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See here for an in-depth look at the various Louisiana prostitution charges.


Prostitution crimes are not joked with, and they come in the form of pimping, pandering, prostitution, and solicitation. Sometimes, they are classified as misdemeanors, and other times, they are classified as felonies.  Prostitution occurs when a person collects money with the aim of offering a sexual act.

Solicitation occurs when a person offers money for a sexual act. Pimping occurs when a person offers sexual acts of another person for money.

All the aforementioned sexual crimes should not be played with. Immediately you are arrested for any of the above contacts a Carl Barkemeyer, a Prostitution lawyer in Lafayette.

Do not try to say anything in your defense, ask to contact us immediately, as we the needed experience in taking care of such cases.

We understand the importance of this offense, how severe it is, and the way that you should be defended. Most times, we end up resolving the issue without spending time in prison.

Our years of handling solicitation, prostitution, and pimping cases in Lafayette have taught us everything that we need to know about the stance of the law and the legal system concerning them.

Carl Barkemeyer, over the years, has nurtured the perfect relationships with the authorities all over the country.


Prostitution: What Is It in Lafayette?

According to the Lafayette Legislation, one is said to be involved in the act of prostitution when he or she exchanges sex for money or some form of compensation. As long as the sex is exchanged for some sort of compensation, it is an act of prostitution. The compensation must not be cash, as it can involve another form of compensation. This has confused a lot of people, as they feel prostitution involves only sex for money.

We have come across people that share such thoughts and this has left them in a deeper mess, as they tried to explain themselves without an attorney present.


When Can You Be Charged with Prostitution?

We will look at the cases when you can be charged with prostitution, and when you should request for a prostitution lawyer in Lafayette.


Caught in The Act of Prostitution

Let's say that you were caught on tape or in person, offering sexual acts for a form of compensation, there is a great chance that you may need Carl Barkemeyer services.


Caught Agreeing To get Involved in The Act of Prostitution

The law doesn't care if you are caught carrying out the act itself before you can be charged for the crime. If you are caught agreeing to the terms of prostitution, you can be charged for it.


Caught soliciting to engage in prostitution

Let us say that you are driving through the streets, and you come across some prostitutes. The fact that you pull over, call one of them to you and ask him or her how much their services are enough to get you charged for a sex crime.

You may argue that you were merely negotiating with them, and had no plan of sleeping with them. In the eyes of the law, you committed a sexual crime. Instead of trying to prove yourself innocent by arguing with the police officer, keep mute and ask to speak to your attorney. We have had a lot of people dig themselves deeper holes by blabbing out incriminating things instead of talking to their attorneys.

One mistake that they make is that the arresting officer is their confidant, and they can get away from the charges by leveling with them. Avoid such temptations, and call Carl Barkemeyer immediately.

From the above, it means that one can have prostitution charges brought against them if they:

Were caught collecting compensation for sexual acts even when it doesn't involve coitus.

Were caught paying for a sexual act.

Were caught trying to arrange sexual acts between other people.


Why You Need A Prostitution Lawyer in Lafayette Immediately You Are Arrested

Immediately people are arrested, they feel that the first thing that they should do is to plead their case with the arresting officers, trying to let them know why they are innocent. The truth may be that you are innocent, but do you know that you could worsen your situation by talking, instead of keeping mute?

This is why you are told of your rights to keep mute when you are arrested. Take that right and not blurt out more incriminating things that could seal the deal for the prosecutor.

Immediately you are arrested, what should you do? Contact us immediately. We will come to your rescue, and advise you on what to do based on the law and the circumstances surrounding your case.


1. A Prostitution Lawyer in Lafayette Prevents You from Getting into Deeper Issues

Instead of blurting out more things that could make it easier for the arresting officers to get you behind bars, we stop you from doing that. We talk to the authorities on your behalf and try to find out what they have against you. We see if any deal could be struck that could get you out of the mess.


2. A Prostitution Lawyer in Lafayette Builds Up A Case for You

After that, we build up a case for you. We analyze the circumstances surrounding your case. Were you racially profiled? Do they have evidence against you or is it merely a case of hearsay? Are they fishing or have proof that could nail you? We try to find out these, and from what we gather, we build a case for you.


3. A Prostitution Lawyer in Lafayette Looks at The Loopholes

Years of experience have taught one that there may be some loopholes in the case which could be used in your favor. We analyze if the search was carried with a warrant if there was the possible cause and so on.

How were you treated during the arrest? Were you read your rights or not? Is the evidence they have against you real or a figment of their imagination?

We put intense effort and time into helping our clients. Contact us today, let us work on your case.


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