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The truth remains that many people behind bars are there because of cases that could have been solved. Whether someone is convicted for drug possession is dependent on the kind of drug that was found on you, and if the prosecutor can prove that there was an intent to distribute. In some cases, when the prosecutor can't prove that there is an intent to distribute, they drum down the charges to drug possession. This is one reason you need a drug possession lawyer in Lafayette like Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney.


What Are Class A Drugs?

Those drug offenses that fall under the Class A drugs are cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, meth, as well as licensed drugs. Drugs that fall under this category carry the highest penalties. This is not far from the fact that the drugs are addictive and can destroy the health of their users.

What do you do immediately you are arrested for possession of drugs in Lafayette? Contact Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, a Drug Possession Lawyer in Lafayette to represent you.


What Are Class B Drugs?

The drugs that fall into this category are ketamine, cannabis, amphetamines, as well as methadone. The penalties for these drugs aren't as severe as their counterparts above. This doesn't mean that you should try and talk your way out of the charge. Contact a drug possession lawyer in Lafayette immediately because it is common to see cases of drug possession being increased to more serious crimes like supply or importation of the controlled substances. If such happens, it becomes deadlier.

Drug charges that fall under the possession and supply are:

Drug possession,

Drug possession with an intent to supply,

Supplying the controlled substances and so on.

Sometimes, the drug charges may be increased to supplying a minor, which worsens the entire case.


Do You Know That Not Everyone That Is Charged with Drug Possession Is Guilty?

Yes, you read that right. Whether you are guilty or not in the eyes of the court is dependent on how you present yourself.

Do you immediately start blurting out or do you contact a drug possession lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer to handle your case?

For a long time, we have handled a lot of drug possession charges, and have garnered the needed experience and understanding of the laws to represent you.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney: Excellence Is Our Watchword.

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorneys have the needed experience and expertise in creating the right case which is dependent on an understanding of the criminal justice system.

For years, we have honed the ability to gather the needed evidence that could go a long way to put our clients on the right side of the law. We handle drug possession charges that relate to both Class A and Class B drugs.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney – When Should You Contact Us

It is important that people do not wait before they are charged to court for a drug possession case in Lafayette before you contact us.

Our astute team of attorneys can advise you from the first stage where police inquiry begins. A wise client understands the need to contact us immediately when they feel that they may be arrested by the drug authorities.


How the Drug Authorities Investigate

Lafayette authorities have a strict policy against illegal substance possession, whether there is an intent to distribute or not.

The penalty is dependent on if, after investigation, it is noticed that you intend to use the drugs personally, or if you will distribute it.

The Police officer’s go-ahead to search for evidence to prove that the person knew that they had the drug in possession.

They do this in different ways like tip-offs undercover surveillance, stop and search, examining their mobile devices and so on.


Why You Need Us Immediately You Are Arrested

Immediately people are arrested, they feel that the first thing that they should do is to plead their case with the arresting officers, trying to let them know why they are innocent. The truth may be that you are innocent, but do you know that you could worsen your situation by talking, instead of keeping mute?

This is why you are told of your rights to keep mute when you are arrested. Take that right and not blurt out more incriminating things that could seal the deal for the prosecutor.

Immediately you are arrested, what should you do? Contact us immediately. We will come to your rescue, and advise you on what to do based on the law and the circumstances surrounding your case.


1. We Help Prevent You from Digging A Bigger Hole for Yourself

Instead of blurting out more things that could make it easier for the arresting officers to get you behind bars, we stop you from doing that. We talk to the authorities on your behalf and try to find out what they have against you. We see if any deal could be struck that could get you out of the mess.


2. We Build Up A Case for You

After that, we build up a case for you. We analyze the circumstances surrounding your case. Were you racially profiled? Do they have evidence against you or is it merely a case of hearsay? Are they fishing or have proof that could nail you? We try to find out these, and from what we gather, we build a case for you.


3. We Look at The Loopholes

Years of experience have taught one that there may be some loopholes in the case which could be used in your favor. We analyze if the search was carried with a warrant if there was the possible cause and so on.

How were you treated during the arrest? Were you read your rights or not? Is the evidence they have against you real or a figment of their imagination?

We put intense effort and time into helping our clients. Contact us today, let us work on your case.


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