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Malfeasance in office is a common act among public officers.  You would often find many people in public offices treating their duties with levity and poorly handling significant issues that may affect others. This crime is a breach to the duty of office and is punished accordingly in Calcasieu Parish and the surrounding areas of Lake Charles. Anyone facing malfeasance in office charge needs to get the legal assistance of a Malfeasance in office lawyer in Lake Charles.

Malfeasance in office crime involves an act of misconduct in a public office. It is improper and illegal for a public officer to violate the duty required of a public office. Malfeasance in office as official misconduct can cause dismissal from an elected office or a recall election along with punishment that could be as severe as life imprisonment. The state law guiding Calcasieu Parish and the areas of Lake Charles treat this offense seriously.

Participating in or initiating a legally or morally wrong act, which is not expected of your office can get you charged for malfeasance in office in Lake Charles. Mostly, this crime revolves around intentional acts including dishonesty, negligence, intentionally exceeding authority for illegal reasons. People prosecuted under this charge are public officials, corporate officers, trustees, and others saddled with responsibilities.


Examples of Malfeasance in Office

·       A public officer who intentionally performs an unlawful duty. An example of this is a payroll preparer including a family member's name into payroll for pay they do not deserve. Anyone caught in such an act is prosecuted for malfeasance in office and requires the help of a malfeasance in office lawyer in Lake Charles.

·       A public officer in a higher rank allowing officers under him to perform an illegal duty or carry out public duties in an unlawful manner. A higher-ranking officer has the responsibility to call people under his authority to order and not leave them to act unlawfully. Such a case can bring about a court charge.

·       Every public duty should be performed morally and legally. Anything short of this may lead to an indictment of the officer involved in any unlawful activity.

·       Malfeasance in office may also involve a public officer engaging in sexual intercourse with a person under their supervision; jail, correctional institutions, work, or prison. Any such act may attract malfeasance in office charges.

·       When a public officer abuses public trust. Public officers are often put in a position to carry out activities to benefit the members of the public. If they neglect this trust or misconduct themselves when they should be protecting the trust of the public as a whole, it may lead to abuse of public trust, which is certainly a gross and illegal way to act in a public office.


Penalties of Malfeasance in Office

Malfeasance in office in Lake Charles is punished as a felony. If the crime was committed unintentionally (with no intent), the offender may escape a jail term. This is a significant part where you need to have a skilled defense attorney who can defend you aggressively to ensure a favorable outcome. The intervention of skilled a malfeasance in office lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer can make a difference in how your case turns out.

Anyone charged with malfeasance in office is incarcerated for not more than 5 years, with or without labor. An offender may also be required to pay a fine of not more than 5,000 dollars or serve both penalties. If the state suffered a loss or any form of damage from this crime, the offender is made to pay restitution to the state. Restitution often includes a legal interest.


Implication of Malfeasance in Office

The implication or consequence of malfeasance in office charge is beyond the penalties you get served by the court. It could go as far as the offender getting dismissed from his or her position. If he or she was voted into the position, there may be a recall election. If found guilty of malfeasance in office, it could lead to a dent in the professional image of the public officer, making it difficult for them to secure a position with other public or corporate establishments.


What to Do Upon Malfeasance in Office Charge

In all the steps of the way, right from when you get charged, you need to get through to a malfeasance in office lawyer in Lake Charles. Many people get convicted and suffer the penalties, implications, and consequences of malfeasance in office when they have a chance of winning. When you get charged for a criminal offense, do not neglect your right to a defense lawyer.

A defense lawyer knows how to come up with defenses that can put you on a better part. Your defense lawyer listens to you and figures how best to justify your case in court. You need a skilled attorney like Carl Barkemeyer to give you a proper representation in court. Attorney Carl Barkemeyer is known for defending his clients aggressively. He ensures that he makes a difference in your case.

Malfeasance in office isn't a case to treat or take with levity. It warrants the legal assistance of an experienced attorney like Carl Barkemeyer. You can't walk through malfeasance in office case alone. You need Carl Barkemeyer by your side. Why go through this case alone when Carl Barkemeyer works on getting you the best possible outcome?


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