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Illegal carrying of a weapon is considered a crime in the state of Louisiana and if you are charged, the best next option is to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Carl Barkemeyer has defended lots of clients who have been charged with the illegal carrying of weapons. It is important to know when you should be carrying a firearm and when you shouldn’t. It is also best to know what penalties you are to face and a criminal defense attorney should be there to walk you through it and help you fight for your right and also fight for the best possible result they can get for your case.


The carrying of illegal weapons is considered a misdemeanor on a first conviction. But you must know as it enhances, it then is considered a felony. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we understand all this and help you stay free by giving you a good fight in the court so you have nothing to worry about felonies in the first place.  


When Is It Illegal To Carry A Weapon In The State Of Louisiana?

For the carrying of weapons to be considered illegal, it means there has been intentional concealment of a weapon, regardless of what it is, on a person. A person can only carry a concealed weapon with a permit and without a permit, it is illegal in the eyes of the law. Carrying of weapons to commit a crime is charged separately and is considered a felony especially if death or serious bodily harm is involved. In a situation where the defendant is found to be possessing a weapon in their trousers and they do not have a conceal and carry permit, they stand a high chance of facing a charge and it doesn’t matter if the gun is registered in his name or not.


Carrying of concealed weapons to certain places is prohibited especially in places of gathering such as parades, church and even a thousand feet close to school property. Although minors are allowed to carry some kind of weapon, these minors would require a permit from their parents and so on.


What are the penalties for Illegal carrying of weapons in Louisiana?

There are penalties that are assigned for the carrying of a weapon in the state of Louisiana and that includes a fine of up to 500 dollars or 6 months in jail and in some cases, both. The judge in charge of the case can either sentence a jail time, fines or both and this mostly depends on the case and the kind of representation you have.


 In a situation where the offender has had a previous conviction for the carrying of illegal weapons, he would be charged with a felony instead of the misdemeanor and stands a chance of facing as much as 5 years of prison time. This, however, doesn’t apply when a five-year period has elapsed since the maximum sentences expired of the previous convictions.


Can An Individual Get Probation If They Are Convicted Of The Illegal Carrying Of Weapons In Louisiana?

The answer to their question is yes. And that means it is entirely up to the judge to decide if he wants to give such an individual a probation period for the carrying of illegal weapons instead of sentencing them to serve jail time. The judge could other the probation be either community service or classes and so on. Whichever it could be, the judge is solely in the charge of this. In a situation where the defendant doesn’t complete the conditions that have been given to him or her, the judge has the power to revoke the misdemeanor probation and order the offender to complete the sentence in jail which could be up to 6 months.


Carrying illegal weapons in Louisiana is not a crime of violence. And it will not be charged as one except it is used to commit a violent act. Only then can everything sum up to be an act of violence, in other cases, no.


Can Illegal carrying of weapons be removed from my criminal record in Louisiana?

Depending on how the illegal carrying of a weapon is handled by your criminal defense attorney in the city, it can. When an expungement is filed right to remove such a conviction, it lies upon the lawyer and the judge. There are also other circumstances that must be considered before anything can be removed from your record. The process of doing all of this is known as an expungement. Getting an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with this is the best way to go and here at Carl Barkemeyer, we understand just how difficult it can behave a criminal record as you could lose your job and it could be a lot harder for you to find a new one. Your friends and family may stay away from you and you could not qualify in certain scholarships.


Carl Barkemeyer understands just how difficult it can be to deal with a criminal charge and how you must be feeling, this is why we give it our all to ensure you get the most aggressive defense from us in the law court. That being said, we work hand in hand with you and ask you questions that may help us with your case. We are also available to any question you have for us as we do not believe in leaving our clients out in the dark.


Carrying of illegal weapons entails a lot we are here to walk you through it in relation to your case and what it may be, what you stand to face and just how we can help you. So, if you or any of your loved ones has been charged with the illegal carrying of weapon here in Lake Charles and Louisiana as a whole, you can always contact us, Carl Barkemeyer criminal defense attorney today.


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