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In the state of Louisiana, two forms of forgery are highly recognized. Forgery is also considered a felony as it involves the alterations of documents which could lead to various outcomes. For one, it is highly illegal and against the law, for an individual to forge a signature or any writing that can be used for legal efficacy. However, for it to be ruled as a crime, the person who forged must have done in with the intention of defrauding another person or a company or any organization.


In addition to that, the forgery crime could include issuance, possession, transferable, etc of any forget writing which had an intention to defraud a person, company or an organization. An alleged offender must have knowledge that the writing being used for a particular act was forged for it to be considered a crime.


Under the law of Louisiana, there is more to “writing” as it could be more than just a piece of paper. It could include tokens, coins, credit cards, badges or even money. But of course, writing on a piece of paper is also heavily included as it could also be as printed material and also other forms of recording a piece of information that could be converted to writing and used to carry out an illegal act.


When a prosecutor begins accusing an individual of forgery, it is insinuated that that person had altered, authenticated and even executed particular writing in other to pass as something or someone different from the original, whatever it may be. This comes in several forms as there is no one way. For one, a prosecutor could accuse a person who tried to pass off any writing as the writing of another person who had no intention of the act or that particular writing was executed at a time which it wasn’t supposed to be or produce a copy of an original which the original doesn’t exist. All these are counts of forgery and are heavily prosecuted by the state of Louisiana.


The crime for forgery comes with harsh penalties as the case may be and that is why looking for a criminal defense attorney as soon as you get charged could be the next best step to take. The good thing is, all citizens have a right to legal representation in the court of law before they are either convicted or acquitted.


If a person gets convicted for a crime of forgery, they can be fined up to 5000 dollars or spend a prison sentence for a period of 10 years. In some cases, they might face both. Forgery has a crime that comes with a lot o potential complexities including the part when the alleged offender has a knowledge that they are possessing forged writing and they had an intent to carry out a fraudulent act. This is why a person who faces forgery allegations would require a criminal defense attorney by their corner in or aid their defenses the right way there is.


Some employees have a lot of money to handle and documents to sign and even have to act on behalf of a person or the entire company or organization and this comes with great responsibility and as they say, with great power comes great responsibility and when those powers are exploited, it could lead to serious damage on such an individual and if possible the entire company. If a person misuses these powers, great or serious repercussions could result from it. Facing these allegations can also have a dangerous effect on a person’s reputation but professional and personal.


A person who is a convicted felon can find it hard in society to get anything done. They can be cast aside by their family, friends and could find it hard to carry about lots of activities. They are sure to lose their jobs and a criminal record makes it harder to find a new one. All these can lead to sadness and depression in a person and that is why they should never be exploited due to the long-term damage they are sure to face.


Because these kinds of crimes, as well as other white-collar crimes, could result in some damaging penalties in Lake Charles or the state of Louisiana in general, you have the right to explore other options like your right in a situation like this. It is best to seek out criminal defense strategies as the are possible can lead to a significant reduction in your sentence or the total dismissal of your charges in general. All you have to do is find an experienced criminal defense attorney who can talk and walk you through it all and represent you accurately in the court of law.


Criminal Defense Attorney in Lake Charles

In Lake Charles, crime is taken very seriously especially one which is considered a felony. Forgery is not acceptable by the law and could lead to a lot of penalties in the future. Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, will walk you through all there is about your case and how well progress as been as we try not to leave you in the dark.


Carl Barkemeyer does all he can to process your case as soon as possible and that is why we advise you call us immediately you’ve been charged for a forgery crime so we begin working on your case immediately. If you and any of your loved ones have been charged for forgery crimes in the state of Louisiana, we can be right there to give you the most aggressive representation you can possibly ask for in all of Louisiana.


It is good to remember that having a criminal record can be damaging to a person’s relationship and life in general and we try to make sure that doesn’t happen. We do our best to either get your charger dropped off entirely or reduced significantly as the case may be.


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