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When it comes to drug possession with intent to distribute and other drug charges, the authorities do not joke with them. This is not far from the fact that they are addictive and harmful to the health of their users. At the federal level, those charges are not taken for granted, and some people are currently behind the bar for a life sentence because of them. This is why you shouldn't take it for granted when you are arrested for drug possession, as it could be increased to drug possession with intent to distribute, which heightens the penalties.

Immediately you have suspicions of being arrested for such a crime, contact a Possession with Intent to Distribute Lawyer in Lafayette immediately.


What Is the Difference Between Drug Possession and Possession with Intent to Distribute?

There is a great difference between both. For the former, you are caught with drugs and there is no proof to show that you had the drugs for distribution purposes. The drugs are solely for your usage. This could result in you spending some years in prison or a slap on the wrist, depending on the attorney that you utilize and the case leveled against you.

The latter always comes with harsher penalties than the former. For possession with intent to distribute, this means that you had the drugs with you, with the aim of selling them. The penalty for this is dependent on the amount of drugs found on you, and if you had the intention of selling it to a minor. Not every case like this goes to court, and that is why we advise that you use Carl Barkemeyer, a possession with intent to distribute lawyer in Lafayette.

Do you know that most times, drug lords get little or no sentences, while innocent and petty dealers face harsher penalties? Why is this so?

Most times, people kid themselves with the thoughts that since they are innocent, they have to cooperate with the police. At the end of the day, they see themselves behinds bars facing a prison sentence. The truth remains that a lot of drug-related officers are interested in closing drug cases to climb up the ladder faster than their counterparts.

Whether innocent or not, instead of you talking to the authorities without a possession with intent to distribute attorney in Lafayette, keep mute and contact Carl Barkemeyer immediately.

A lot of innocent people are behind bars. Don't be one of them.


How Investigators Prove That A Possession Case Is Truly A Possession with Intent to Distribute Case

Before one can be prosecuted for drug distribution, there should be evidence present to support this. The investigators should be able to prove that the illegal substance was possessed for commercial reasons.

Some of the things that should be present are:

Drug paraphernalia like scales

When a person is arrested with drugs and scales and similar items are present, there is a great chance that the person will face drug possession with intent to distribute charges.


Possession of Plastic Baggies

When you are arrested, and the officers see plastic baggies, they will instantly assume that the baggies are there for distribution purposes. The same thing goes for business cards.


Cash in large amounts

If the officers find large amounts, they instantly feel that the money was the proceeds of the illegal activities. Prosecutors are known to love this type of evidence, as it easily seals the deal for them.


Business Records

If business records are seen on ground, prosecutors assume that the records are for the sales of the drugs. Instead of trying to explain away and get into more trouble, contact a drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer in Lafayette immediately.


Possession with Intent to Distribute Lawyer in Lafayette: What We Do for You



Immediately people are arrested, they feel that the first thing that they should do is to plead their case with the arresting officers, trying to let them know why they are innocent. The truth may be that you are innocent, but do you know that you could worsen your situation by talking, instead of keeping mute?

This is why you are told of your rights to keep mute when you are arrested. Take that right and not blurt out more incriminating things that could seal the deal for the prosecutor.

Immediately you are arrested, what should you do? Contact us immediately. We will come to your rescue, and advise you on what to do based on the law and the circumstances surrounding your case.


1. We Ensure That You Don't Worsen the Case

Instead of blurting out more things that could make it easier for the arresting officers to get you behind bars, we stop you from doing that. We talk to the authorities on your behalf and try to find out what they have against you. We see if any deal could be struck that could get you out of the mess.


2. We Create A Great Defense for You

After that, we build up a case for you. We analyze the circumstances surrounding your drug possession case. Were you racially profiled? Do they have evidence against you or is it merely a case of hearsay? Are they fishing or have proof that could nail you? We try to find out these, and from what we gather, we build a case for you.


3. We Analyze the Entire Case

Years of experience have taught one that there may be some loopholes in the case which could be used in your favor. We analyze if the search was carried with a warrant if there was the possible cause and so on.

How were you treated during the arrest? Were you read your rights or not? Is the evidence they have against you real or a figment of their imagination?

We put intense effort and time into helping our clients. Contact us today, let us work on your case.


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