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Do you know that a lot of persons end up in jail for a crime they didn't commit because of the crappy drug charge attorney that they opted for? To save yourself this stress, it is important to opt for a drug charge lawyer in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana that can represent you and get you either a reduced sentence or no sentence at all. One thing we want you to know is that we will fight fiercely to ensure that the tables favor you.

You need an excellent drug charge attorney in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana to handle your case.

Have you looked around and realized that you are facing long prison time because of the drug-related crime that is facing you?

The way to wriggle out of such an ominous situation is to consider looking for the best drug charge attorney in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana to handle the situation.


Private Lawyer or Court Appointed Attorneys

Whatever you do, never be represented by a court-appointed attorney, unless you are truly indigent. Public defenders exist to provide legal services to clients that cannot afford an attorney. Some defendants think, “Oh, I’ll just get the public defender.”  You should only get the public defender if you qualify for the public defender, which requires that your income be so low that you cannot hire an attorney.  The judge or public defender’s office should question you regarding your income and financial abilities to hire a lawyer.


Do You Think You Have High IQ and Can Represent Yourself? Think Again

This is something that a lot of persons think, and the end of the day, they end up behind bars with a lot of years to spend. Your IQ may be very high, and you may think you can represent yourself. You enter the court and realize that the legal system is very tricky, and has been designed to floor even the brightest of minds, except those that are very experienced. Before you know what is happening, you are behind bars with a sentence that is too long.

No drug case is the same. The way one drug-related case panned out won't be the same way another would. This is why using an experienced drug charge attorney that has worked on a lot of cases, and understand the pitfalls in them is important. Carl Barkemeyer's attorneys are trained to understand what the unique aspects of every drug-related case may be and use them to our advantage.

That's not all, as Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney can pinpoint those factors that could be used to mitigate whatever drug-related offense that you may be facing or even negate it.

Instead of representing yourself, why not save yourself the stress and opt for the best drug charge attorney that Louisiana and the whole of the country have to offer? At our Ruston drug law firm, a team of attorneys are at your beck and call working tirelessly on getting you off.


What Drug Crime Are You Currently Arrested For?

Sometimes, a person may be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and this can worsen the rest of his or her life if not handled well. You may have been caught in the act too. Whatever the case may be, we can help.


Possession of Drugs

Have you ever wondered if all those behind bars for drug-related offenses are guilty? Have you ever wondered if those acquitted of those cases are innocent? If you have, then we have answers for you. The truth remains that a lot of innocent persons in prison are there not because they committed the crime or not. A lot of them are there because they had a crappy lawyer or decided to represent themselves. Two things that should be avoided when a drug case is leveled against you.

A lot of persons that were acquitted or given reduced prison sentence were able to achieve this because of how experienced and skillful their drug charge attorney was.

If you are caught in possession of drugs, whether the drugs are yours or were planted on you, you can have a fair chance of getting out of the mess, only if you hire a good drug charge attorney in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana.


Trafficking of Drugs

Were you caught with drugs in your truck in Lincoln parish? Or were drugs linked to you? Whether you walk free or stay locked up for long years is determined by the drug charge attorney that you opt for.

What of if you were caught selling drugs or running a meth lab, or committing a drug-related crime? Whether you walk free or become a jailbird may be dependent on the quality of your lawyer, depending on the facts.


We Always Let You Understand Everything

We always consult with our clients and let them understand what our game plan is. We either get you out without a jail term or with an extremely reduced prison sentence.

We field off whatever questions that you may have concerning your case, and let you understand that we will stop at nothing to ensure that you are satisfied.

We let you know how to behave at court. The decisions made by the jury and the judge are usually dependent on how the lawyer and his clients present themselves. We understand that everything is based on psychology. Hence, we teach our clients on how to appeal to the thoughts of the jury.

If you are found guilty for any Lincoln parish drug-related offense, we can work tirelessly to ensure that you get the minimal sentence possible.

Whatever the outcome of the drug-related offense may be, we always try to see that they favor you.

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