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Lafayette Parish Correctional Center: Details for Family and Friends of Inmates

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center

If you have a loved one detained within Lafayette Parish, you would most likely have a lot of questions. We will answer some of these pressing questions in this article.

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center is the detention facility for Lafayette Parish located Downtown Lafayette, Louisiana US. The correctional center is run by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office; the present chief sheriff for the Parish is Sheriff Mark Garber. The correctional center serves as the jail for the cities of Lafayette, Carencro, Scott, & Broussard, the town of Duson and the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish. If someone is arrested within this jurisdiction, they will be held in custody at the Lafayette Correctional Center. This is the jail facility for the cities of Lafayette, Scott, Carencro, & Broussard, the town of Duson and surrounding unincorporated areas of the Lafayette Parish. The Jail holds all the inmates of Lafayette Parish both male and Female, awaiting trial or serving a sentence or both. The jail has several programs for its inmates; these programs help the successful reintegration of inmates into society. These programs train inmates in factory safety, quality control, high productivity, and standard work ethics. The correctional center also provides educational programs that help inmates get their GED and other employment requirements. The correctional center also provides religious and counseling services, social visiting and recreation, in house mail distribution and library facilities amongst others.

The Lafayette Correctional Center otherwise referred to as “LPCC” in this article is located at 916 Lafayette St, LA 70501, Lafayette, across from the Lafayette Parish Court House. Also, in this article, our Criminal Defense Attorney Carl Barkemeyer will answer some pressing questions frequently asked by loved ones and friends of persons detained in the Correctional Center. Some of these questions are:

1.     How do I locate an inmate of LPCC?

2.     Can I phone an inmate?

3.     What are the visiting hours?

4.     How do I send mail?

5.     How can I put money on an inmate’s books?

6.     Does LPCC have a commissary?

7.     How do I bail out an inmate at the LPCC?

8.     Does LPCC have doctors?

1.     How do I locate an inmate at Lafayette Parish Correctional Center?

The Louisiana Department of Corrections has made it easy to locate inmates at Lafayette Correctional Center. There is a system called the Offender Locator system which is available to everybody throughout the day if they wish to locate an inmate. You can use a touch-tone or call 225-383-4580 with your cell phone to access the location of an inmate.

To get access to the inmate’s information you would need to know certain things about the inmate you are inquiring about. The things you would need to know are:

·      The name of the inmate.

·      The DOC number of the inmate.

·      The date of birth of the inmate.

The offender locator system is updated every day and also has information on those people on parole and those people on probation. The offender locator system gives information on only the Department of Corrections offenders and not information on pre-trial inmates and inmates serving municipal sentences or parish sentences.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff has a website with links to check for information on inmates of various categories. You can check for information on recent arrests this provides the public information on any person who is in Lafayette Correctional Center jail at the material time, these are persons apprehended and booked within the past 48 hours. The system also provides a listing of all warrants within the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s jurisdiction that are yet to be executed. There is a system called the Jail Active Data Environment System AKA JADES. This system provides information on recent arrests, charge information, cell assignment of incarcerated persons, information on issued warrants and other data of inmates in the Lafayette Correctional Center.

2.     Can I phone an inmate?

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center presents itself with a phone system for offenders and this phone system is provided to these offenders and those retained by Telmate. With the use of Telmate, only those detained can make a phone call to the outside world. So as an outsider wishing to contact your loved one who is an inmate, your best bet is to call 1-866-516-0115 and then you make sure you leave your detained inmate a voice mail. It should be at least three minutes long, or you could send a message which is secured through, which you could either write your inmate a letter or plan a visit with the offender at Visitation hours at Lafayette Correctional Center. You could also plan a remote Visitation via a video conversation.

For the detained inmate to call you, he/she would simply dial your number and then when you the outsider is receiving the call would hear the usual announcement from an operator automatically saying “You are receiving a call from [the name of the detained inmate, an offender at the Parish Corrections. Press one (1) to accept.” If the detained inmate does not have funds to call you, he would be able to tell you things as quickly as possible like where he or she is located and how phone calls work at Lafayette Correctional Center. And this would be free for those moments before the offender would be able to get more units to make more calls. After the free time passes, the offender would be put on hold and you the outsider would have the chance to either pay for the rest of the call with your credit card, add more funds for the detained inmate so the call can continue and it would be paid by the offender. And after the call of the funds are remaining, the offender can use those remaining funds to call other numbers. You could also put more funds into your device to continue your phone call with an offender. And if after the phone call, you have more funds in your phone for the contact between you and that inmate, the inmate can continue calling you but they can’t contact other people. Just you.

