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In as much as the right to carry a gun with the proper documentation and qualifications may be an integral part of being American, at times that right becomes a crime. This could occur so fast that you only get yourself together after you have already been apprehended. In some cases, it could be premeditated. While in other cases, negligence could be the root cause of the entire thing. Regardless of the case, at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney we are ready to assist you. If you need a gun charge lawyer Lafayette, you should really consider our firm. The reviews and results we have achieved so far, speak volumes on their own.

We try to employ flawless communication skills as well as years of tangible courtroom experience when defending our clients. Our team of gun charge lawyers Lafayette representing the Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney have honed and polished their ability to communicate exceptionally well with our clients. This is done while tirelessly pursuing the best interest of our clients in the criminal court case. There are a number of gun-related charges according to the constitution of the state of Louisiana. All these charges, every single one of them, is taken quite seriously. Cases involving guns and weapons generally need to be handled promptly. This is to ensure that all the facts are still fresh in the client's mind and also in the minds of the leading detectives. This is because the slightest detail could very well be what makes a significant impact on the case. A few of the other charges related to gun charges include:

1.     Illegal use of a weapon

2.     Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

3.      Illegal possession of a stolen firearm

4.     Illegal use of weapons

5.     Possession of a firearm by a person accused of domestic abuse, etc.

However, exempting gun charges, we at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney have handled a lot of other cases over the years. We have handled:

1.     Federal crimes

2.     Possession

3.     Possession with intent to distribute

4.     Driving while intoxicated (DWI)

5.     Fraud

6.     Battery

7.     Assault

8.     Resisting an officer

9.     Hit and run

10.  Theft

11.  Robbery

12.  Felony charges

13.  Failure to appear murder

14.  misdemeanors

The list is quite extensive. Whatever the charge may be, odds are, we most likely have successfully handled similar cases in the past while representing a wide array of clients.


Gun Charge Lawyers in Lafayette

Whether you are an indigene of the region of Lafayette Parish or you are simply visiting, you will agree that it is a beautiful area. The lifestyle in the region is calm and collected. As a matter of fact, no one exactly sets out to commit a crime or at least no one plans to get caught. The issue of gun charges is quite serious in Lafayette and the state of Louisiana as a whole.

Our gun charge lawyers Lafayette who are affiliated with Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney are well experienced. Over time, cases associated with all sorts of gun charges in all sorts of scenarios have arisen. The lawyers have learned vital lessons from past cases and made suitable adjustments. The Lafayette Parish has its own little "rules and regulation" when it comes to court cases. As a lawyer who is new to the area, these little details might escape you. but not our team. These details might seem to be insignificant, but if they can help even a little bit in liberating our clients, then we will not forget them. Our attention to detail and the drive shown by our lawyers have earned us quite a reputation. Our team of criminal lawyers is seen as having an aggressive pattern and employing an active approach in defending our clients. it might seem to just be paper boasting but consider the statistics and go through our records. The results do not lie and we can say that we have a wonderful record.

Moreover, we also employ all other methods (within the bounds of the law) to get a suitable result for our clients when suitable. The most ideal outcome would obviously be a total acquittance of our client. However, a reduction in sentence time or severity is also an equally welcome opportunity depending on the case and charges leveled against our clients. Undoubtedly some cases will not go our way, but we will pull out all the stops to ensure we give our very best effort to each and every client. To that end, we have even established professional relationships that could be of assistance in facilitating these legal deals. One such relationship exists with the office of the District Attorney. There are others that are established within the duration of the case such as a relationship with the lead detective on a case. This relationship would prove fruitful in a number of ways. One of which is while carrying out our pre-indictment investigations. This way we ensure that no detail is left behind.

Our knowledge of the judicial system of the state and the common practices in courtrooms in the Lafayette Parish region is also useful in another way. This knowledge is useful while preparing our client for his or her day in court. How to respond to questions and what his or her rights are even in a courtroom (that is until a sentence is passed). If you need a suitable gun charge lawyer Lafayette, then try us at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney.


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So far, we have handled hundreds of cases. Our experience with the legal system is improving fast and in various regions of the state of Louisiana and the U.S as a whole. You could check our reviews online. There you will find a lot of people who were content with our services. maybe that will prove to you just how much of an asset we could be to you legally.


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