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Were You Charged with Possession of Drugs?

It doesn't matter whether you are your loved one was arrested for possession of drugs, you need a drug possession lawyer in Lake Charles that can protect your interest. Carl Barkemeyer leads a team of drug possession defense lawyers that can represent you in either a felony or misdemeanor possession charges. Being convicted of a drug charge is not something to be joked with.

We understand how the prosecution team, Police and legal system work, and we can use that to our advantage. Every drug case is different, and we look at the variations before we create a defense strategy for you.


We Have Handled Hundreds of Drug Possession Charges All Louisiana

If you are ranking well-versed lawyers in Louisiana, Carl Barkemeyer and his team of lawyers are amongst them. We have handled different drug cases, from cultivation, distribution, sales, possession and so on. If you are in Lake Charles, and you are looking for a drug possession lawyer that knows the lay of the land and has experience under his belt, you should consider consulting Carl Barkemeyer. It doesn't matter if you have been arrested or your loved one was arrested.


Do You Know That Drug Possession Can Be Increased to A Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Charge?

Yes, you read that well. The latter is usually a stringent case with severe penalties, compared to the former. Many prosecutors fancy the latter because it makes them seem that they are winning the fight against drug sales and distribution. Depending on the circumstances of the case and the type of lawyer you have, the former may end in rehabilitation, community service or something like that.

The latter usually ends in prison sentence or in the defendant giving up those he or she works for. Contact a drug possession lawyer in Lake Charles immediately you are arrested.


When You Are Arrested for Drug Possession in Lake Charles, Should Invoke Your Right to Silence?

To prevent self-incrimination which is part of the Fifth Amendment, a suspect is allowed to have an attorney present during investigation. When a person can't afford a lawyer, he can get a lawyer appointed to him by the state.

It was important for the Supreme Court to allow the suspects to know this, so as to ensure that innocent people were not found guilty because of incriminating things they may have said when they didn't know their rights. You normally hear in the movies or in reality when someone is about to be arrested the Miranda warnings. The ruling put limitations on how the government could interrogate people that they brought into custody. Before then, it was common to see people's rights being violated without care. The ruling was interested in protecting a suspect from incriminating themselves and offered them the right to counsel too. A great aspect of this ruling is that the police aren't allowed to interrogate a witness or suspect when he has invoked his right to counsel.

Police aren't allowed to interrogate a person that states that he or she wants a lawyer. If the police do, the rights of the person are violated, and he or she can walk free because of that. The police have no choice but to give the accused the chance to discuss with his lawyer in privacy. The suspect also has the right to have his lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer present when subsequent questioning is ongoing.


What Is Unlawful Arrest?

We have seen the Police harassing people that they feel are criminals, even when they do not have proof to show that. This usually occurs when they suspect someone of possessing drugs. We have seen cases of illegal arrests, arrests that were done without probable cause. 

Some overzealous officers, who want to advance up the ladder quickly with solved cases, tend to harass those that feel are in possession of drugs, even when there is no proof to show that. If they do it once, it may not be a problem. It may be seen as a mistake.

It is common to see some overzealous officers trying to pin such a crime on someone, in a bid to get either the person imprisoned or to get to someone higher the ladder. If you have been arrested or suspect that you will be arrested for a drug possession charge, call a drug possession lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer immediately. His team of experienced lawyers will handle the case.

 It is important to note that you can be arrested without the police stating the Miranda rights. The rights do not state that you can't be arrested if it is not said to you. What the Miranda rights do is to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself during questioning.

If you are arrested without being questioned, and your Miranda rights weren't stated, there is no issue. It becomes an issue when you are being questioned without the rights being stated. Before the police can arrest someone, they must have probable cause to believe that he or she committed a crime. Probable cause is the fact that they have a cogent reason, which is dependent on events or facts.

If you have been questioned and your rights weren't read to you before the questioning, whatever you said can't be admissible in court. There is a great chance that you may walk free. In some cases, the case may continue but whatever you uttered before the case can't be admissible.


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