Funds can be deposited to detained inmates with the use of the internet. By using Telmate’s website at

If you want to make deposits to the phone if the inmate, then you call Telmate’s free contact at 1-866-516-0115. Telmate has bi-lingual US-based customer service representatives which are always available for all your needs.

If you want to leave a voicemail for a detained inmate, you could leave one for about three minutes at about $1.25 (cost may change slightly). You could simply contact 1-866-516-0115 and follow the steps you are told to follow.

If also along the line you do not want to keep receiving calls from a particular detained inmate, you should contact 1-866-516-0115 making use of a phone which has a connection to the number you have the desire to block. From this, a real operator would aid in stopping that detained inmate from being able to contact your number whenever they want to.

3.     What are the visiting hours?

lafayette jail visitationLafayette Parish Correctional Center has become a better facility which now offers visitation with the use of remote video visitation process which is done with the help of Telmate. With the use of this remote visitation process. More visits can be done without having to travel to the visitation center. You can still visit the detained inmates as usual, but with video visitation, you can visit your loved ones/detained inmates making use of the Internet.

If you are visiting an inmate in Lafayette Parish Correctional Center for the first time, you have to be verified at Telmate before officially visiting your detained inmate. You can easily get verified by visiting the website  or going to a kiosk owned by Telmate to get the information you need.

So, with remote video visitation and the usual visitation, you could visit offenders in these following ways:

At the visitation center which is located at LPSO Community Corrections Campus at 100 Poydras St. And the hours for visiting are around 7:30 am – 5:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, then on Fridays 08:00 am – 12:00 pm.

The official date of visitation is held on the 1st Saturday monthly from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. You can’t visit detained inmates on Sundays at Lafayette Correctional Center. As an adult visitor, you need to visit with your government recognized identity card. And the highest number of visitors that can visit a detained inmate is two, juvenile and one adult visitor at a time. Space is not so big so only a maximum of 5 visitors per a particular detained inmate.

Visitors and all volunteers have to make sure they follow the rules relating to the type of clothes they can wear.

All visitors who visit with any child shall be held accountable for the well being of that child. Visitors are not allowed to go to the visitation centers with drinks and food. If any visitor does not follow the rules, they shall be banned from the Parish Correctional Center for six months and they’ll be asked to leave the premises.

Each detained inmate freely receives two visors per week and these visits must be planned by the offender or the visit would not be able to happen. If any visit must happen inside, it would be planned at a cost of $0.25/minute through 30-minute blocks.

Physical contact visits are not allowed in housing environments that are secured. For more information relating to visitation, contact Transitional Work Program offenders, click this link (

The other means, visiting through remote video visitation. Worldwide through the Web. This is available for everyone through the use of the Internet. It can work as long as you have a sharp Internet connection, a microphone, a camera, and speakers to listen to your detained inmate. These video visits are provided with the help of Telmate and it costs $0.50/min through 30-minute blocks.

Throughout the facility, different visiting times are available, as a result of different housing units and classifications. And all requests to visit must be confirmed by Lafayette Correctional Center before the visors would be able to workout. Detained inmates would not be able to visit during the lockdown period.

4.     How do I send mail?

To send mail to your loved ones or offender, the mail should be sent to the inmates through the address: P.O. Box 2537, Lafayette, LA 70502. Don’t forget to add the name of the inmate and the number booked on the envelope.

Do not forget to add your name and it should be at the left top corner of the postcard or the envelope. If you don’t do this, your mail might not reach the offender and it could be destroyed.

The Lafayette Correctional Center lets inmates receive postcards like the simple type which can easily be gotten at the post office. Violent postcards are not accepted. Envelops too are allowed but they are thoroughly checked before going into the facility. Other things that can be mailed include newspapers, magazines books. But these must be mailed by the publisher or else the mail would not be received by the detained inmate.

Care packages can also be sent as mail to inmates at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. They could include seasonal items, clothes, and snacks.

Items that are not allowed to be mailed include musical greeting cards, stamps, stickers, news clippings, paper with grease stains, crayon felt tip or hand painted drawings. To know the complete list of mail that is prohibited, contact 337-231-6356.

