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Criminal Defense Attorney in Lincoln Parish and Ruston

Criminal Defense Attorney in Lincoln Parish and Ruston

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Our firm is proud to confidently state that we have an impressive record of successfully representing our clients in whatever part of Louisiana they might need our services. In times of legal or judicial problems we would be delighted to render our services. In Lincoln Parish and in the city of Ruston as a whole, we have a team of criminal attorneys ready to serve as your legal defense at any point in time. But it would be a better decision if you contact us as soon as possible (if you have not already retained our services) in the case of a court summons with regard to criminal activity or even an arrest. We handle various aspects or scenarios that could help improve the chances of a successful trial. Such aspects include pre-indictment investigations and trial preparations. We have different clients and at various times they have been charged with allegedly committing a variety of crimes. So, with these differences in their individual cases, it is vital that as their legal representatives we should be able to base our defense on the crime at hand. Our methods vary and approaches differ based on the criminal charge we are dealing with and other minor details. But the one thing that remains the same no matter the client or crime, is that we all work to get the very best result for our client.

We have handled quite a lot of criminal cases. A few of the cases we usually have to contend against include obscenity, federal charges, gun charges, disturbing the peace, driving while intoxicated (DWI), filing false public records, reckless driving, flight from an officer, minor in possession of alcohol, murder, various drug-related charges (such as possession and distribution), and a lot more.

We have a trained team of criminal attorneys who are always ready to deliver an aggressive defense on behalf of our clients. But as mentioned earlier, it would be a better decision to contact us as soon as possible. This is because in some cases we would need extra time in order to carry out an additional investigation. This investigation might just be the turning point in an otherwise “doomed” case because it could unearth a vital piece of information or evidence. With the information gotten from this investigation, the attorneys under our firm who have been adequately trained as criminal attorneys would be able to make a more solid defense. Moreover, we could assist you in negotiating professionally with the appropriate authorities or the district attorney handling your case.

Besides, the attorneys affiliated with our firm are all equipped with the necessary qualifications. But what makes us truly unique is that our attorneys have been able to successfully combine these legal qualifications that they have with practical experience that has been accumulated over the years. So, our clients do not share the same unnecessary worries concerning our capabilities that clients of some other law firms might have. Our clients’ trust in our services and our lawyers try not to disappoint by putting in their very best and delivering an aggressive defense when the time comes.

How we Handle Lincoln Parish Crimes

As a resident or visitor in Lincoln Parish, it is still a given that whenever you are charged with violations or breaking of laws you will need a law firm with adequate experience and qualification. No matter the alleged crime (driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, murder, trespass, disturbing the peace, robbery, etc.) our team of lawyers are able to orchestrate an aggressive defense for you. Moreover, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has experience with handling all sort of evidence that might be presented against our clients. We have an in-depth knowledge of the criminal procedures and the way the legal system operates in Lincoln Parish. This knowledge helps us arrange the most appropriate technique for any crime in the region and challenge successfully the pieces of evidence presented by the opposition during the course of the proceedings.

Our lawyers are well versed in the art of handling trials and are proficient when handling negotiations. We have a history of successfully defending our clients in court that just cannot be ignored. We have employed our very skills and put them into practice well enough to be able to get our clients out of situations that seem to be rather desolate. Not to mention the fact that we also have connections with a few other experts in their various field that could help us achieve a satisfactory result. These experts include lead investigators, forensic scientists as well as many other experts (depending on the case).

During the entire course of the trial and related proceedings, we maintain constant consulting and communication sessions with our clients. We do this through a transparent and open communication channel. This is to ensure that the clients are always on board with any decisions made with regard to the court proceedings and also to prepare them for how things might likely play out. This way, our clients are always prepared for whatever outcome the trial would have but they would also be aware that our attorneys are doing our very best to exploit the various options available to them to lead to a more convenient resolution to the case.

Contact Your Ruston Criminal Defense Attorney

We have a great success rate in defending our clients. This is not mere coincidence but as a result of our meticulous and aggressive defensive measures. At the end of the trials, our clients usually end up being dismissed or with a well-negotiated plea. In some cases, the result of the trials would be satisfactory enough and no further intervention would be needed. So, contact us as soon as possible so that we can work together to get you out of trouble in Ruston especially Lincoln Parish.

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