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Crimes are divided into felony and misdemeanor. The former is a serious crime, while the latter is a less serious crime. Examples of felonies are murder, kidnapping, arson, armed robbery, rape & terrorism. There are some crimes that are both classified as a misdemeanor and a felony. The severity determines where it falls under. Assault is a misdemeanor while assault with a deadly weapon is a felony. The battery is a misdemeanor, while a battery with a deadly weapon is a felony.


What Happens When You Are Convicted of Felony                

The conviction stays in your record. A lot of employers do not employ felons. Your standing in the society may be reduced. Some of your civil rights may be limited like your right to vote in some cases. You won't have the right to hold a firearm or hold some public offices. You may not have the right to drive, child visitation and so on. 

This is one reason you need a felony lawyer in Lake Charles to represent you.


We Are Objective and Make Decisions with Facts Made Available to Us

We analyze every aspect of the felony case and try to see how it can be resolved. We do not build a castle in the sky and the hopes that it doesn't fall.  A criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer allows you to know what would happen in a trial, and see if a plea deal bargain is the right way to go. Even a lawyer that has been arrested and charged to court usually has another lawyer defending them in court. This is to ensure that objectivity is brought into the defense strategy.


We Can Put You in Touch with A Therapist If Need Be

The truth remains that felony cases are capable of ruining the mental capabilities of the defendant. We understand that you may become distraught, sad, anxious and so on. Felony cases are capable of ruining one's self-esteem, especially when everyone around you knows of it. There is a great chance that you may even be depressed. We care about the state of health of our clients, hence, we can put in contact with a professional that could help your mental state, while we handle the legal aspect of your felony case.


Should You Try Self Representation for Your Felony Case or Do You Need A Felony Lawyer in Lake Charles Like Carl Barkemeyer to Represent You

It is important to note that values, community pressures, as well as politics are involved in different criminal cases especially felonies. People tend to want to benefit from a criminal case. The prosecution team wants to climb the ladder of success by sealing many cases. The judges want to be re-elected. The police want to close a lot of cases. The public wants the judge to be tough on suspects of different crimes. Assuming we lived in a perfect world, these pressures do not exist, but they do. This means that you need a criminal defense attorney like Carl Barkemeyer that understands the pressures to handle your case. Criminal law is changing, and whatever you read in a book doesn't represent it.

The law allows you to defend yourself if you want. The law allows you to not get a lawyer if you want. This is called self-representation, but is that the right line of action? Self-representation is not a great idea because what you read in a law book or journal is different from how the reality in a law court is.

When you read the books, you may think that you have known the definition of the crime, the penalties for that crime, and the procedures in the court for that crime. You spend time and effort trying to learn more, but when you get to the court, you will realize that it is a different ball game. Reading a lot of law books can't get you the needed experience and understanding of a court case if you do not want to be schooled in court. This is why law students go to court trials and proceedings to understand how the legal system truly works. The real law court is one that is unpredictable and can be surmounted by an experienced attorney that knows his onion-like Carl Barkemeyer, the Criminal Defense Attorney.  Do you know prosecutorial discretion occurs in the courts? By prosecutorial discretion, we mean the power to see if the charges will be filed or not. Do you know that a prosecutor can make decisions? If those decisions are reached, the results of the case may be altered. Do you know that an act that may have been said to be one thing in books can be a lot of alternatives in real life? Without a reasonable experience, you may not know this. Prosecutors love when defendants waive their right to counsel and defend themselves. It makes it easier to get a conviction. Can we say that it is an easier way to climb up the ladder of success without stress?


Can Carl Barkemeyer Help Me in A Felony Case?

The truth remains that it doesn't matter if you are a genius or highly educated, the ever-changing legal system doesn't make it for someone to represent themselves in court. Every felony case is different and it is only someone that has the experience that can effortlessly analyze the case and knows what to expect. A lawyer can look at the facts of the case and know what kind of representation is needed.


Carl Barkemeyer Does More Than Mere Interrogation of Witnesses

It is important to note that a felony lawyer in Lake Charles does a lot more than merely asking witnesses questions in the law courts. Attorneys, sometimes, discuss terms of a plea deal with the prosecution team to ensure that the sentences are reduced and the charges are clamped down.


We Negotiate Agreements with Prosecution Team

Do you know that there are a number of agreements that a defense team can negotiate with the prosecution team? It could include exchanging information and asking that the prosecutor does not bring up a piece of evidence in trial. We could ask for a reduced sentence or charges for you.

Prosecution team doesn't like discussing this with those representing themselves because they know that if they take the case to court, the self-represented person won't last a second in court. It would be easier than taking candy from a baby. Carl can craft up sentencing programs that will work for you based on what your needs may be. This may help prevent the defendant from being faced with the criminal justice system again.


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