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The illegal carrying of weapons is just one of the many twists put on the traditional gun charges. Gun charges usually involve the prohibition on certain individuals from handling firearm. These inhibitions are applicable throughout the state of Louisiana. Hence if you need an illegal carrying of weapons lawyer Lafayette, then we might be able to assist. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, we respect your rights as a citizen to carry firearms on your person. However, it is best to know and understand when you can carry and/or securely conceal your weapon and when you cannot.


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At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, our lawyers are all well educated and qualified. They have real-life experience with a number of cases in a criminal court. Over the years, we have tackled hundreds of criminal cases. Our success rate with these hundreds of cases is one that we are very proud to have. The success we are referring to here includes both acquitting our clients, as well as a severe reduction in the length of a sentence or lightening the severity of the sentence (without hard labor).

Over the years, we have adopted a system of open communication with our clients. we communicate freely with them. this way, they are looped into the entire legal process and are prepared for any outcome. We do not presume to know what the client wants in case certain concessions have to be made. However, we still offer top-notch advice based on our experiences over the years to our clients. most clients tend to appreciate this aspect of our services.

Another key element of our system is the proper preparation and orienting of our clients. they are prepared by our team of defense lawyers before the main court trial. In the case of charges involving the illegal carrying of weapons, some precaution needs to be taken. We school our clients on how to properly answer questions as well as what they can and cannot say in the court of law. This is because, even during the trial, what you say can and will be most likely used against you. We prepare our clients so that they will not mistakenly say something that will worsen their case. This preparation on the part of our clients accompanied by pre-indictment investigations by us is an effective system. During our investigations, we leave no stone unturned and try to chase down every clue our client gives us that could prove to be useful in vindicating him or her.

There are certain laws in place with regard to carrying and concealing firearms. These laws are meant to protect both yourself and those around you. there are some which are equally in place in order to protect those who execute the laws as they go about their everyday activity. That is the police. Some of these laws might be specific to the state of Louisiana. Nevertheless, you are still bound by them when you visit or if you are a citizen. Most times the laws can prove to be complex and difficult to fully understand. At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, we endeavor to educate you as much as possible on these laws. While also doing our very best to ensure that your case takes a favorable turn for the better in the long run.


What Exactly Does Illegal Carrying of Weapons Entail?

Illegal carrying of weapons could be ruled as a simple misdemeanor upon the first conviction (with the right circumstances). At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, we try to not even let you get pinned with the first conviction to avoid possible felonies in the future. But illegal carrying of weapons entails intentionally concealing on one` person, any firearm or other instrument used for or intended to be used in causing harm. On that note, if the weapon is not concealed, then it does not constitute illegal carrying of a weapon. So before one is charged with this crime, he or she needs to be actively concealing a firearm without having the proper documents (conceal and carry permit). The penalty for this crime is based on its severity. It has already been stated that it could be ruled as a misdemeanor or a felony.

As a misdemeanor, the penalty could include a fine of up to $500 as well as a period of up to 6 months in jail. These sentences could be served independent of each other or they could be served together.

However, if a previous record exists of the defendant serving time for the same crime of illegal carrying of weapons at an earlier time (as a misdemeanor), it becomes a felony. As a felony, this crime could warrant the time of up to 5 years in prison. However, this does not strictly apply in a situation where a period exceeding five years has passed since the expiration of the maximum sentences or sentence of the prior conviction or convictions and the time from the commission of the last offense for which the defendant was convicted. 

Additionally, it is possible to just get probation instead of doing the six months of jail time in the case of a misdemeanor. This decision is left entirely up to the judge. However, if the defendant does not successfully carry out the terms of his probation as given by the court, then he or she could still be served six months of jail time.


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Now that you understand what illegal carrying of weapons entails, it would be wise not to fall victim to it. But if it is too late and you need an illegal carrying of weapons lawyer Lafayette, then we at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney would be happy to help. We would try our best to ensure that even the first charge of a misdemeanor is avoided (if possible). No matter the situation, you can be certain that we will have your best interest at heart. Contact us now.


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