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See here for an in-depth look at the various Louisiana prostitution charges.


In some parts of the world, prostitution is not an offense. In this way, sex workers are allowed to do their bidding and go about their business. Of course, prostitution is one of the oldest means of getting money. In Louisiana, however, prostitution is a very serious offense and is regarded as a misdemeanor and a felony after multiple convictions. If your conviction is the first time, it could be regarded as a misdemeanor with of course, fine and jail term in the parish prison. If it keeps happening subsequently, it will become a felony with serious charges.

Note that a prostitution charge can spoil your reputation badly and harm your image. Therefore, if you are ever arrested for prostitution, you need a well-experienced criminal defense attorney to help you deal with the charges tactfully. The interference of a good lawyer in your case can give you reduced charges or even make the court to dismiss your case. An unprofessional lawyer may not be able to do this or offer much help. This is why you should get a professional criminal defense attorney.


The Louisiana Laws On Prostitution

According to the Louisiana State laws, here's what a person must have done to be arrested and charged for prostitution:

·      Having or engaging in sexual intercourse with a person in exchange for compensation

·      Soliciting another person to have sexual intercourse for compensation.

Note that the sexual intercourse could be of any type; anal, vaginal or oral. Also, trying to get someone to have sexual intercourse with you in exchange for money is enough to get you a criminal charge. Some other cases are under prostitution though they may have separate charges in some places. They include:

·      Pandering: This means you're running or operating a place of prostitution or that you're trying to coax someone into doing it.

·      Solicitation: This means you're inviting, transporting a person to a place to promote prostitution or encouraging prostitution

·      Promoting prostitution: This is another aspect whereby you're doing anything at all to promote prostitution. It may be giving out a place or offering any form of help to promote prostitution.

You may think that a prostitution arrest and conviction is just for people who stand around clubs, hotels, bars and motels looking for customers or persons to engage in the act with them. It is not limited to that. Someone else can actually report you to the authorities. However, the person needs to come with proof to let the court know you are guilty of the offense.


Penalty For The Offense In Lake Charles

If you are found guilty of prostitution as a first-time offender in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the penalty is that you pay a fine of five hundred dollars and also serve a jail term of up to six months at the parish jail in Calcasieu. If you are arrested and found guilty for a subsequent time, you will be required to pay a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars and not more than two thousand dollars. This goes with up to two years in the parish jail.

Note though that after your conviction, if the next one is after five years and above, then it will be regarded as the first time. Yes, five years is the stipulated time for an offense to be waved off and the next one is regarded as a first.


Defenses For Prostitution In Lake Charles

If you've been arrested and charged with prostitution, there are certain defenses you can use to defend yourself. This is why you must get a professional criminal defense attorney. He or she will guide you and know the best defenses you can come up with. The right time to get a prostitution lawyer in Lake Charles is immediately after your arrest. This makes everything easier as your lawyer will be there with you from the onset.

The person who accused you of the crime or made a report is supposed to bring evidence or a witness. This is most difficult sometimes as everything is an agreement between two people.


Arrested For Prostitution In Lake Charles?

If you've been arrested and charged with prostitution in Lake Charles, the best thing to do is to get a good lawyer as soon as possible. Remember that delay is dangerous and the earlier you reach out to a lawyer, the better. In a prostitution case, it is safer and better to get a lawyer early enough so you can be able to come up with the right defense.

Get a very good criminal defense attorney who can be able to see through the weaknesses of the prosecutor and use it to help you. Your lawyer should also be able to negotiate on your behalf and get your reduced or dismissed charges.


Need A Lawyer In Calcasieu Parish?

If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with prostitution in Lake Charles, you can contact the Carl Barkemeyer Law Firm to get a professional criminal defense attorney.

As you know now, prostitution is a serious offense in Louisiana and the charges are not taken lightly. Therefore, you need a prostitution lawyer in Lake Charles who will guide you all through your judicial proceedings. We have experienced lawyers who will give you legal advice and also represent you in court. In addition to this, we understand the skill of negotiation and plea bargain in a prostitution case and don't fail to put it in practice.

We'll know how best to help you as regards coming up with the best defense for your case. Reach out to us immediately after your arrest so we can be able to help you from the start. Also, try not to withhold any information from us as every little detail will help. We don't want to be taken unawares in court. Note that your secret is safe with us and we do not reveal anything to a third party without your consent.

Contact us today for your prostitution case in Lake Charles.


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