When emailing photos, they should not be more than 4 inches high x 6 inches wide.

The highest number of photos that can be mailed is 5. More than five will be rejected. Polaroid photos are not allowed. You can’t mail photos of weapons, drugs.

Make sure nothing is written about the inmate’s court case that you would not want to say in court. Cause they are scanned on entry. If any violations are caught, the inmate might lose chances of ever getting mail.

5.     How can I put money on an inmate’s books?

There are about 4 different choices that you could use to put money in the books of an inmate.

You could either bring the cash for the inmate to Lafayette Parish Correctional Center by yourself. This cash would be used by the inmate to purchase what they need at the self serve kiosks. You could also Deposit money to the Inmate via the internet.

With help from a company that charges you a small amount, you can send cash to an inmate through the company. And the cost of this type of transfer is not much. It is way cheaper than actually going to the correction center to drop the cash.

You could also mail the funds to the inmate but this takes up more time to process than the other methods mentioned before. But this is the best way to send funds if you live at a faraway distance and you don’t have a credit/debit card to pay online. This is done by making the money order and then sending it out to the inmate with their name and then their ID in the memo section to process the money order.

The Lafayette Correctional Center could be called at this number 337-231-6356 to make sure you get the address and send the funds with how you want it sent.

You could also deposit to an inmate through the phone. With the use of a credit or a debit card. Simply get the offender’s full name and their inmate ID.

The monthly limit that a detained inmate can spend in Lafayette Correctional Center is around $300 to $400.

6.     Does LPCC have a commissary?

Lafayette Correctional Center has agreements that are bound by a contract with commissary companies that are not directly affiliated with the correctional center. These commissary companies aid in shipping care packages which are predetermined with snacks and candy to Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

With these companies, you could order gifts and presents for your loved ones/offenders and they would be gotten by the inmate

A lot of things can be purchased at Lafayette Correctional Center. These things include playing cards, art supplies, clothing, candy, snacks, razor blades, and other essentials.

With the use of the bank accounts created for inmates, they use the funds present there to purchase goods from the commissary. As mentioned earlier, things like personal hygiene products, snacks, and stationery supplies from the store at the correctional center.

7.     How do I bail out an inmate at LPCC?

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center
Lafayette Jail

For bail requests, it is best to call either the court or the Parish Correctional Center directly after a defendant has been booked in. Then on the call, ask either the court or the judge these questions

1. Can the defendant go out on bail?

2. What is the cost of the bail?

3. Where do I have to go to pay for it?

4. Are there times when I cannot post bail?

5. What sort of payment is allowed? Money order? Cash? Credit card?

If after the phone call you feel the bail is too much, you should get a lawyer to come to your aid. Carl Barkemeyer is a great attorney for the job.

Ways in which you could post bail include the following

Posting bail with cash as an option

With cash, you could pay the full amount of bail. Or money order or cashier’s check. But not with personal cheque because they are not accepted.

The amount of bail could be from $100 to $75,000 or more which depends on the offense committed.

If you want to make use of money orders, then MoneyGram, Post Office or Western Union should be visited.

You would have to be over the age of 18 to be able to post bail for a defender who is detained in Lafayette Parish Jail. With the use of a valid government identity card, you can post bail. These valid ID cards include passport, motor vehicle issued ID card, Driver’s license too. If the defendant also has the resources at his disposal, they could paste their bail in cash from jail.

8.     Does LPCC have doctors?

Lafayette Parish Correctional Center has security officers who make sure with the provision of constant supervision that the inmates behave properly. They try their best to prevent prison riots that would prevent and reduce the need for these inmates to need a doctor. Even without carrying weapons they do not fail to move around with pepper spray.

With the use of surveillance cameras, which is present around the Parish Correctional Center in places apart from where the inmates take their baths and prison cells those that are alone.

If the safety of an inmate is threatened, Lafayette Correctional Center would place these detained offenders in protective custody for their safety.

One of the services the Lafayette Parish Jail can provide is to meet an inmate’s medical needs and also with the prescription of drugs.

Lafayette Criminal Defense Attorney

lafayette criminal defense attorneyIf you or a loved one or anyone you know has been booked at the Lafayette Correctional Center, phone our Lafayette Criminal Defense Attorney at the Barkemeyer Law Firm for a phone meeting. He will help you understand all the processes relating to the Lafayette Correctional Center and would do anything and everything possible to negotiating and litigating a great outcome to your case.


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