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Illegal use of weapons in the state of Louisiana is considered a crime. Of course, owning a gun or other kinds of weapons is entirely valued by the entire United States of America. But it is one thing owning these kinds of weapons and it is another thing using them as that can come with heavy responsibility. This is because these weapons shouldn’t be used anywhere and just for any reason and any mistake can lead to years of imprisonments and heavy fines. In some cases, it could even lead to death. It all depends on how these weapons have been used. Failure to comply with the law could also lead to the prohibition of a particular individual carrying a weapon and therefore losing their right to bear arms.


In an instance where a deadly weapon is being used to carry out any crime, it is considered as the illegal use of the weapon. If a victim of the said crime loses his life in the process of this illegal use of a weapon, it is ruled as a homicide or a murder which just makes things a whole lot worse and complicated.


Louisiana law states in section 14.94 all there is to know about the illegal use of weapons as well as other dangerous instrumentalities. It carefully defines the illegal use of weapons as an intentional or even a criminal negligent discharge of any kind of weapon including a firearm. This includes the using, throwing, placing and so forth of any item which has been foreseen to cause harm to a person by either resulting to their death or causing great bodily harm to a person which means permanent damage of an organ or an injury which could lead to death as the case may be.


People facing charges of the illegal use of weapons as well as the illegal use of other dangerous instrumentalities stand a chance of facing harsh penalties. This could include fines which are usually not more than a thousand dollars, prison time of nothing more than two years and in some cases, offenders stand a chance of facing both.


In a situation where it is not an offender's first conviction, then they may face a longer prison sentence of 5-7 years which comes without the benefit of suspension of sentence or even probation.


For those who have been accused of committing a crime by discharging any firearms from a moving motor vehicle especially in a public area such as a street or a highway with an intention of harming, frightening, injuring another human being stands a change of facing some harsh penalties as well.


A conviction of a case like this could result in imprisonments for 5 to 10 years as the case may be. For those facing murder charges, they also stand the change of facing has criminal charges with harsher penalties. This is one of the reasons why a criminal defense attorney is needed in order to get your charges dropped or reduced significantly. Whatever the case may be. 


Hiring a criminal defense attorney to walk you through the entire process is usually the best approach to situations like this. For one it is unlawful for an individual who has been convicted or even found guilty for a case of battery or any violence-related crimes in the past (less than 10 years from the initial conviction) to be carrying, possession or even using a weapon as it is considered an illegal carrying of weapons. It is also a crime to give a person who you know shouldn’t be wielding a weapon to use it as it comes with mandatory prison time for up to 6 months.


Whoever is found guilty of violating any of these laws shall get imprisonment that comes with hard labor for nothing more than 20 years and also without the benefit of probation or even suspension of sentence as well as parole. They can also be charged dollars and sometimes face both penalties. A person found guilty of making use of a weapon illegal can face nothing less than 5000 dollars fine especially is there is death or bodily injury involved. A good lawyer is sure to let you know where your case falls under and what penalties you stand to face if you get convicted.


Carl Barkemeyer Criminal Defense Attorney in Lake Charles

There are times when you are lost and you need help as no matter how much you do on your own, it just isn’t enough and that is where a criminal defense attorney comes in. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we understand just how critical it can be for a person to have a criminal record as it can make them lose their jobs and make it harder to find newer jobs. They have a lot stripped from them and that is why we put in our best to ensure that this person is not you. This is why we advise to contact us immediately you have been charged with any of these gun-related offenses so we can begin working on your case right away.


We carry our clients along and ask them questions we are sure can help us with the case and that is why we encourage complete honesty. We are also available for any questions you might have for us as we solely believe in integrity and transparency.


We try all we can to either get your charges completely dropped or reduced significantly. Whatever it is to make sure you are at a better end. We also work hand in hand with prosecutors as we have years of experience threading this field and are able to do as much as is humanly possible. So if you or any of your loved one is facing a charge like this in lake Charles or any other place in Louisiana, we are here to represent you in any court, both federal and local, all you have to do is contact us and we would be there.


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