act of violence against such a person, it is still seen as domestic violence.


Why Do People Bring Up False Battery Cases?

We mentioned earlier that we have handled a number of cases that were false. As a battery lawyer in Lafayette that knows his onion, Carl knows that there are different reasons people do this.



This is one reason that this is done. It is no news that people bring up cases against wealthy people because they want a slice of their cake.



Hatred is another reason. Someone may hate you to the extent that they are ready to falsify a battery case, with the aim of getting a pound of flesh from you.



Threat is another reason for false battery cases. We have seen some people raise up false battery cases because they want to threaten the defendant into doing something for them. There are other reasons this occurs.

What do you do when you are faced with such? Do not attempt to see reason with the prosecution team. What you should do instead is to contact a battery defense team immediately to represent you.


Criminal Penalties for Battery

When found guilty for battery, you may get a penalty of not up to a year and/ or a fine of not more than $2,000. This is in some cases.

In a felony battery case, the penalty could be up to four years in prison. Let's ignore the penalties that come with this case for a while.

It is no news that someone that has been convicted of battery tends to be blacklisted from a lot of activities in the real world. This is one reason you need a battery lawyer in Lafayette that can seek for ways to resolve it.

It is no news that when family members, friends or even strangers get into a disagreement, there is a chance that physical altercation may occur.

It doesn't matter if it was a slap, you could be charged for battery under the state law, as long as a violent physical contact happened.


What Does Your Battery Lawyer in Lafayette: Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Do for You?

Immediately people are arrested, they feel that the first thing that they should do is to plead their case with the arresting officers, trying to let them know why they are innocent. The truth may be that you are innocent, but do you know that you could worsen your situation by talking, instead of keeping mute?

This is why you are told of your rights to keep mute when you are arrested. Take that right and not blurt out more incriminating things that could seal the deal for the prosecutor.

Immediately you are arrested, what should you do? Contact us immediately. We will come to your rescue, and advise you on what to do based on the law and the circumstances surrounding your case.


Carl Speaks for You

Instead of blurting out more things that could make it easier for the arresting officers to get you behind bars, we stop you from doing that. We talk to the authorities on your behalf and try to find out what they have against you. We see if any deal could be struck that could get you out of the mess.


Carl Builds Up A Case for You

After that, we build up a case for you. We analyze the circumstances surrounding your case. Were you racially profiled? Do they have evidence against you or is it merely a case of hearsay? Are they fishing or have proof that could nail you? We try to find out these, and from what we gather, we build a case for you.


Carl Analyses the Loopholes

Years of experience have taught one that there may be some loopholes in the case which could be used in your favor. We analyze if the search was carried with a warrant if there was the possible cause and so on.

How were you treated during the arrest? Were you read your rights or not? Is the evidence they have against you real or a figment of their imagination?

We put intense effort and time into helping our clients. Contact us today, let us work on your case.


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