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In several parts of the world, the pros and cons of marijuana consumption have been taught to a lot of individuals, and in several parts of the world, the topic of marijuana consumption has become very relevant, especially amongst the youth. In a place like Lafayette, the use of marijuana is often solely for medical purposes but they also have stringent rules that come with the use and abuse of marijuana. If you are caught with the possession of marijuana without due license or prescription, you will be prosecuted and this will be very bad for you.

In a place like Lafayette, most people often fall into this trap and end up facing tough charges that they may not be prepared for. To avoid this, a great Criminal Defense Attorney like Carl Barkemeyer is the right man for the job.

Before we dive deeper into this article, we will look at what Marijuana is and its relevance in a place like Lafayette. In this section, we will discuss on marijuana and how the possession of marijuana illegal may land you in several places you may not want to find yourself.



Marijuana is seen as a psychoactive drug used for both recreational and medical purposes. One of the major effects of marijuana is the change or the elevation of the mood which the consumer may often experience. When it is consumed, it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the consumer to exhibit its effects. Some of the major effects include dry mouth, red eyes, paranoid, anxiety. etc. Consistent consumption of this drug may lead to a lot of dangerous long-term effects including mental ability decline and it may even lead to permanent loss of memory. If you are a heavy marijuana user, you will always experience a low quality of life. This is because you will constantly experience severe health issues and your entire body system will always be weak.



In several states across the country, the use of marijuana is legal most especially for medical purposes. The use of medical marijuana helps to cure several diseases. In recent times, the use of marijuana for medical purposes was declared legal and in a lot of health centers, it is widely used for the treatment of disease, reduces chronic pain experienced in the body and during chemotherapy, and it reduces vomiting. If you are caught with marijuana without due medical permissions from a recognized institution, the law will treat this case as a case of illegal marijuana possession and you will also be given similar penalties according to the law.

While you are in Louisiana, you have to always ensure that if you are moving about with marijuana, you are moving out with a proper permit. If you are having problems with this, Carl Barkemeyer will always help you to get the best results you need. 



In a place like Lafayette, there are a lot of consequences for individuals who are caught in the act of marijuana possession. The state of Louisiana has its laws guiding against the use and misuse of marijuana in the state. In Louisiana, it is often referred to as a Dangerous Substance. Once you are caught in the act of marijuana possession, there are several laws penalties that you may face. In the first offense, you will be given a fine of five hundred dollars or you may be asked to spend 6 months in jail. After going through this, if you are caught in the second offense, you will be given a fine of two thousand dollars or you could spend five years in jail. Once you are caught on the third strike, you will not be grant any form of pardon or fine and you will be sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment.

In this area, Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1, Hallucinogenic drug. In Lafayette, you are most likely to be sentenced based on the amount of marijuana in your possession as long as it is not up to 60 pounds.



If you are caught in a certain situation like this, getting a good criminal defense attorney will certainly help you come out of this situation as fast and as easily as possible. There are a lot of good Marijuana Lawyer Lafayette but Carl Barkemeyer is one of the best.

Carl Barkemeyer is a Criminal Defense Attorney that has a great track record in dealing with certain situations like this to give you the very best results. Over the years, there are several positive testimonies of the great and outstanding job that this lawyer offers the client, especially in cases like this. Getting into a case like this could be very bad for your personality and most especially, your career. If you are not careful, you could be given a tough sentence that would jeopardize your entire personality. This is why you need Carl Barkemeyer.

Carl Barkemeyer is the only place when you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Louisiana. Most people find themselves in jail because they do not have the right lawyer to defend them. Most times, they are often charged wrongly because of the situations they find themselves in. when you experience a situation like this, you do not need to need to fear. Carl Barkemeyer is just a phone call away.


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You may have been fined for the first offense and you probably may be well on your way to getting your second offense. You know that getting a second offense will lead to a higher fine and also a long time in jail.   You are confused and you are probably wondering what to do at this point. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you do not need to worry. The only thing you need to do is to consult a good Marijuana Lawyer Lafayette. Carl Barkemeyer, a well-renowned criminal defense lawyer will get the job done for you.

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