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There may be different types of fraud, but banking fraud is one of the commonest in existence. There are different kinds of banking fraud scams that get money out of the accounts of depositors. There may be different types of bank frauds, but they all have one thing in common. They are all done to make money out of the accounts of people. There are simple bank frauds, while there exist complex ones. It is common to even see banks involved in bank fraud, where they state false interest rates in order to reap benefits from their derivatives traders.

If you have been arrested for bank fraud in Lake Charles, you need a bank fraud lawyer in Lake Charles to represent you. We can work in different types of bank frauds like:

  • Mortgage fraud                                                                                              
  • Land banking fraud
  • Credit card fraud and credit card cloning
  • Account fraud and so much more.

When any of these offenses are found out, the investigation follows. It usually starts with an internal investigation before it becomes a full-blown criminal investigation. You need the best bank fraud lawyer in Lake Charles to handle it from the beginning. Many people under investigation for bank fraud tend to call a bank fraud in Lake Charles when it is too late. Immediately you have been told about the investigation, whether internal or not, you need a criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer to handle the investigation and represent you. It helps the case.

Online banking fraud

It is a common kind of banking fraud. Usually, this kind of fraud changes regularly, and cannot be easy to prove.  There exist different kinds of online banking fraud, and they are:

  • Card payment fraud
  • Mobile banking fraud.
  • Authorized push payment
  • Banking details being stolen due to phishing, hacking or other means
  • Counterfeit card fraud.      

Carl Barkemeyer has handled different kinds of online banking fraud cases. This means that we have the needed experience to represent you.


Plea Bargains in Criminal Cases

Sometimes, Carl Barkemeyer can use plea deals to further his client’s best interest.  The best result isn’t always putting a client through trial.

When you are watching a movie, there is a great chance that you may have come across almost every criminal charge ending up in a courtroom with a defense team, prosecution team, jury, judge and so on, trying to see if someone is guilty or not. This is not really what happens in reality. Do you know that many trials do not go to trials? Many of the criminal charges end up being settled by plea deals. The state fancies this because it ends up saving them from spending a lot of legal costs.

If you allow the state, they will want to use only plea deals. Dragging out legal proceedings in court is not great in every case unless the defense team knows without a reasonable doubt and has evidence to prove it that their client is innocent of every charge. If they do, and the prosecution team refuses to drop the case or come with a suitable arrangement, the defense team can then request to take the case to court.

If, on the other hand, the defense team has analyzed the case, and seen that taking the case to court may lead to worse sentencing for his or her client, he or she may suggest a criminal resolution. This saves the client legal fees, offers better alternatives and so on.


Reasons vary for plea deals

Do you know that both the defense and prosecution teams can enjoy from reaching a plea deal? Any team can come up with the idea of a plea deal, as it is a cheaper and quicker way of resolving a criminal case. The truth remains that trials can't be certain. You can't state with certainty which side would win or lose. A new piece of evidence could come to light and scatter the chances of winning. Taking a plea deal removes that element of uncertainty.


Terms are negotiable

Both teams will come to a round table and bring terms of the plea deal together. You and your team have the right to say what they want concerning the plea deal arrangement. This means that both sides have control over the result of the case.

Many defendants fancy this arrangement because it permits them to make plans for whatever sentencing that they may get.

Before you agree to any term of the plea deal arrangement, it is important that you understand every turn there. This is because once it is agreed upon, it can't be changed.


Three types of plea deals

Plea deals come in different types, though only two are used a lot. Fact bargaining is the option that is rarely used. In this deal, you agree to some facts and exchange them for the prosecutor not stating some other facts in court. As for the remaining types of the plea deal, they work together. They are charge bargaining and sentence bargaining.

In charge bargaining, you are permitted to try and obtain a lower change instead of the previous one that you were given. As for sentence bargaining, you can request for a lower sentence than the one that you may face, if found guilty in a court of law.


Victims might have a say in the plea bargain

Now, plea deals are not just for defense and prosecution teams. Many victim advocacy groups are beginning to get involved in the arrangement. They want the victims of the crimes to also have a say. They want either the victim or the family members to have an input into the arrangement. This has made it a bit complicated.


Other options might be possible

There are alternative sentencing programs such as a drug court. This gives you an alternative when you are thinking of whether to go to trial or take a plea deal. Before you agree to opt for a plea deal, it is important that you and your criminal defense attorney should look at all the facts to the case, alternatives and so on. Those should determine if you accept the plea deal or not.


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For a long time, we have handled different cases, those that ended in court and those that ended in plea deal arrangements. We know what to expect in different cases, and how to handle different cases. Our bank fraud lawyer in Lake Charles knows when to go for a plea deal, and when to take the case to court. Contact us today.


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