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Resisting an officer is one case or criminal charge you do not want to get caught up with. if you do, all hope is not lost. The earlier you contact your lawyer in this particular situation, the better your chances are of things working out the way you hope. It is vital that at all times, you go along with the instructions given by an officer of the law. An exception can be made in cases of unlawful arrests, we will get to that eventually. For now, we will be focusing on what you can do if you have already been charged with resisting an officer in the Lafayette Parish region.

Further aggression or any form of challenge might send across the wrong message. This is not what you want as that would most likely just add to your list of crimes. Hence subsequently increasing the number of charges leveled against you. Quickly contact us at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible. This way, we have enough time to work on your case and arrange a better argument and plea.

Our team of lawyers are well experienced and have the proper requirements needed to handle any criminal case. The experiences gathered after working different criminal cases in various situations can prove to be quite valuable assets. These are assets you will come to appreciate if you allow us to represent you in court. As a law firm, we endeavor to put our clients` interests first. We hope that at the end of the day our client gets to walk away free and clear. If that is not possible, we work to reduce the time served to the barest minimum. This way, we still get what is best for our clients. our statistics over the years have proven a vital point. Which is that, even though some have called our tactics "aggressive", these tactics are still very successful and effective. The tactics we employ in the court of law are tactics that we have perfected over the years and with the aid of hundreds of cases.

Making an excellent Defense takes time and requires research. This is why we at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney value time. So do not hesitate to call us. We carry out pre-indictment investigations to get facts of our own. Not to mention the preparations we will need to carry out before the main trial itself such as preparing you for court. How to behave and how to properly answer questions in a court of law without further implicating yourself.


Resisting an Officer in Lafayette Parish

The crime of resisting an officer is generally and especially frowned upon by law enforcers. For this reason, if you stay in the Lafayette region and find yourself facing this charge contact us at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney. We have been operating or defending clients in the region for a reasonable amount of time. This in effect means that we are well aware of the way the legal system in the region is tuned. The intricacies involved and what and what to watch out for. This is why pre-trial preparations and investigations are vital.

As a matter of fact, over the years we have established vital professional relationships with key professionals. One of such professionals is the detective in charge of your case. There might be quite a few in the region, but we might have interacted with a good number in the past. So if you feel that there is a vital piece of evidence or proof to be found to help your cause, we could collaborate with the lead detective in your case to find it. Negotiations with the office of the district attorney (D.A) is also not off the table. If these negotiations are needed to let our clients get acquitted then those are what we will do. But in cases that things do not go exactly according to plan, a plea bargain to reduce the sentence or time served would be the next best thing. If we cannot get you out, then we will try to ensure that you stay there for as little time as possible.


What exactly is Involved in Resisting an Officer?

This is a very vital question. This is vital because you need to know when you are committing a crime by resisting an officer. However, you also need to know when and how to resist an unlawful arrest without implicating yourself. Resisting an officer involves knowingly interfering with, opposing, resisting or even obstructing an authorized officer of the law from fulfilling his or her official duty. This duty includes making lawful arrests, lawful detention or even seizing of property which is to be part of a legal process or according to a court order.

So you are only committing a crime if the arrest is legal. If it is not legal, then your resistance is not a crime. Additionally, if you believe due to reasonable circumstances that you are resisting an unlawful arrest, you are still within the boundaries of your rights. However, even if you are not the person being arrested and you obstruct or interfere with the process in any way, you could also be charged with resisting an officer.

Resisting an officer can occur in five major scenarios according to the state. The first if when you flee from an officer after you have been placed under arrest but are yet to be restrained. The second is when you commit an act of violence against the officer after you have been arrested but before you are locked up or incarcerated. Third, when you refuse to sincerely identify yourself. Forth is when you lead or are part of a congregation in the street that refuses to move on after a police order has been issued. Fifth but not least is when you cross a police cordon without proper authorization.

So before you can be charged, the state needs to prove that your actions were intentional, that the officer was performing his or her legal duties (with a warrant or probable cause) and also need to tender evidence that you intentionally resisted.


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If you need a resisting an officer lawyer in Lafayette, then Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney will be more than happy to help. We will try our very best to get the most satisfactory verdict based on the circumstances surrounding your case.


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